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Chapter 1669: The Large Traffic Tunnel to the Solar System (1)

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Chapter 1669: The Large Traffic Tunnel to the Solar System (1)
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The life of the Pope of the Muya Holy Temple, Qiao An, was not easy. Or rather, the lives of the upper echelons of the Muya Holy Temple would not be easy for a period of time.
This was because their supreme Lord had already expressed his strong dissatisfaction with their incompetence. He had even issued a reprimand.
The earliest Muya Expeditionary Force was led by Darak of the Five Satellites. At that time, they were mainly facing the suppression of the Spiritual Race. The threat of the Blue Star humans was not great, but they were still fighting well in the solar system.
Later on, they spent a huge price to establish a holy power channel. They sent the elite reinforcements led by Bishop Xiliude over to increase the strength of the solar system expeditionary army by nearly ten times.
They had originally hoped that the Muyas, who had greatly increased their strength, would quickly grow while obtaining a portion of the benefits of the small universe of the Heavenly Court. Then, they would activate an even stronger holy power channel for the second time. That way, not only could the Muya Holy Temple send more forces over, but they could also establish a stable holy power channel.
To everyone’s surprise, they were all wiped out. They had inexplicably been wiped out. Up until now, the Muya Holy Temple had not even figured out the specific reason. However, their omnipotent Lord could clearly sense that his power in the solar system had completely depleted to nothing.
This was related to the holy power of the Muyas. As long as there was holy
power, the almighty Lord could sense it. Therefore, the Lord of Muya flew into a rage and even gave an oracle to reprimand them.
For this reason, after many meetings with the 12 purple-robed bishops, Pope Qiao An sent a large number of elites to explore and find a new tunnel with the statue that had been enhanced by the fanatics.
The solar system’s high-temperature fire screen was not invincible.
After so many years, coupled with the consumption of their strength, the Guardian power of some places would clearly be weaker than that of others. Or when they could not replenish it in time, holes would appear in the high-temperature fire screen of the solar system.
If they found such a hole, there was a certain chance that they could pass through the solar system’s high-temperature fire screen alive.
As long as someone could send the enhanced statue to the solar system alive, they would be able to establish a relatively weak holy power channel and send a portion of them over.
This was how the first batch of expeditionary forces, Darak, and the others, were sent over.
This would only happen again. Then, they would slowly rebuild a stronger holy power channel and strengthen the power of the solar system. However, the problem was that the hole in the solar system’s high-temperature fire screen was not that easy to find. It depended on luck and human lives.
The last time, the Muyas had searched for a full 40 years through the hole in the solar system’s high- temperature fire screen. Thousands of elites had sacrificed themselves to build a one-time weak holy power tunnel.
If he continued such an exploration now, there would not be any results in a
short period of time.
As for Pope Qiao An, the purple-robed bishop, and the other experts, they were powerless under the high-temperature fire screen and the Sun Guardian. They could only wait for good news.
It could even be said that even the supreme Lord of the Muyas did not dare to rashly try to invade the solar system.
If they could, they would have taken action long ago.
Therefore, the news of the solar system was extremely important to the entire Muya Holy Temple.
At this moment, when she heard from Klens that something major had happened in the solar system, Pope Qiao An also turned her head.
Pope Qiao An summoned the purple-robed bishops and red-robed cardinals on Planet Hades to discuss this matter.
Klens also roughly described the so-called major events of the solar system. It was through some special intelligence channels that Klens roughly understood the situation in the solar system.
In the solar system, the Spiritual Race was the dominant force. According to the intelligence, the Spiritual Race had already sent two Nine Satellites Planetary realm experts to the solar system.
It was estimated that in the future, the third Nine Satellites Planetary realm cultivator of the Spiritual Race would arrive in the solar system.
Once the Spiritual Race gathered three Nine Satellites Planetary realm in the solar system, it would be time for the Spiritual Race to sweep through the entire solar system.
At that time, the Spiritual Race would completely occupy the entire solar system. All the benefits of the solar system, especially the Blue Star humans, would also be completely controlled by the Spiritual Race.
In other words, the Muyas did not have much time left.
If the Muyas could not return to the solar system in a short period of time, they would have to bid farewell to the interests of the solar system.
Actually, that was not the most important thing.
Most importantly, once the Muyas completely said goodbye to the interests of the solar system, it meant that there was no hope of completing the holy decree given to them by their supreme Lord.
The Lord was gentle but the Lord was also clear about rewards and
punishments. Once that happened, they, the purple-robed bishops, including
Pope Qiao An, would have to endure the Lord’s anger.
The consequences would be unimaginable.
It was not difficult for an omnipotent Lord to re-establish a batch of Muyas and let them be the purple-robed bishops.
Therefore, the purple-robed bishop, led by Monet, Milolis, Degushara, Klens, and the others, was very anxious. They had brought this news to ask Pope Qiao An for instructions today.
After all, if there was really a situation where the solar system was defeated by the Spiritual Race, none of them would be able to escape the punishment of the
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