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Chapter 735: Venerable Avatar! (1)

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Chapter 735: Venerable Avatar! (1)
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Nine Mountain Imperial Family Forbidden Ground.
The densely packed “Silver Birds” swooped down on Chu Zhou.
Moreover, every Silver Bird shot out terrifying laser beams.
At this moment, the entire Void erupted.
The vast energy fluctuations caused the entire forbidden world to tremble.
Facing such an attack, Chu Zhou’s expression was very calm.
“How can a fluorescent worm dare to compete with the sun and moon?” Chu Zhou sneered.
Suddenly, nine huge black holes appeared around him.
All the laser beams that pierced through were devoured by the nine black holes.
“Spatial Imprisonment!” He spat out and it was as if he was a supreme god who spoke the constitution of the heavens and followed the laws.
In an instant, the Silver Birds that covered the sky like countless locusts were all imprisoned in the void.
“Space Collapse!” Chu Zhou said again.
In an instant, the space within a radius of 5,000 kilometers collapsed. A pitch-black spatial crack that was like a spider web instantly filled the entire sky.
Then, the entire sky exploded into countless fragments like a mirror.
Countless imprisoned Silver Birds were first torn apart by the dense spatial cracks, then shattered into countless fragments in the collapse of space.
“Law of Space!”
Whether it was Nine Mountain*Yan Ri or Prince Mosi, their pupils instantly constricted when they saw Chu Zhou activate the Law of Space.
“There aren’t many humans who master the Law of Space… Who is he?”
Nine Mountain*Yan Ri’s gaze was fixed on Chu Zhou’s figure. His mind worked crazily as names kept appearing in his mind.
These names were all known to him. They were experts with relatively high attainments in space among humans.
Suddenly, his attention was fixed on the name “Chu Zhou”.
It was as if lightning had flashed through his mind. In an instant, he recalled a lot of information about Chu Zhou.
“You… you’re Chu Zhou?”
Nine Mountain»Yan Ri suddenly blurted out.
A look of deep shock appeared on his face.
He finally knew the identity of this powerful and mysterious young man in front of him.
He finally understood why this young man in front of him was so strong… Even he, who was half a step into the Universe Lord realm, had to withstand a casual kick from him.
“What? He’s the number one prodigy of humanity, Chu Zhou?”
Prince Mosi also looked at Chu Zhou’s figure in shock.
Of course, he had heard of the name Chu Zhou. It could even be said that it was like a thunderclap in his ears.
However, in the past, he felt that Chu Zhou was too far away from him, so he did not understand him in depth.
This was very normal. There were too many humans, and there were also too many experts among them. Many people only paid attention to the celebrities around them. Even if they had heard of celebrities who were too far away, they would not delve into them.
Similarly, on Earth, many people only paid attention to their own celebrities and did not know anything about foreign international celebrities. Even if they occasionally heard the other party’s name, they did not know who the other party was when they met.
Nine Mountain*Yan Ri and Prince Mosi were the same. They had heard of Chu Zhou’s name, but they did not know him well and had never seen his photo.
Hence, when she met Chu Zhou, she didn’t even know who he was.
They only suddenly thought of Chu Zhou’s identity at this moment, when Chu Zhou exposed his spatial ability.
After knowing Chu Zhou’s identity, Nine Mountain*Yan Ri and Prince Mosi’s expressions turned extremely ugly.
They did not expect that Chu Qingge and Chu Yu, two “nobodies” that they did not take seriously, actually had Chu Zhou, the number one prodigy of Humanity, behind them.
They naturally knew the weight of the number one prodigy of humanity.
“Looks like you already know my identity. So, what are you going to do now?” Chu Zhou looked at Nine Mountain*Yan Ri and Prince Mosi playfully.
“Chu Zhou, this is an internal matter of our Nine Mountains Royal Family. Do you really want to interfere?”
Nine Mountain*Yan Ri looked at Chu Zhou with a livid expression.
To be honest…
If possible, he really didn’t want to be Chu Zhou’s enemy.
Not to mention Chu Zhou’s strength, Chu Zhou’s background was enough to make him wary.
Not only were they core members of the Mirror Universe Company… but more importantly, they were King Bei Gang’s personal disciples.
These two identities made him deeply afraid.
However, the opportunity in the forbidden world might be his only chance to become a Venerable.
At the thought of this, his gaze on Chu Zhou turned cold.
“I don’t care who you are. Anyone who stands in my way shall die!”
Nine Mountain*Yan Ri thought.
The next moment, Silver Birds flew over and wrapped around his body.
Many Silver Birds formed a silver-white iron ball dozens of kilometers in diameter.
Then, all the Silver Birds suddenly began to melt and fuse together.
A moment later, a 100-meter-tall silver-white metallic figure appeared in the void. Its appearance was exactly the same as Nine Mountain«Yan Ri.
A storm of energy that far surpassed that of Normal Transcendent World Overlords swept out from the silver-white metal giant. Many of the surrounding floating mountains were minced.
“Interesting. 1 didn’t expect these ‘Silver Birds’ to be able to fuse with the human body and increase the strength of a martial artist.”
Chu Zhou muttered to himself.
He could clearly sense that Nine Mountain*Yan Ri was several times stronger than before.
On the other side, a large amount of ink-like dark energy surged out from Prince Mosi’s body..
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