Novel Name : The Supreme Harvey York

Chapter 4894

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Harvey York did not bother looking at the information Kai Robbins jotted down. He only squinted at her
for a moment before showing a faint smile.

“Your forehead’s brimming full of light. The look on your face seems quite vibrant as well. If I’m correct,
you must’ve found someone yesterday.

“After coming to Golden Sands, you met a man you fell in love with at first sight. That was why you got
together with him while completely disregarding the norms.

“And after that, you rushed all the way here without bothering to hide the traces on your body.

“Am I right?”

“How did you know…?”

Kai had a horrible expression before she gave a deathly glare without saying a word.

‘How dare this bastard expose that about me?! Does he intend to die?!’

The men around who knew how Kai behaved pouted slightly.

“Are you saying that the man she met is her Prince Charming?” the man in golden-rimmed glasses
asked disdainfully.

“Of course not.

Harvey smiled faintly.

“He’s just a minor character for Ms. Robbins.

“In reality, she has a lot of those people surrounding her.

Every single one of you here included.”

The young masters’ hearts skipped a beat after hearing Harvey’s words.

The female companions beside them quickly changed expressions as well.

It was one thing that everyone knew, but it was another when they were completely exposed.

Kai had a great face and body, but she was a well-known social butterfly in Kurbus.

Sleeping with her would not do anyone any good reputation- wise.

Even Cedric froze before he looked at the paper on the table. He showed a profound gaze when he saw
that Harvey had not read anything beforehand.

He soon realized that he severely underestimated Harvey.

That said, he did not expect Harvey to be an actual geomancy expert. He figured that Harvey only
deduced everything based on Kai’s personality and the crowd’s behavior.

Penny must’ve told him all this before coming here anyway.

Even though Harvey seemed quite impressive, Cedric believed it was all just an act.

“Master York, we had a deal for you to figure out Kai’s Prince Charming, not for you to spout random
information here,” exclaimed Cedric coldly.

“If you can’t do that, we can only say you lost!”

Harvey chuckled.

“What’s the rush, Young Master Cedric?

“It’s not like I figured out that you also have a thing for Ms.


“What are you scared of?”


Cedric smashed his glass on the table before showing a cold glare.

“What do you mean by that?”

Harvey smiled.

“Nothing, really. That said, I could tell you’re also one of the people surrounding Ms. Robbins. Are you
going to admit to that or not?”

The crowd showed odd looks toward Cedric after hearing Harvey’s claims.

Cedric was from the Lopez family. They were considered kings in Kurbus!

It would be big news if he were exposed to having a relationship with Kai!

Kai started to get scared. What Harvey said was supposed to be a secret! Other than Cedric and herself,
nobody else knew about this!

‘How did that bastard find out?!’

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