Novel Name : Mr. Williams Wants His Ex-Wife Back

Chapter 40

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Rebecca made two dishes and chicken soup.When Linda saw that there were only two dishes, she
curled her lips, despising them.

"Rebecca, since Adam is not at home, let's eat together."

Linda smiled as she watched Rebecca prepare food in the kitchen.

"I can have it myself"

Rebecca refused faintly.

She took her share and went directly to her room.

Looking at her, Linda continued with a smile, "Rebecca, my hand was still injured.Please help me get a
bowl of soup.'’

"Okay." Rebecca agreed.

She put down the things in her hand, took a bow/, filled soup for Linda.

Rebecca wanted to put the soup in front of Linda, but Linda smiled and reached out to take it.

Rebecca had no choice but to hand it to her directly.

Linda screamed.

The bowl fell.

Just as Rebecca thought that Linda had taken it and let go of her hand, she heard Linda scream.

Then, the soup bowl fell on the dining table and spilled all over Linda's hand.

"Rebecca, did you do it on purpose?"

Immediately, Linda covered her hand and screamed.

Looking at her with a calm expression, Rebecca didn't seem surprised to be wronged.

She just said faintly, "If Miss Green thinks I did it on purpose, I got nothing to say."

As she spoke, she smiled and asked Linda, "Miss Green, do you want another bowl of soup?"

Looking at her, Linda's face darkened uncontrollably, covering her scalded hand.

Instead of flushing cold water, she sneered, "Rebecca, you did it on purpose.You want to do it again, do

Rebecca looked at her and smiled as usual, "If Miss Green doesn't need anything, I'll go to my room."

As she spoke, Rebecca took her food and went straight to her room.Linda watched her walk away and
couldn't help but sneer.

Then, she took out her cell phone, with the camera at the back of her hand that had been scalded by
the soup.

She took a very clear photo and sent it to Adam, saying, "Adam, I'm scalded.It hurts." with three crying

However, she got no reply after sending the message.

Linda had waited for more than ten minutes.

Adam didn't reply, she called him directly.

On the other end of the phone, Adam and Samuel and others were having dinner.

At the dinner table, apart from Samuel, the authoritative professor of economics, the bosses of other
companies and two leaders of the relevant departments were also there.

The most discussed topic was the Green Mountain Project.

The New York municipal government was in charge of the project bidding, which was scheduled to be
held a month later.

Several big enterprises in New York were craving the project.

They all wanted to hear Samuel's analysis of the project and hoped that the leaders of the two
departments would reveal relevant information.

So, although Adam didn't like this dinner at first, he was interested in what was discussed at the table.

He heard the phone vibrating in his pocket, he took it out and glanced at it, ignoring it.

Now, the phone kept vibrating.

He didn't even take it out to take a look, just listening to others discuss carefully.

Adam didn't answer the phone, so Linda kept calling.

"Mr.Williams, is your phone ringing? May be an emergency?"

Samuel sat next to Adam and heard the phone in his pocket vibrating.

Samuel was annoyed to hear that anymore.

So, he smiled and reminded Adam.

Adam smiled, pushed away the dining chair, stood up, and said politely, "Excuse me.I have to get this."

"Mr.Williams, please!" Samuel smiled and nodded.

Adam nodded at everyone and turned to leave.

Among the eight people sitting there, all of them were over forty years old.

At the age of twenty-five, he was a whole generation younger.

But his aura wasn't weaker than anyone here.

Everyone was polite to him.

Adam walked out of the private room and took out his phone.

In fact, he knew who was calling when his phone was vibrating.

Only Linda would keep calling when he didn't answer.

She wouldn't stop until he answered.

Unless his phone was turned off or he disappeared, so that she couldn't find him.

He, on the other hand, can only tolerate her.

"Adam." Linda cried.

As soon as Adam answered the phone before he could speak, Linda's trembling cry came into his
ears.Adam's eyebrows furrowed without saying anything, allowing Linda to cry.

"Adam, where are you? Can you come back now? I'm scalded. I can't find the ointment."

Without hearing Adam's voice, Linda knew when to stop.

Adam raised his hand, touched his brows, sighed slightly, and asked, "How did you get scalded?"

"My hand was injured.I asked Rebecca to get me soup.She accidentally spilled it on my hand!"

As she spoke, Linda sobbed and said, "Rebecca might not do it on purpose.Don't make things difficult
for her”

Adam frowned again as he listened, and there was a hint of astonishment in his tone, "Rebecca went
back to cook for you?"

Linda was not stupid.How couldn't she tell the astonishment in Adam's voice? So, for a moment, she
was a little confused.

She didn't know how to answer the question, so she asked weakly, "What's wrong, Adam? Have you
seen Rebecca during the day?"

"I'm having dinner with a few seniors now.I can't leave.Go and ask Rebecca where the first-aid box
is.She should know.If there's no one at home, ask her to go downstairs and buy one for you."

He did not answer Linda's question but simply explained.


"Be good.I'll be back later"

After that, Adam hung up the phone without giving Linda a chance to say anything.

Not knowing what was in his mind, after hanging up the phone, Adam took a deep breath and stood
there with one hand in his pocket.

He was stunned for four or five minutes, and then he turned back to the private dining room.

In Skyline No.1, Linda was a little angry when she heard the beep sound from her phone.

But, more importantly, she was disappointed because every word Adam said was beyond her

Ever since she moved to Skyline No.1 and lived with Adam and Rebecca, she gradually felt that
Adam's mood was changing, sometimes cold and sometimes hot to her.

And he became unpredictable.

Adam wasn't like this before.

Thinking of last time when Rebecca was making a midnight snack for Adam, who was staring at

Moreover, he didn't notice her walking down the stairs and she gradually understood something.

Thinking of this, she did not knock on Rebecca's door but walk straight to the kitchen.

She went to the kitchen, took the cup, filling it with boiling water from the intelligent water dispenser.

Then, she poured the cup of boiling water slowly on the back of her hand, which was not seriously

When the heart-wrenching pain came, she clenched her teeth and tried her best not to make a sound.

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