Novel Name : Mr. Williams Wants His Ex-Wife Back

Chapter 43

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It was almost midnight when the car drove into the Williams

Adam parked the car and deliberately slammed the door when he got out of the car.

Rebecca slept soundly until the door slammed shut with a loud bang.

She was woken up and realized that they had arrived at the Williams

Then, she shook her head, unbuckled her seat belt, and got out of the car.

Just after Rebecca got out of the car, she took several steps, looked up and saw Adam standing a few
steps ahead of her.

Rebecca didn’t know what he was going to do but continued to walk over.

Just as she walked over, Adam suddenly reached out to hold her slightly cold, soft hand in his palm.

Rebecca was stunned and looked down, but Adam was holding her and strode towards the main

Rebecca regained her senses and immediately followed.

"Mr.and Mrs.Williams, you are back!"

Before they could enter the room, the butler greeted them and called them respectfully with a smile.

"Adam, why are you back so late?"

Then, just as they entered the main building, Julia's surprised and excited voice was heard.

Looking up at Julia and Arthur who was walking down the stairs in his silk pajamas, Rebecca
immediately understood why Adam was holding her.

It turned out to be an act! Back to the Williams Family, they were going to start acting again.

However, even though she knew they were acting, her heart was still beating fast, and she could not
calm down for a long time.


"Hello, Arthur, Julia."

Adam called Julia, and Rebecca called Arthur when she saw him coming down.

"Well, why are you back at this time?"

Arthur went downstairs and nodded coolly.

He was obviously unaware of Adam and Rebecca's sudden return.

Julia was wearing a nightgown, but she completely ignored Rebecca, just looked at Adam and said
with great kindness and concern, "Adam, is something wrong? Why do you came back so late, and
didn't tell me in advance? Do you need the servant to prepare some food for you?"

"Nothing wrong.I just wanted to come back.You guys go rest! Rebecca and I will go upstairs, take a
shower, and sleep."

As he spoke, Adam pulled Rebecca straight upstairs.

"Good night, Arthur.Good night, Julia!"

Rebecca let Adam hold her hand, smiled and said good night to Arthur and Julia, and then followed
Adam upstairs.

Adam's legs were longer than hers, and he walked in front of her, holding her tightly behind her until
they went upstairs and entered the bedroom.


After entering the bedroom and Rebecca came in, Adam went to close the door.

After that, he still held her hand and looked at her with inadvertently gentle eyes.

He asked her, "Do you want to take a shower first?"

Rebecca looked up at him and met his obviously gentle dark eyes.

She replied, "As you like”

"Then you go first.After you take the shower, go to bed early!"


Rebecca nodded and then took her hand out of Adam's.

Then, she took off her backpack and put it on the sofa not far away.

She walked towards the cloakroom to get her changed clothes.

She thought that Adam must have been still immersed in the show and had not regained his senses,
for both of them had entered the bedroom, and he still looked at her gently and held her hand without a
trace of ridicule and indifference, and even with kindness and concern.

She didn't except him to talk to her calmly and kindly.

Well, he must still be acting.

But why did he leave the injured Linda alone in Skyline No.1 and take her back to the Williams’? What
was his purpose? Obviously, Arthur and Julia didn't ask Adam to come back tonight.

They didn't even know that he was coming back tonight.

She could not see through him at all...

"Be good and have a good night!"

After Rebecca took a shower and came out of the bathroom after she almost dried her hair.

Adam was standing in front of the French window and making a phone call.

Rebecca could guess who he called just by listening to his tone.

She ignored it and didn't pay much attention, for she was used to it.

Rebecca went straight to the cloakroom to get the blankets and pillows.

"Then look around if there are painkillers at home.Try taking two painkillers."

When Rebecca came out of the cloakroom with a blanket and pillow in her hand, Adam was still
standing with his back to her, speaking to the person on the other end of the phone in a deep and
mellow voice.

"Okay, I promise you, I'll be back with you tomorrow afternoon."

"Okay, I'll be with you the whole time.”

"You should sleep.Good night."

Rebecca took the blanket and pillow and lay on the sofa with her back to the bed.

Then she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

Linda on the other end of the phone said something, and the room suddenly fell into a deathly silence.

After about twenty or thirty seconds of silence, Adam replied in a low voice, "Yes."

Then Rebecca heard him say, "I love you too."

"I love you too."

Rebecca's heart skipped a beat for no reason.

Rebecca knew that very well.

Adam didn't say it to her, but to Linda on the phone.

Adam and Linda kissed and had sex in front of her, but when she heard Adam said I loved you too to
Linda, Rebecca could not help but feel her eyes were full of tear.

"I love you too, Adam!"

She thought.

However, you would never be able to hear me.Rebecca closed her eyes, buried her face deep in the
pillow, and curled up desperately, telling herself not to be sad, ever…

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