Global Evolution: I Have An Attribute Board

Global Evolution: I Have An Attribute Board


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Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Jiang City.
In the administrative office of the Fifth High School.
“Chu Zhou, after discussing with the school’s leaders your guaranteed spot in the university has been canceled. It’s been given to Jin Zhennan.”
Jin Jingmao, the Academic Director, said as he sat on the chair behind the desk. His tone was stiff as he expressionlessly gave Chu Zhou his “notice”.
Wow, a “notice” without any reason.
A student wearing gold-rimmed glasses with a faint smile on his lips stood beside Jin Jingmao.
This was Jin Zhennan.
“On what grounds?” Chu Zhou rose from his chair suddenly. Anger appeared on his handsome face as he looked straight at the Academic Director, his gaze as piercing as a knife.
Fifth High School only had three guaranteed spots for the Martial Arts University.
Only three students in this batch of third-year students broke through to the third level on their “Life Field Energy” and met the guaranteed admission criteria.
He was one of the three students. The school had given him one of the guaranteed spots for some time. However, Jin Jingmao, the Academic Director, suddenly canceled his spot and replaced him with Jin Zhennan. How could he not be angry?
This guaranteed spot was very important. It could directly change a person’s fate.He would be able to receive better guidance and also obtain more cultivation resources after entering the Martial Arts University.
In fact, there was even a chance to obtain the precious Genetic Potion…
These were all important factors that could awaken one’s genes and allow one to advance as a martial artist.
A martial artist was one step away from the heavens, he would become a being superior to others!
Therefore, Chu Zhou would never allow his spot to be replaced by someone else.
Of course he could also pass the college entrance examination and enter the Martial Arts University, but the examination itself was filled with variables. Only a fool would want to take any undue risk since there was a 100% chance.
“On what grounds? There is no ground! Chu Zhou, I’m notifying you, not discussing this matter with you. Let’s leave this matter at that!” The Academic Director Jin Jingmao, looked at Chu Zhou coldly, not taking him seriously at all.
Chu Zhou clenched his fists, preparing to punch the fat face of this Academic Director.
“I disagree!” The door of the administrative office was violently pushed open. A female teacher quickly walked in just as Chu Zhou was to take action.
She had long leather boots, a tight skirt, and short hair, a valiant beauty.
Unfortunately, her temperament was very fierce and sharp, like a scimitar. Anyone who met her gaze would feel as if their throats were cut.
“Big Sister Saber!” Chu Zhou’s eyes lit up when he saw who it was.
This “Big Sister Saber” was his homeroom teacher.
When the Academic Director Jin Jingmao saw “Big Sister Saber” approaching at a slow speed, his pupils constricted slightly before he greeted her with a smile.
“Teacher Li Ge!”
This woman had a mysterious background. She seemed to be from a large family in Guangdong Base City, which made him a little afraid.
Big Sister Saber slammed her palms on the desk with her brows knitted so tightly together it looked like a knife.
She stared coldly at Jin Jingmao and said, “Jin Jingmao, you suddenly replaced Chu Zhou’s guaranteed spot with Jin Zhennan. Are you trying to play favoritism because Jin Zhennan is your nephew?”
“Teacher Li Ge, you can spew what you eat but keep your opinions to yourself!” Jin Jingmao’s face darkened. “As the Academic Director, it’s my duty to hand the spot to a more suitable student.”
“What do you mean by more suitable? Tell me!” Big Sister Saber raised her eyebrows and said. “I remember that Jin Zhennan’s Life Field Energy hasn’t reached the minimum requirement yet even though he is not a bad student. Chu Zhou, on the other hand, had achieved the minimum requirement a few months ago.”
“Ahem!” Jin Zhennan, who had been standing still, suddenly coughed lightly. He focused everyone’s attention on him and pushed his gold-rimmed glasses up the bridge of his nose. Then, he chuckled and said,
“Teacher, my ‘Life Field’ has broken through to the third level. I’m also an advanced apprentice now.”
Big Sister Saber’s eyes narrowed.
Chu Zhou also sized up his classmate Jin Zhennan.
He knew that things might become troublesome.
Big Sister Saber probably couldn’t solve the problem even if she wanted to help him.
Breaking through to the third level of Life Field Energy was the signal of becoming an Advanced Apprentice.
Advanced Apprentices met the requirements for the guaranteed spots. As such, Academic Director Jin Jingmao, had plenty of excuses to choose Jin Zhennan.
As expected, Jin Jingmao said, “Teacher Li Ge, I respect you. I’m very happy that you can think for your students, but please respect my choice as well! Jin Zhennan is clearly more suitable than Chu Zhou. Besides… Chu Zhou and Jin Zhennan are both your students. I hope you won’t be biased.”
“Hmph, of course I won’t be biased!” Big Sister Saber snorted. “Even if Jin Zhennan has also become an Advanced Apprentice, it doesn’t mean that he’s more suitable than Chu Zhou! Chu Zhou became an Advanced Apprentice a few months before him!”
“I naturally have my reasons!” Academic Director Jin Jingmao said indifferently, looking at Chu Zhou with slight disdain.
“Chu Zhou and Jin Zhennan are both Advanced Apprentices. However, Chu Zhou is still cultivating the Basic Breathing Technique and D-rank combat techniques that he learned for free from school!”
“Jin Zhennan has not only cultivated my Jin family’s Flowing Wind breathing technique, a C-rank breathing technique, he has also cultivated several C-grade combat techniques like the Killing Fist! Based on this, I think Jin Zhennan is more suitable!”
Big Sister Saber’s gaze was cold. Jin Jingmao’s reason did not convince her.
“Hmph, a person’s strength depends on their true combat strength, not some breathing or combat techniques. Let Jin Zhennan and I battle and we’ll know who’s stronger.” Chu Zhou said coldly. His eyes were fixed on Jin Zhennan with a fighting spirit. He wanted to defeat Jin Zhennan in front of him and slap Jin Jingmao’s face ruthlessly.
The Academic Director’s gaze turned cold and he was about to reprimand Chu Zhou seeing how he did not “accept his fate”.
However, Jin Zhennan spoke first, pushing the glasses between his eyebrows and chuckled.
“Chu Zhou, I’ll give you a chance since you want to compete so that the others wouldn’t say that I’m bullying you. The top 10 high schools in Jiang City will hold a elite trial in a month. All the Advanced Apprentices are eligible to participate. We’ll compete to see who has a higher ranking. Whoever has a higher ranking will naturally be more outstanding. The guaranteed spot will naturally belong to the one that is outstanding.”
“Alright! Let’s compete in the elite trial!” Chu Zhou’s eyes lit up.
Big Sister Saber had no objections to the agreement between Chu Zhou and Jin Zhennan.
On the other hand Jin Jingmao, the Academic Director, frowned. He seemed a little dissatisfied that Jin Zhennan had given Chu Zhou a chance.
Suddenly, Jin Zhennan approached Chu Zhou and whispered in his ear, “Chu Zhou, don’t tell me you really think that you have a chance to defeat me! I’m giving you a chance because I want everyone to clearly see that you, a so-called commoner genius, is actually only average. You have a great reputation. I can use you as a stepping board to get to the top.”
“Is that so? Let’s see who is on the stepping board then!” A bone-chilling coldness flashed across Chu Zhou’s eyes.
“It’s settled then!” Big Sister Saber signaled Chu Zhou with her eyes and left the administrative office with him.
“Zhennan, why did you give him a chance? Do you know that this guaranteed spot is very important to you and the family? We cannot let any accidents happen!” Jin Jingmao questioned Jin Zhennan unhappily as soon as Big Sister Saber and Chu Zhou left.
“Second Uncle, of course I know the importance of the guaranteed spot. However, if I don’t give him a chance today… Will Big Sister Saber give up just like that? Everyone in the school knows that she thinks very highly of Chu Zhou.”
“I’m afraid the matter will be even more troublesome if she brings the matter to the principal.” Jin Zhennan said with a slightly gloomy expression.
“Damn it, I would have fired her if it weren’t for this woman’s background.” Jin Jingmao slammed his hand on the desk, his face full of anger.
“Then why did you set the competition for the elite a month later? Why didn’t you defeat Chu Zhou on the spot and make that woman speechless?” Jin Jingmao asked again.
“This is just for the sake of caution… Chu Zhou became an Advanced Apprentice a few months earlier than me after all. Moreover, he’s a famous commoner genius in the school. His combat strength cannot be underestimated. I just became an Advanced Apprentice not long ago. I haven’t fully familiarized myself with the C-rank combat techniques yet. I set the competition a month later in order to prevent any accidents. I’ll be able to master the C-rank combat techniques with Third Uncle’s guidance in a month’s time. It will be easy to defeat Chu Zhou!” Jin Zhennan said cautiously.
The guaranteed spot was indeed very important to him. He had to be very careful.
Jin Jingmao nodded slightly in agreement after listening to Jin Zhennan’s explanation.
“No way! I’m still worried. It’s too difficult to have a genetic awakening to become a true martial artist. This guaranteed spot is related to whether you can become a true martial artist. It’s very important to you and your family. No accidents can happen. It’s better if I get a few people to cripple Chu Zhou. That way, nothing will go wrong.” Jin Jingmao exuded a sinister and cold aura.
When Jin Zhennan heard this, his eyes narrowed slightly but he did not object to his Second Uncle’s decision.
What he wanted was a 100% guaranteed spot and if his Second Uncle could cripple Chu Zhou and make him lose… He naturally had no objections.
Sister Dao walked in front of Chu Zhou on the shaded path of the campus.
“Chu Zhou, even though Jin Jingmao’s words are unpleasant, he’s right about some things… Your cultivation resources are too poor compared to Jin Zhennan. How about this? Come to me early every morning for the next month. I’ll teach you a few practical combat skills.”
Big Sister Saber left quickly without waiting for Chu Zhou’s reply after she finished speaking.
Chu Zhou looked at Sister Saber’s departing figure with gratitude in his eyes.
He would probably not have advanced to an Advanced Apprentice yet if not for Sister Saber’s constant guidance all these years.
Sister Dao had helped him out again this time!
Otherwise, his guaranteed spot would probably be given to Jin Zhennan by the Academic Director without a doubt. He would not even have the chance to fight for it.
“Jin Zhennan, you want to snatch my spot away? Let’s see if you have the ability!” Chu Zhou muttered to himself. His eyes were filled with killing intent.
He also felt pressured at the same time.
Jin Zhennan’s conditions were much better than his even though he became an Advanced Apprentice three months later than him. Not only was he able to learn the C-rank breathing techniques, he was also able to learn several C-rank combat techniques. He even had the guidance of a true martial artist.
Chu Zhou did not have any of these!
It was obvious that this was going to be a tough battle but he had to fight it anyway!
He could only cultivate with all his might, every bit of improvement matters.
Chu Zhou thought carefully about his next cultivation plan when a cool feeling suddenly surged in his mind and blurred his eyes.
The next moment, a semi-transparent attribute box appeared in front of him while a lot of information swarmed his mind.
Name: Chu Zhou (Advanced Apprentice, Life Field Energy Level 3.5)
Attribute points: Five
Basic Breathing Technique (D-rank): Level Three (Cannot be upgraded)
Curved Hand Blade (D-rank): Level 2 – Proficient Realm (Upgradeable)
Chu Zhou was slightly stunned when he saw this familiar Attribute Board. Then, a sense of joy took him.
“17 years. I’ve been in this world for 17 years! Do you know how I’ve lived all this time? My cheat code, you’re finally here. No, it’s not a cheat code… It’s my ‘talent’. You’ve finally awakened!”
Chu Zhou read the information that appeared in his mind with a smile blooming on his face. His life was about to take off!

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In an age of evolution, humans coexisted with beasts and evolution was the main topic of the world.Chu Zhou was transmigrated to this world and he awakened the attribute board on his 17th birthday.From breathing techniques to fighting skills and talents, he could level those up by adding points to them.After leveling up his Basic Breathing Technique 10 thousand times, it had become the Dark Hole Breathing Technique.After leveling up his D-rank Fighting Skill 10 thousand times, it had become the SSS-rank Divine Skill.After leveling up his Normal Talent 10 thousand times, it had become the True Deity Talent.A few years later, Chu Zhou stood on top of the food chain. After facing countless space lords, true universe gods, and universe saints, he concluded his life up until then with a sentence. “Everything I gained up until now is through my own hard work… of adding points!”...

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