Novel Name : Hot Revenge Box Set 4

Chapter 17

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My Master was right. Michael makes a lot of sense. As we make our way along the hall to the
basement door, I’m growing warm inside, and Pussy is purring.

Michael accompanies Beth, helping her along. My Master and Richard march, side by side.

Descending the steps to the basement, I help the waddling Beth, Michael supporting her from the other
side. In the passage below, Beth lays her hand on my arm. “Charlotte, I wanted to ask…”

… Her voice is low and she casts furtive glances toward Richard. “Because I’m… well… so huge…”
She passes a hand over her vast belly… “I can barely move. Richard and I… we haven’t… um…”

… Richard stands by the door to my Master’s playroom, holding it wide for us, mouth twitching as his
wife speaks…

“… I wanted to ask, could you… er… look after Richard for me, until I’m a bit more able to do it myself.”

“Course I can…” All male eyes are turned on me and Beth. “… That would be alright wouldn’t it,

He moves to stand over me, then stoops and kisses my mouth. “If Beth hadn’t asked first, I would have
suggested it myself.” Then he kisses Beth on the forehead, brushes fingers over her cheeks. “Of
course it’s alright, Beth.”

Richard joins him, bending to brush lips over my brow. “Thank you, Charlotte.”


The fire is roaring, flames blazing up the chimney as Michael piles on more logs, but it’s clearly been
burning for some hours. The bed of ash is deep, glowing gold and radiating hot, banishing any ’cellar-
feel’ in the air. And a settee sits by the hearth that’s not been there before.

Michael steers Beth to the couch, one hand in the small of her back, the other cupping her elbow. He
pulls a blanket around her shoulders. “Sit yourself down. Get comfortable.” Then he lays another
blanket over her lap.

It’s months now since we last used my Master’s playroom. Between my pregnancy and then my illness,
it wasn’t a possibility. But now, as I watch Michael move around the room with a taper, lighting candles,
I warm inside. My panties are damp, and clitty is throbbing.

To one side, my Master stands with Richard, the pair talking quietly, both casting occasional glances to
me and Beth.

Michael positions himself beside Beth, one arm wrapped around her, the hand resting on her belly.
With the other hand, he reaches down under the blanket, the fleecy top moving a little with him. Beth is
growing pink. She quivers suddenly and her breath judders. Michael smiles, kisses her cheek and then
his arm moves more obviously, a rhythmic stroking under the warm cover.

My Master’s voice snaps out, “Charlotte, turn to face Richard. Remove your clothes. Let him see what
his wife has gifted to him.”

I swallow hard, Richard’s eyes following me as I move closer. Standing before him, breathing in the
scent of his cologne, I lower my eyes.

He sets a fingertip on the hollow of my neck, tracing a line down between my breasts, then hooking the
finger between the buttons of my blouse. “Take it off, Charlotte. I’d like to see what you’re wearing

I prepared for this. And I’m wearing the corset my Master chose for me.

And it is the first time in months that we’ve done this…

Richard… Michael… My Master…

My Masters and my Golden Lover…

The three of them…

I won’t be able to sit down tomorrow…

Walking might be difficult too…

Who cares?

It wasn’t easy. My stomach hasn’t yet flattened all the way, but Beth helped, tightening the laces as far
as was sensible. So once more, I have something that passes for a waistline…

After this…

… exercise…

… and back to my old shape…

But for now, I unbutton my blouse, slowly, one button at a time, letting Richard’s gaze settle onto my
upraised breasts, contained in green lace.

I chose a wrap-around skirt. It is plain, demure. But a pair of buttons hold it in place, no more, and I turn
side-on, offering them to Richard. As he slips open first one, then the other, the silky material drops to

the floor. My Master picks it up, folding it neatly and setting it to one side.

And now they can see me: the corset my Master chose for me, in a shade of jewelled emerald, edged
in a deeper jade. Cinched in at the waist, splaying at my hips, the boning sculpts my breasts upwards
into domes.

The stockings are black, but I chose hold-ups rather than suspenders or garters so that, depending on
the choices of my Masters, they could remove the rest of my clothes if they wished, while keeping the
stockings in place.

As he sees how I am dressed, Richard’s mouth curves. He clicks his tongue. “Very good, Charlotte.
You’re taking this seriously.” Then, casting a glance over his shoulder… “Turn around a little. Let your
husband see how you have dressed for us.”

My Master moves to stand side-by-side with him, his dark eyes measuring me.

“You like it, Master?”

He doesn’t reply, but his eyes fold at the corners.

My beautiful Master…

His hair silvered… Lean-faced…

The contours of his chin and cheekbones sculpted by the candlelight…

His eyes are dark as a moonless night…

But I know that stars shine there…

Michael’s arm is still moving under Beth’s blanket. He smiles as I display myself: smiles more as Beth
leans forward, angling for a better look.

Beth murmurs something to him. He calls across. “Charlotte, take your tits out of that corset. Beth
wants Richard to be able to play with them.”

Richard’s eyes crinkle and my Master sucks in his cheeks at the words, but obediently I lift first one
breast, then the other, free of the cups, to sit perched atop the boning. Still larger than usual, they
tremble with my heartbeat, rise and fall with my breathing. The nipples pucker.

Richard strokes over the mound of my left breast, then palms it, squeezing a little, before pinching at
the nipple, plucking it harder. From between my thighs, warmth trickles…


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