Novel Name : Hot Revenge Box Set 4

Chapter 18

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She looks stunning. I know Charlotte’s been worrying about her size. Today’s little episode has only
been the most recent example of that worry. And it’s not escaped my notice that she’s been putting in
plenty of exercise.

Still, her choice of the green silk bodice, emphasising her rapidly normalising figure, is inspired…

Wonder when she bought it?

With the other outfit maybe…

Does she really believe that I find her unattractive?

Or that Michael does?

Time for some re-education…

Richard delves into a pocket. “I have something for you, Charlotte.”

She blinks. “Sir?”

“A gift. Actually, a gift from Elizabeth too.” He glances towards his vastly pregnant wife. “She asked that
I get it for you. She would like to see you wearing it.” He produces a small bag, green velvet, with a
draw-string fastening, something small but bulky inside.

“Here…” He offers it to her. Her hand half-held out, she looks to me, as though unsure whether she
should take it.

“Charlotte…” I eye-point her to Richard’s offering. “Manners, Charlotte.”

She licks her lips, then swallows, before taking the bag. Beth leans forward, watching as she unravels
the silk ties and tipping the contents into her hand.

It’s a lovely piece. Richard must have paid a fair amount for it. The tapered tip of the plug gleams
chrome, I assume stainless steel. The head is inset with a green crystal, catching the light of the
candles, splintering it.

Richard smiles slightly. “I thought the colour would suit you. One should choose jewellery according to
the wearer wouldn’t you say…?” He loosens his tie then, undoing the top two buttons of his shirt, slides
it out. “… And I think you know where it’s going?”

He takes a step or two towards Beth, offering out his wrists. As she slips open his cufflinks and sets
them to one side, her eyes are narrow green rims circling great black pupils

Rolling up his shirtsleeves, Richard returns to Charlotte. She’s breathing heavily as he plucks the plug
from her fingers. More heavily as I lay my hand between her shoulders, pushing her towards the
spanking horse.

“Bend forward, Charlotte. Legs wide.” Beth shifts her position again for a better viewing angle and my
shaft nudges for attention.

Beth’s taste for voyeurism provides an interesting slant on the evening. When Richard first ‘gave’
Michael to her as a birthday present, we learned quickly that she has a taste for watching. I think she
only discovered it for herself at that point. Now, in her advanced pregnancy, it’s about her only option.

And yet, I’m finding that, much as I enjoy watching Charlotte, and what Richard is about to do to her, I
enjoy just as much Beth’s vicarious pleasure as she watches her husband preparing to fuck my wife.

Not just enjoying it…

She put him up to it…

Charlotte’s skin is sheening as she obeys, a fine layer of perspiration. She’s pinking up too; a rose
blush that begins with her cleavage then spreads over her breasts, rising to her neck almost as we

Obediently, she moves to the spanking horse, leaning forward to lie with her cheek pressed against the
padded top, spreading her arms out wide.

Richard moves into her line of sight. “I think you can spread your feet wider than that, Charlotte.” As
she shuffles her ankles further apart, he tips a little oil into a palm, smoothing it over the surface of the
plug. Then moving behind her, he presses one palm down over her neck, not hard, but pinning her.

With the other, reaching down, pressing in, his wrist twists, first one way, then the other. Charlotte’s lips
part and she inhales, shuddering as he eases the plug home.

He takes a step or two backwards, head inclining as he admires the result. “Yes, it does suit you. I
thought it would: silver and emerald against that lovely pale skin. And it matches your choice of clothes
very well.” He turns to his wife. “You like it, Elizabeth?”

Beth nods slowly, her lips open, her breathing a heavy in-out-in-out…

Richard regards his wife for a moment, then strides across, stoops to palm her cheek, and open-
mouthed, kisses her. Then pulling away, still cupping her face, he holds her eyes for a long moment,
before turning back to Charlotte. “And what do you think, James?”

Charlotte’s bejewelled derriere is an engaging sight; the green gem centred between the pale cheeks
of her heart-shaped ass. The glint of emerald matches the gem colours of the corset she has chosen.
Her pussy is swelling, pinking up and a glistening trickle seeps from her slit.

I slide a fingertip through the plumping folds, swiping a little honey onto my skin. Sucking oysters and
lemon from my finger, “I think the skin should be pinker.”

Richard strokes paired fingers over her lips, winds a small circle around her clit, then briefly pushes
inside her before also sucking his fingers clean. “I agree.” He casts across to Beth. “What do you say,
my Love? Do we just use hands on your cousin? Or more?”

Beth’s voice is rushy. “Start with your hands. Then more.”

Richard meets my eye. “That work for you, James? Michael?”

Michael stands from his position by Beth, strolling over with his hands in his pockets. Looking down on
the quivering Charlotte, “I’d say my wife is ready for anything you two want to hand out.”

“You want to help?”

“No, I’m happy to watch while I decide how I’ll take my turn at fucking her.”

“Fair enough.” Richard clicks his tongue then swipes across Charlotte’s ass. It’s not hard, a mere
preliminary, but her perfume blooms, rising pungent and heady. She appreciates a little drama does my
Jade Eyes, and with two Doms and her husband to deliver it, she’s going to get what she wants.

Out of her view, Richard’s nostrils flare, his eyes crease and he brings his hand down on her ass again,
this time with a harder slap that brings a yell from Charlotte.

I pin her neck in the crook of my thumb and fingers. “Did anyone ask you to make a noise?”

“No, Master.”

“Richard, would you like me to gag her?”

“No thank you, James. I enjoy hearing Charlotte’s chorus when she starts singing.” And with that, his
palm comes down on her once. Then again, the other hand, on the other cheek.

She wails and bucks, trying to move, but I keep my hold on her neck and from behind, Richard shoves
her ankles further apart with a shoe, then delivers another slap that ripples flesh.

He’s not holding back. From where I am, I can see her ass colouring up, vivid red palm prints
impressed on creamy skin...

This should use up those aggressive energies…

… Her vulva too is brilliantly scarlet now. The glisten of juices at her slit is growing, a trickle that
lengthens, flowing down to wash over her engorged bud then down her thighs.

Richard hovers, assessing her. “Give her more than that,” I say. “I want her well warmed up.”

His head inclines and his brow furrows in question, but I nod him down to continue. With a Slap! that
echoes around the stone walls, Charlotte’s buttocks get another open-handed stroke. And another.

Her ass is blooming red, the blood rising, her flesh heating.

With her still pinned under my hand, “One more thing, Charlotte.”

“Master?” Her chest heaves. Her voice shudders.

“Earlier today, you were discourteous, very discourteous, both to me and to your mother. I understand
the reasons, but I won’t tolerate it. Before we go any further this evening, you and I are going to settle
that matter.” Her eyes roll sidelong to mine. “Richard, would you take over here, please.”

He frowns slightly. “Of course.”

From where I had it waiting on a shelf, I take my riding crop, displaying it to Charlotte. “Two strokes.
One for being rude to me. The other for your mother. You understand me?”

She blinks hard. Doesn’t speak. Gives a small nod. Swallows.

I could have done this at the start, gotten it over with, but her flesh already warmed, ready to take
more, she’ll be better able to handle the pain.

And it’s going to hurt.

For the first stroke, I aim carefully, for the plump area of her butt, above and well clear of the glinting
gem. Making a practice arc through the air, I make sure I have the angle…

A good, clean stroke…

Richard raises brows, I give him a small nod and he locks his grip on Charlotte’s neck and hands. In a
single smooth curve, I bring down the crop. It hisses through the air and connects with a Snap! that
make her flesh ripple. “That one was for me.”

Charlotte screams and bucks, but without breaking my flow, I draw back the crop again to make my
second stroke… “And this one is for your mother…” … and I slash it down to bite into the crease of
buttocks to thighs...

She doesn’t scream this time; simply gasps, panting to catch her air.

… and I lean over her, kiss her cheek… “And now, it’s over. Yes?”

She heaves and shudders, a tear trailing from one eye. “Yes, Master… Master?”


“I’m sorry I was rude to you.”

“I know. As I say, it’s done. And now, I think Richard would like your attention again.”

He releases his grip on her, stroking her hair. “Charlotte?”

She’s still trembling. “I’m okay. I’m okay. Really.”

Two weals are rising, cherry-bright against the already reddened skin. She’s going to need salve at the
end of the evening and a cushion for the next few days.

In truth, it’s not so much more than Charlotte normally takes when Richard and I lay into her together,
but I needed to be sure she knew it was a punishment.

So… two strokes… and make them count…

Richard moves around her, surveys the damage, mouth puckered at first. Then the pucker relaxes. He
sees as well as I do that despite the pain…

… Or because of it?

… a slow leak of fluid glistens down her thigh. And while the welts are red, her pussy is redder, a
brilliant crimson, engorged and puffy…

I trail the soft tongue of the crop over the weals, very gently now, a caress, a mere kiss of pain I know
my demon-eyed, flame-haired sub will embrace. “For taking your punishment, Charlotte, and for taking
it well, without complaint, you may now serve Richard, in whatever way he wishes of you.”

Her eyes are glazing…

Is she flying?

I think so…

The clip of leather on stone: Michael rising, striding over. He looks in close, staring into Charlotte’s
face, fingers resting on her cheek. “Babe?”

Her gaze slants up to his and her mouth widens. It’s not quite a smile. Not quite an indrawing of breath.
It speaks of love and pain, submission and acceptance…

He watches her for long seconds, then, with a sharp nod to Richard, returns to Beth.

Richard moves to stand behind Charlotte, dropping to his knees. “Too good to waste,” he murmurs. A
hand placed either side, gripping her tightly by the hips, he draws his tongue in a slow extended stroke,
the length of her vulva. Charlotte exhales a sound: a slow, drawn-out whimper, her face blushing to the
same crimson bloom as her sex.

He lingers by her clit, teething gently, plucking with his lips. Then, shifting upwards, he swipes into her
unfurling pussy with his tongue, licking away her flow. Charlotte’s whimpering grows.

Kneeling back on his haunches, he swipes at his mouth, his gaze shifting to Beth. “Alright, my Love?”

Her eyes are brilliant with excitement, a glow over her face easily matching Charlotte’s. Lips parted,
she nods, chewing at her lower lip.

Michael perches on the arm of the chair. “What would you like, Beth? Who’s going to fuck Charlotte
first? And how?”

Beth’s eyes pass to Richard. “You. Take out the plug.”

He pulls himself upright. “You know what your cousin wants, Charlotte. Open up. As wide as you can.
Let me in.”

I move quickly, grabbing her arms, levering them over her head, forcing her down flat against the
padded surface of the horse. “Do as you’re told, Madam. Beth wants to see her husband is being

looked after.”

Does she hear me?

I’m not sure.

Her pupils are enormous: huge and black. She could be on some drug…

She is, but it’s all from within…

Richard moves in, easing his shoes between her ankles, forcing them wider. “Very pretty, Charlotte,” he
smiles. “Nice and pink and wet. An ideal fuck.”

I suppress my smile. Richard is bulging inside his pants. He pushes close, his groin against her butt. It
has to be increasing the pressure on the plug. And it’s probably rubbing against the cropmarks,
doubtless, his intention.

He eyes the back of Charlotte’s head speculatively, prodding at the crystal pommel of the plug.
“Charlotte, did you hear what Elizabeth said? She would like to watch me fucking you up the ass. How
do you feel about that?”

Charlotte, eyelids drooping, murmurs something incoherent.

Ravelling my hand into her hair, I lift her head. “Richard asked you a question, Charlotte. We couldn’t
hear your reply. Beth wants to see you ass-fucked. Yes?”

Her voice is spaced-out, dreamy. “You’re both my Masters tonight.”

Richard’s head tilts, eyes crinkling. He moves round to hunker down by her face. “Yes, Charlotte. But I
do not wish to impose my Dominance on you. I want to win your Submission.”

Her head raises… “You have it, sir. If that is what Beth wants, and what you want, it’s fine.”

He kisses her forehead. “Well then, let’s give my wife what she wants.” He moves away, stripping off
his shirt as he does so.

As he repositions himself behind Charlotte, I toss the bottle of oil and he catches it one-handed, mid-
air. Unzipping, he releases himself. Then easing out the plug, he oils her over. He takes a moment to
swipe a little over the welts; then pussy, vulva and ass. And with paired fingers, inside. Then, finally,

He’s ready for her. More than ready: his erection is huge, twitching upright, glistening with the oil…

For a confirmed Dom, he sure likes taking instructions from his sub…

… One hand round his shaft, he guides himself home, easing in, then out, then in again, more deeply.

Charlotte’s breathing is accelerating, short sharp pants. Beth’s not much different, her eyes bright as
her gaze switches between Charlotte’s face and Richard to her rear. Michael watches between the two
women. He’s still doing something under Beth’s blanket, his shoulder moving rhythmically. She
whispers something to him, and he smiles, nodding.

Richard presses into Charlotte, now fully sheathed inside. He holds for a moment. He’s not smiling.
Teeth slightly bared, his breathing is heavy, his chest rising and falling. Droplets of sweat bead his pecs
and abs.

Gradually he begins to move, withdrawing, then resheathing. Retracting then penetrating.

Charlotte moans: a slow extended sound that ripples and wavers.

He sets palms on her hips, leaning around to see her face. “Is that good, Charlotte?”

Her moan grows louder, and she nods. Her pupils have all but swallowed her irises. Richard’s lips
curve and he increases his speed. As he does so, his lips peel back, his head tips back.

His strokes grow faster, harder. Charlotte’s moans match him. Beth sits upright, mouth wide, eyes

Sweat streams down his face. With a grunt, his eyes squeeze. He gasps, grinding his hips, bucks and
then, with a gasp, drops forward, resting his forehead on Charlotte’s corseted back.

Four breaths... Five... Six…

He withdraws, palming the sweat from his face with both hands. Backing off, struggling to re-zip… to
re-belt… he raises brows to me, eye-pointing the plug. I’m already nodding as I move to replace him.

Charlotte wails again as he reinserts the plug, and then again as, for good measure, I slap a hand
across her stripes.

My shaft is straining inside my pants. I’m as ready for her as Richard was, and my groin is gratifyingly
tight as I unbuckle, unzip and ram into her.

Her pussy is hot and wet and pulses satisfyingly around me…

Richard’s already taken her most of the way…

Looping arms around her, she spills hot over my fingers as I reach for her clit. She’s swollen and fluid,
and as I thumb back the hood, flicking at her bud, she squeals and her cunt snatches at me.

She poised…

Right on the edge…

Her hips are shuddering, her flesh beginning to pulse, her sweet pussy clutching and squeezing…

Just a little more…

With thumb and forefinger, I pinch at her clit, kneading the tiny thing between fingerpads…

… and with a shriek, she goes into orgasm.

She tries to rise on her hands, to push herself upright. But Richard plants both hands on her shoulders,
restraining her as I pound into her, reaming her inside.

She’s spilling hot, pulsating inside, bucking and screaming and howling…

“Red! Red, Master! Red!”

… and releasing her clit, with a spasm that sends my blood pressure rocketing and lights stars behinds
my eyes, I convulse and shoot. Dropping over her, wrapping my arms around her, I spurt deep into my


Far too long since we did this…

No wonder she was grouchy…

I straighten up, finger-combing dripping hair back over my skull. Even as I recover the powers of sight
and speech, Beth is whispering something to Michael.

“Richard,” he says, standing. “Would you like to look after your wife now?” And with that, he lifts
Charlotte, limp and placid, into his arms. “Something a little easier now, Babe.”

Richard, his pants now apparently a more comfortable fit, sits to embrace his pregnant wife,
exchanging a few quiet words. Michael carries Charlotte to the four-poster, lays her carefully down,
then as she watches, and Beth too, he strips off.


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