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Chapter 3259: The crisis of the southern region (1)

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Chapter 3259: The crisis of the southern region (1)
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The divine general who led the team did indeed want to please Tang Zhen and obtain more safety assurance.
They were also curious in their hearts. After all, Tang Zhen’s earlier performance had indeed caused people to feel shocked and astonished.
“Your combat techniques are indeed very special. Why do you have so many divine talismans?”
Such a question shouldn’t be casually asked and Tang Zhen might not answer it.
After all, this kind of special cultivation technique was a secret of cultivators and could even be considered a taboo.
Tang Zhen had long known that these divine generals would question him. Similarly, he did not intend to hide anything.
“There’s nothing special about it. I just refined a few more divine rings, so I used more divine talismans.”
Upon hearing Tang Zhen’s reply, the few divine generals in the group were immediately stunned.
“You’ve refined many divine rings?”
The number of divine rings he could refine was indeed unlimited. However, very few Immortals could refine more than two divine rings.
It would waste a lot of time and affect the improvement of the divine ring’s strength, but the increase in combat power would not be much.
There had been gods who had tried to use it to increase their strength, but they had failed in the end.
When they heard that Tang Zhen used such a method, all the gods felt that it was unbelievable. This kind of fish was delaying their cultivation.
The leading divine general hesitated for a moment before asking Tang Zhen, “Do you know the disadvantages of doing this?”
This was also something that the other God generals were puzzled about. Looking at Tang Zhen’s strength and cultivation, he should be extremely clear about this disadvantage.
However, looking at his performance, he was indeed extremely powerful. The divine talismans that filled the sky killed the enemies until their souls flew out of their bodies!
Such a state was indeed very wrong.
“I come from the outside world and have just started cultivating my divine ring, so it’s very easy for me to control it.”
Tang Zhen did not explain much. However, the other divine generals had already come to a sudden realization.
Tang Zhen had a cultivation base and did not cultivate divine ring secret techniques. That was why he dared to be so unbridled.
Because of his strength, he could use ordinary one-star divine rings to perfection.
Powerful strength was the key. The level and number of divine talismans were not particularly important.
After figuring out the reason, the gods no longer said anything, but they were sighing in their hearts.
The rest of the journey was still boring and tedious. At the same time, each step was filled with fear.
This was because this scorching hot land was not a forbidden zone for life. On the contrary, it was extremely lively.
It was as if all the monsters had gathered here and were running wild on the scorched earth.
All kinds of transformed monsters would appear at a certain distance, and they were in groups.
In a place like the Gulan divine world, the energy of heaven and earth was abundant and the laws were relatively chaotic and simple.
It was for this reason that transformed monsters appeared in large numbers.
Compared to normal creatures, the transformed monsters were indeed simple-minded, and the only thing worthy of praise was their powerful strength.
It was precisely because of this simple thinking that the transformed monsters became quite difficult to deal with. Once they encountered them, they would fight to the death.
After the battle began, they would never run away from the battlefield because of fear.
As they advanced, Tang Zhen and the others were attacked by the monsters from time to time. Fortunately, they were able to easily resolve them.
However, the strength of the transformed monster had become stronger and stronger, almost equivalent to the pseudo-God-level.
There was not much to gain from killing such monsters. On the contrary, they could pose a fatal threat to cultivators.
The change in the monster’s strength was enough to explain the problem. The deeper one went into the hinterlands, the more dangerous it would be.
However, before seeing their companions, the cultivators absolutely couldn’t retreat easily, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to report back.
They had been searching for more information along the way, but the results were disappointing.
Originally, they could still find some clues, but now, they could not find anything. It was as if all traces had been erased.
Under such circumstances, the team did not know how to proceed, and could only wander around the area.
As a result, no matter where he went, he would be attacked by the monsters.
The continuous battles had caused the morale of the cultivators to drop, which was definitely not a good thing.
Fortunately, it didn’t take long for things to turn around.
The cultivators had managed to save a cultivator from one of the seven divine courts from the hands of the transformed monsters.
The other party was the vanguard and had entered the southern Fireland ahead of time, but they had also lost contact.
Now that they had finally found their missing ally, the cultivators of the divine court were ecstatic. This meant that their hard work had not been in vain.
After asking around, he received a shocking piece of news.
The Fireland of the southern region had gone through a huge change, and a large number of primitive gods had gathered.
Those primitive godkings who didn’t show their faces easily but had terrifying power had also shown themselves.
The other party definitely had a scheme, but as for the specific purpose, it was still unclear.
The members of the mysterious organization wanted by the various divine courts were in cahoots with the original gods. No one knew what kind of shocking conspiracy they were brewing.
The seven divine courts could have easily taken on the cultivators of the mysterious organization, but the primordial godly spirit had intervened.
After a great battle, 90% of the cultivators from the divine court were either killed or captured. They were currently being held captive in a dangerous place. Tang Zhen and his group of cultivators were no match for the original deities, but they could find a way to rescue the captured deities.
Of course, as for how exactly it would work and whether it would succeed, it was all unknown now.
It didn’t take a genius to know that the prison of the divine court cultivators was heavily guarded, and it was impossible to approach it easily.
However, since he knew about this, he couldn’t just stand by and do nothing, so the rescue operation had to be carried out.
In addition, he had to send someone back to report the specific situation to the various divine courts so that they could make sufficient preparations.
The Messenger’s strength could not be too weak, because the return process was also fraught with danger, and the slightest carelessness could lead to death.
After some discussion, the divine court cultivators decided to send a divine general back to report the situation while the rest of the cultivators continued to head deeper into the central region to prepare for rescue.
Led by the rescued cultivators of the divine court, the group continued deeper into the fiery Plains of the southern domain, heading straight for the secret location of their imprisonment.
Rescuing was different from searching. They had to be careful enough to avoid being discovered by the enemy.
The area occupied by the enemy was indeed more dangerous. There were armies of transformed monsters everywhere.
Such a terrifying scene was like a group of demons dancing wildly.
Cultivators used special methods to disguise themselves as transformed monsters to avoid the enemy’s detection.
After traveling nearly ten thousand miles, they finally arrived at their destination.
As expected, there were powerful transformed monsters everywhere in this area, and traces of primitive gods could be seen from time to time.
They were wandering around the field with vigilant expressions. They were obviously guarding something.
Upon closer inspection, one would discover that a deep valley had appeared on the scorching earth, and it was enveloped by a huge runic magic circle.
There were a few primitive gods around the valley, obviously on guard duty.
There was no need to ask, that deep valley must be the place where they were imprisoned.
However, he had to plan carefully how to enter it and rescue the suppressed gods.
Other than the original gods, there were also a large number of modified cultivators mixed in with the transformed monsters.
It was obvious that it was because of them that the transformed monsters knew discipline and could even control the runic magic circle.
The cultivators of the divine court gnashed their teeth in hatred. In their opinion, these modified cultivators deserved to die.
First, he had joined a mysterious organization. Now, he had colluded with the original gods to attack the cultivators of the divine court.
If he had the chance, he would definitely kill all the modified cultivators to prevent them from continuing to harm the Gulan divine world.
Little did he know that if the divine courts had not left them no way out, the modified cultivators would not have ended up like this.
In order to survive, they might have to enter dangerous places and work with these primitive gods.
There was no need to argue about who was right and who was wrong. Just because they were in different positions, they would form disputes of interests.
The cultivators discussed for a while and finally decided to take the risk to see if there was any possibility of saving their companions..
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