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Chapter 823: Returning To The Coiling Dragon Manor!

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Chapter 823: Returning To The Coiling Dragon Manor!....
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“Teacher, that lord is…?”
Chu Zhou noticed everyone’s reaction after seeing the golden mask and could not help but be curious about the other party’s identity.
“That lord is the Lord of the Sky. He’s one of the six overlords of the Infinite Battle Arena. Of course… the one who’s here now is only a clone of that lord.” King Bei Cang said solemnly.
When Chu Zhou heard this, he was slightly excited.
A Universe Overlord was a true giant in the universe, an existence that stood at the top of the pyramid.
A Universe Overlord could destroy a cosmic race or create a cosmic race.
It could be said that every Universe Overlord was an existence that made countless living beings in the universe tremble.
So far, Chu Zhou had directly or indirectly come into contact with three Universe Overlords.
The first was the Caged Dragon Master who had bestowed him with Chaos Crystals.
The Caged Dragon Master was also one of the six overlords of the Mirror Universe Company.
The second was the Master of Void Silence that had appeared before the Reincarnation Mystic Realm opened.
The third was the Lord of Towering Sky in front of him.
“Lord of Towering Sky!”
Many Universe Lords flew over and bowed respectfully to the Lord of Towering Sky.
Torch Dragon King brought Zuo Yue over.
King Bei Cang also brought Chu Zhou over.
“Bei Cang, your disciple is not bad.”
An ethereal and quiet voice came from the golden mask.
“I think so too!”
King Bei Cang smiled faintly.
The Lord of Towering Sky gave King Bei Cang a deep look.
“From the looks of it, you’ve already walked out of the past… Perhaps it won’t be long before we humans have another master of Bei Cang.”
The Torch Dragon King and many Universe Lords looked at King Bei Cang in shock when they heard the Lord of Towering Sky’s words.
Even Chu Zhou looked at his teacher in surprise.
King Bei Cang’s expression was calm and confident.
“Universal Lord has never been my limit!”
Upon hearing this, everyone knew that King Bei Cang was extremely confident in becoming a Universe Overlord.
All of them could not help but be shocked.
Some Universe Lords of the Mirror Universe Company were pleasantly surprised.
If King Bei Cang could become a Universe Overlord, the number of overlords in the Mirror Universe corporation would be the largest among the human forces.
The overall strength of the Mirror Universe company would also increase greatly.
“Bei Cang, I didn’t expect you to become a Universe Overlord.”
The Torch Dragon King looked at King Bei Cang enviously. “However, it’s normal for you to become a Universe Overlord… With your strength and talent, you should have become a Universe Overlord 300 million years ago.”
Many Universe Lords calmed down after hearing that.
That’s right!
King Bei Cang was a rare legendary figure among humans.
Many of the Universe Overlords of the Human race were not as experienced as Legend King Bei Cang before they became overlords.
If not for the fact that King Bei Cang had suddenly fallen into oblivion for 300 million years, he would have long become the Lord of Bei Cang.
“Lord Mo Tian, Lord Bei Cang, Lord Torch Dragon! And everyone… The Title Ceremony is about to begin. I’ll bring Chu Zhou, Zuo Yue, and Romo to the Holy Temple first.”
Suddenly, an envoy in a white robe flew down from Mount Pantheon. He first bowed respectfully to the Lord of Towering Sky, King Bei Cang, and Torch Dragon King. He then politely greeted the many Universe Lords before smiling at Chu Zhou, Zuo Yue, and Romo.
“Take them up!” The Lord of Towering Sky said calmly.
The white-robed envoy immediately gestured for Chu Zhou and the other two to follow behind him and fly towards the top of Mount Pantheon.
“My name is Yang Mian.” The white-robed emissary smiled gently at Chu Zhou and the others. “This time, the Holy Temple is holding a Title Ceremony for the three of you at the same time. It’s a rare occasion in the past billions of years.” “That’s impossible! Could it be that in the past billions of years, only the three of us have become Universe Lords?”
Zuo Yue said with a puzzled expression.
“That’s not it. However, it’s too difficult to become a Universe Lord. Usually, it’s considered a miracle if a Universe Lord is born every 100,000 years. Therefore, there’s basically only one protagonist in the other Universe Lords’ Title Ceremony. As for you, it’s extremely rare for you to all become Universe Lords in less than a year.” Yang Mian explained.
Chu Zhou and the other two immediately understood.
Yang Mian turned his head to look at Chu Zhou and the other two and thought to himself, These three people are too favored by the heavens. Not only are their talents astonishing, they advanced to the Universe Lord realm at such a young age, but they also have a teacher who is a Universe Lord or Overlord…
Soon, Yang Mian brought Chu Zhou and the other two to the top of Mount Pantheon and arrived in front of a Holy Palace bathed in infinite divine light.
So this is the Human Hoiy Temple?
Chu Zhou and the other two looked at the palace that represented the highest authority of humanity. Their hearts surged.
Yang Mian couldn’t help but smile when he saw Chu Zhou and the other two’s reactions.
“Your Title Ceremony is about to begin… Have you thought about your titles? If you have, tell me now. Your titles will be yours later… Otherwise, the Sanctum will give you the titles your elders have thought of.”
A titled battle pet warrior would accompany a living being for the rest of their lives.
It was still very important.
If he got a title that he didn’t want and it would accompany him for the rest of his life… That would be too disgusting.
Therefore, the Human Holy Temple respected the opinions of the newcomers and allowed them to choose a title they liked.
Of course, titled battle pet warriors could not be too unreasonable.
For example, if a living being wanted to name themselves Human Ancestor or something like that, it would definitely not work.
In addition, if someone was too lazy to think and did not want to be titled, the Holy Temple would give them the title set by the elders of the Holy Temple.
The Human Holy Temple specifically mentioned this in the message they sent to Chu Zhou and the other two.
The Human Holy Temple specifically mentioned this in the message they sent to Chu Zhou and the other two.
Chu Zhou had given himself the title of Coiling Dragon.
He was the master of the Coiling Dragon Mountain. Using the name ‘Coiling Dragon’ was the most suitable title for him.
When Yang Mian received the titles from Chu Zhou and the other two, he nodded with a smile. “Very good. You’ve all thought of your titles. When we enter the temple, I’ll tell the elder in charge of the ceremony about your titles.”
Chu Zhou was rather curious about what the Elder Yang Mian was talking about.
“Yang Mian Envoy… Who are the elders of our Human Holy Temple?” He asked.
When Zuo Yue and Romo heard Chu Zhou’s question, a glint flashed across their eyes.
They had just found out about the Human Holy Temple.
He roughly knew that the Human Holy Temple was made up of all the human experts above the Universe Lord level. It was the highest authority of the human race.
However, he knew nothing else other than that.
They were at a loss as to who the elders of the Human Holy Temple were.
Yang Mian did not answer Chu Zhou directly. He only hinted vaguely, “Who are the elders of our Human Holy Temple? This is the greatest secret of our kind… You will know in the future.”
“However, I can also tell you some things clearly. The Universe Overlords of the five giant factions are all elders of the Human Holy Temple.”
“As for the rest, I can’t say much… Besides, I’m just an ordinary emissary. I don’t know much about the Holy Temple.”
Chu Zhou and the other two looked at each other.
The waters of the Human Holy Temple seemed to be a little deep.
Who exactly were the elders of the Sacred Hall? They could not be made public.
Chu Zhou knew his place and did not ask further.
Soon, the three of them followed Yang Mian into the Sacred Hall and arrived at a huge square.
In the middle of this square stood a round platform.
Thrones surrounded the round platform.
The front row of thrones on the nearest round platform was 1,000 meters wide.
The thrones behind the front row were 200 meters wide.
The thrones further back were each 50 meters wide.
“Just stand on this round platform. You don’t have to do anything! Leave the rest to the elders.”
Yang Mian made Chu Zhou and the other two stand behind the round platform and disappear.
Following this, many figures appeared in the square and sat down on the thrones.
Chu Zhou and company saw the Lord of Towering Sky, King Bei Cang, Torch Dragon King, and some familiar figures in the crowd.
Most of the figures were sitting on the 50-meter-wide throne.
The golden mask, which was the ‘Lord of Towering Sky’, floated on a throne that was 1,000 meters wide.
King Bei Cang and Torch Dragon King sat on a throne that was 200 meters wide.
Obviously, the 1,000-meter-wide throne was for Universe Overlords, the 200-meter-wide throne was for Universe Nobility, and the 50-meter-wide throne was for Universe Lords.
There was a clear hierarchy and a strict hierarchy.
“Eh? The Green King is here too?”
On a 200-meter-wide throne, Chu Zhou unexpectedly discovered an acquaintance.
It was the Green King.
This was really beyond Chu Zhou’s expectations..
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