King Of Pride

King Of Pride


: miarahnee

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Chapter 1. Miss Carletton

contribute in the society. They are just Humans who turned into beasts , and that is almost the same
with lycanthrope who is a beast that can shapeshift into a human form. And they were group as pack
and lead by an alpha which is different in the case of ailuranthropes , wherein, Human inflicted with a
supernatural virus ,which allows them to take the power and appearance of a specific species of animal
, in this case, lion. Werelion another related beasts of werewolves that can also shapeshift.

According to the data gathered by the famous researcher Fenny Francesca Carletton, Werelions are a
rare kind of beast that can be seen somewhere in Africa. Unlike werewolves , she encountered three to
four wolf beasts way back then when she is still an apprentice of Doctor Frederick Zathc, and all of
them is unfortunate to survive from the human hunters. Looking at the gathered data’s in her laptop,
fenny decided to have a private moment in her office, were no one can disturbed her. She locked her
door and review all the legit data written on the laptop. She sighed. Out of ten the possibility of the
Werelions is two percent and she needed to find one to promote herself to a high rank researcher in

“ where should I start? I just can’t waste my time travelling back and forth for nothing.” She said talking
to herself. She stopped for awhile to relax herself when someone knocked on her door.

“ Mr. Zathc, is there something I can do for you?”. Fenny asked the Dr. when she opened the door.
Doctor Zathc is feeling awkward for awhile but then he cleared his throat and smiled at Fenny. Mr.
Zathc is a man in mid-sixty, wearing a big framed-eyeglasses, bald and has freckles in his nose. He is
a successful man in the field of research and inventions.

“ I heard that you are studying something, can you share it with me? I’m a little excited when I heard
about the term werecats. “ He said gently.

“oh about that, I’m not sure, it doesn’t seem to exist, there’s no legit source that can provide evidence
for the authenticity, but I’m still trying to do some hard research hoping I could find, so I guess I will tell

you if I found one.” I said and smiled at him.

“ you’ll hunt a cat?” he asked in surprised

“ not literally, I can’t go on hunting unprepared.” I chuckled and relief flooded in his face.


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