Novel Name : The Great Genetic Era

Chapter 1814: The Great Xi Clan Biding Their Time and The Counterattack of Xu Tui (2)

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Chapter 1814: The Great Xi Clan Biding Their Time and The Counterattack of Xu Tui (2)....
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It was not completely refined by Xu Tui.
Although he was only 1% away from refining, this last 1% was the key. Before he refined it, he would only be the owner of the South Pole Longevity
Emperor’s seal. After he completely refined it, he would become the South Pole Longevity Emperor.
Xu Tui had been thinking about how to come up with a suitable identity.
However, suddenly, Dongyu Jiajiu stared at Xu Tui and asked, “Star Lord, you hold the seal of the Longevity Emperor of the South Pole. Could it be that you are a special envoy of the Shenxiao Prefecture?”
There was no need for Xu Tui to say anything. Dongyu Jiajiu had already begun to help him imagine.
“If you are the special envoy of the Lord of the Shenxiao Prefecture, you can indeed order and command us to a certain extent. However, we have to see the seal of the Longevity Emperor of the South Pole with our own eyes,” Dongmen Jiajiu said.
“Alright, but the seal of the Longevity Emperor of the South Pole is of utmost importance. At this moment, with a powerful enemy in front of us, I can’t display it for too long. Get all the commanders over. I’ll let you take a look,” Xu Tui said.
“Star Lord, why don’t you enter the city pass to verify it? At that time, we will be much calmer,” Dongyu Jiajiu said.
“A powerful enemy is in front of me, but at this moment, my identity is unknown to the powerful enemy. I want to use this opportunity to severely injure the enemy and reduce the pressure on me in the future,” Xu Tui said.
“What do you mean, Star Lord?” Dongyu Jiajiu asked. Soon, Xu Tui sent a mental message to Dongyu Jiajiu in the shortest time possible. Dongyu Jiajiu’s eyes lit up when he heard that. “Star Lord, this plan is feasible. I’ll contact my other colleagues immediately to take a look,” Dongyu Jiajiu said.
“There’s no need to verify the seal of the Longevity Emperor of the South Pole?”
“I already sensed it just now. Besides, it would be foolish to be long-winded with such a chance to make a contribution,” Dongyu Jiajiu said.
“Killing the enemy is a great contribution! Our seal will automatically record our battle contribution points. Although the great commander, the Marshals, and the Heavenly Kings are not around, they might return one day,” Dongyu Jiajiu said. “Then contact them quickly. Time is tight.”
Xu Tui had not contacted Dongyu Jiajiu for long. On the Spiritual Race’s side, Tu Chengshan, Feng Qianliu, and Xu Yilong were also playing a game. In a situation where all three sides wanted to fight for Bing Zhen, the first person to attack would probably suffer greatly.
As a result, they fell into a stalemate for a moment. Xu Tui seemed to have nothing to do, so he was given time to set up. While he was waiting for Dongyu Jiajiu to contact his colleagues, Xu Tui’s mind was on the Great Xi Clan in the west.
Why did the Great Xi Clan not move? What were they waiting for?
The last time the small universe of the Heavenly Court on Ceres Star first appeared, the Great Xi Clan’s Gu Teng and Jin Tai that entered the small universe of the Heavenly Court had silently controlled a portion of the troops of the Southern Heavenly Court.
Xu Tui’s hair stood on end when he thought of this. If the Great Xi Clan still had such an ability this time, the Western Heavenly Gate City Pass might be broken through soon. Once the Heavenly Gate City in the west was broken through, the entire small universe of the Heavenly Court would be finished.
Once the small universe of the Heavenly Court was broken through, the solar system would be finished, and so would the Blue Star humans.
However, after thinking about it, Xu Tui felt that the Great Xi Clan had been attacking the Western Heavenly Gate of the small universe of the Heavenly Court for a few days. If they could really control a portion of the Heavenly Court’s guards, they would have broken through the Western Heavenly Gate long ago.
In that case, what was the Great Xi Clan waiting for at this moment? Who were they waiting for?
Suddenly, a thought exploded in Xu Tui’s mind—the Southern Heavenly Gate!
The Great Xi Clan that had not taken action at the Western Heavenlv Gate was most likely waiting for something to happen at the Southern Heavenly Gate.
If the Great Xi Clan in the solar system infiltrated the small universe of the Heavenly Court through the Southern Heavenly Gate of Ceres Star and became the commander of one or two of the Southern Heavenly Gate garrisons like before, the threat would be too great.
The more he thought about it, the more Xu Tui felt that the possibility was higher.
Currently, in the small universe of the Heavenly Court, only the Southern
Heavenly Gate was free from battle. In other words, only the garrison of the Southern Heavenly Gate could provide support when the other three Heavenly Gates were in danger.
However, what if there was a problem with the reinforcements?
The danger that was triggered might be destructive.
Xu Tui clearly remembered that after returning from his first exploration of the small universe of the Heavenly Court, the Spiritual Race, the Great Xi Clan, the Muyas, and the Blue Star humans had experienced a huge battle on Ceres Star. The final outcome was that the Muyas had been completely wiped out.
However, before Xu Tui and the others could organize their forces to severely injure or wipe out the Great Xi Clan’s Solar System Expeditionary Force led by Gu Ji, Gu Ji had already led his men and evacuated from the cosmic tunnel. They did not know where he was hiding. There was no news yet.
If Gu Ji, the commander of the Great Xi Clan’s Solar System Expeditionary Force, led a team back to Ceres Star at this critical moment, there might be a problem.
Xu Tui would rather his judgment be wrong. However, he had to be wary of something that involved the life and death of the Blue Star. He thought about it and took out Tri Ling Ding. Although Shang Long had a high-level colony, it was not convenient to contact him directly.
Therefore, Xu Tui sent a reminder to Shang Long, who was far away in the solar system, through Tri Ling Ding.
“Mr. Shang, the three Heavenly Gates of the small universe of the Heavenly Court have all been attacked by powerful enemies. In order to prevent any changes to the Southern Heavenly Gate, the people of the Great Xi Clan are definitely not allowed to enter.”
After Xu Tui sent an urgent message to Shang Long, Tu Chengshan, who was opposite him, finally could not help but say, “Bing Zhen, you still have a chance if you follow us back now!”
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