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Chapter 3348: The purgatory battlefields (1)

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Chapter 3348: The purgatory battlefields (1)....
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With a Flash of the Blade, the head rolled off and the body fell into a pool of blood.
The closer they got to the center of the battlefield, the more tragic the scene became. All they could see were figures screaming and wailing.
A sharp blade could break bones, a silver spear could shatter organs, the souls of the dead could be heard everywhere, and the strong would not return home.
Although they were condensed from mental power, in this world, cultivators were all made of flesh and blood.
They killed to their hearts ‘content, but their deaths were equally tragic.
It was the same for the enemies guarding the city. The wails before death were enough to prove their pain.
The bloody and brutal fighting had soaked the ground of the battlefield with blood, and corpses piled up like mountains.
The scene of a sea of blood and hell made the cultivators who had just arrived feel their scalps go numb, and the dense aura of death made them tremble.
Tang Zhen was still fighting. Moreover, the more he fought, the more courageous he became.
A black-armored city guard was killed by Tang Zhen in one strike. He unwillingly laid down on his back.
When the surrounding city guards saw this, they immediately let out a roar and pounced wildly towards Tang Zhen.
They did not care about Tang Zhen’s strength. Even if they were not a match for him, they had to step forward without any hesitation at this moment.
It was because of his duty that he had no way out.
Tang Zhen once again brandished his blade and slashed. He did not show any mercy at all because the enemy’s heart was filled with the intention to kill him.
The majority of the enemies that surrounded Tang Zhen were black-armored soldiers, and they were extremely powerful.
They were the generals of the city defenders. While they were in charge of commanding, they would also intercept and kill the cultivators.
At this stage, the number of cultivators who could fight with the black-armored warriors had been greatly reduced.
All of them were elites, and they had killed countless enemies along the way.
However, the situation was getting more and more difficult. After all, the enemy was outnumbered, and the strength of the enemy was getting stronger and stronger.
If there was a slight negligence in battle, the enemy would find a flaw and give a fatal blow.
In this area, cultivators were constantly trapped by the battle formation, and then silently devoured and killed.
At the same time, there were also some cultivators who were unstoppable and constantly broke through the city guards.
After breaking through the interception of the black-armored soldiers, the scene in front of him suddenly became clear. There was no one in the empty field.
However, compared to the previous area, this area was more dangerous. It was an area targeted by long-range troops.
The ground was filled with arrows, like dense weeds, not leaving any open space.
From the top of the tall city wall, sharp arrows were shot down like dark clouds, specifically to kill the cultivators who tried to pass through.
If he didn’t Dodge in time, he would be pierced by the arrows.
As the cultivator dodged, arrows would constantly fall beside him, as if they were shadows.
The arrows that were everywhere would also hinder the cultivators, making it more difficult for them to move.
Tang zhenqing raised his shield and blocked the rain of arrows as he moved through the arrows that were everywhere.
There were also some cultivators ‘corpses on the ground. Their bodies were covered with arrows, and their faces were filled with a ferocious and unwilling expression.
In such a situation, carrying a shield would greatly increase the chances of survival.
There were also some cultivators who carried the corpses of their enemies and used them as shields to block the sharp arrows.
However, the city guards ‘arrow rain was too fierce. Tang Zhen only managed to charge halfway before he was forced to retreat.
The beast-faced shield was full of cracks and had been pierced by arrows. There were also more than ten arrows in his body.
In the process of retreating, he was besieged by the black-armored city guards, who tried to kill him directly.
Even if he couldn’t defeat Tang Zhen, he would force him back to the area covered by the arrow rain and try to use the sharp arrows to kill him.
The area sealed off by arrows was a forbidden area for cultivators. It was not easy to pass through.
Many cultivators managed to break through the blockade in front of them, but they were killed by the master archers on the city wall.
While Tang Zhen was fighting with the black-armored cultivator, he saw many figures rushing forward. However, they were all forced to retreat halfway like him.
His entire body was covered in arrows and he looked like he was in a sorry state.
There were also some cultivators who had terrible luck and fell in the process of retreating.
They were not given a chance to get up at all. The dense rain of arrows covered the cultivators like eyes, nailing them to the ground.
At this moment, Tang Zhen felt that he was in a dilemma.
The group of black-armored soldiers behind him was definitely not a target that Tang Zhen could kill in an instant. They could even kill Tang Zhen when they surrounded him.
The longer he fought with the other party, the more dangerous his situation would be. Sooner or later, he would be killed.
This was because he was isolated and helpless, but these enemies were endless.
Not to mention that they had been fighting and killing all along the way just to find the secret of the flower of rules. No reason could stop them from moving forward.
Tang Zhen was naturally not afraid of death. However, he was afraid of being busy for nothing and not being able to complete this mission in the end.
Just as he repelled a wave of enemies, another wave of enemies came to kill him. This also made Tang Zhen determined.
He had to act immediately and break through this area sealed by the arrow rain!
Tang Zhen clenched his teeth as he looked at the ground that was filled with arrows. He kicked the pile of corpses on the ground.
At the same time, he used his shield to cover his body and quickly approached the ground. He waved his sword and began to dig.
In the process, countless arrows flew at him, piercing the bodies and shields.
Tang Zhen completely ignored him. His battle blade was like an iron shovel as it continued to dig into the ground.
In a short time, a pit appeared on the ground, the soil soft and slippery.
In the mud, there were countless arrowheads, most of which had rotted and rusted.
Other than these arrowheads, there were also some rotting corpses, causing the color of the soil to become as black as ink.
Tang Zhen acted as if he did not see it. Instead, his arms were waving like they were flying as he rapidly dug the soil on the ground.
When the cultivators by the side saw this, they were a little shocked in their hearts. They did not expect that Tang Zhen would actually use such a method.
Cultivators couldn’t fly, and they couldn’t pass through the rain of arrows on the ground. Perhaps they could only pass through underground.
This was a good idea, but he didn’t know if it would work.
Tang Zhen’s speed became faster and faster. In the blink of an eye, he had already dug into the ground.
At this moment, the arrows from the top of the city wall could no longer hurt him.
Tang Zhen, however, did not dare to be careless. This was because he clearly knew in his heart that the city defenders would definitely not allow him to easily pass through.
Sure enough, as soon as this thought rose in his mind, he saw fireballs flying in the sky, smashing towards the area blocked by the arrows.
With the sound of cracking, the fireballs exploded one after another, and the fuel sealed inside also flowed everywhere.
The arrows and the corpses were all devoured by the flames in an instant.
The burning fuel flowed everywhere, and the sunken areas quickly became the gathering place of the fuel.
The area where Tang Zhen was located suffered a heavy attack. Balls of fireballs continued to explode as fuel gushed out like water.
There wasn’t only one kind of danger. The iron Spears that were shot from the mounted crossbows were continuously shooting at Tang Zhen’s position.
The Spear’s penetrative power was extremely strong, and it was actually deeply embedded into the soil, leaving no trace behind.
The ground lost its defensive ability when faced with the iron Spear’s attack that had a powerful penetrating force. Tang Zhen’s situation became increasingly dangerous.
In addition to the fuel oil that was flowing everywhere, it erupted with a terrifyingly high temperature. It was clear that it was going to burn Tang Zhen into charcoal.
At this moment, Tang Zhen no longer had any path of retreat. He could only grit his teeth and continue digging.
He was forced to constantly change his digging path in order to avoid the spear that was piercing into the ground.
The brutal battle was still ongoing. Tang Zhen wasn’t the one who affected them. The attacks from the city wall also became more and more concentrated.
There were still cultivators trying to break through the area sealed by the rain of arrows. However, they were either forced back or killed.
This was a special barrier that blocked most cultivators, and only a few managed to pass.
There were also cultivators who were secretly paying attention to Tang Zhen.
They wanted to see if such a method was really effective.
If they could succeed, they would definitely follow suit.
After a while, there was still no movement, which made the cultivators sigh in their hearts.
They guessed that Tang Zhen might have already met with a mishap and might not be able to come out of the ground..
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