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Chapter 3460: The Army is in perfect condition (1)

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Chapter 3460: The Army is in perfect condition (1)....
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In the face of the powerful Tang Zhen and the four mountain-like heads, the thousands of cultivators of the tribe chose to surrender.
They were extremely clear in their hearts. Although they had the advantage in numbers, it was impossible for them to be Tang Zhen’s match.
The four super experts who were in charge of leading the group had all died in Tang Zhen’s hands. Where did they get the confidence to resist and escape?
Obediently becoming a prisoner and accepting slavery was the wisest way.
For cultivators who surrendered, both sides would not make things difficult for them. Instead, they would be treated kindly as much as possible.
After all, cultivation was not easy, and everyone served their own Masters, so there was no need to be ruthless.
This was especially true for the cultivators of the origin realm. They would rarely go to the extreme and leave themselves with no way out.
Under Tang Zhen’s escort, the captives came to the camp of the cultivators in loucheng and joined the mining team.
Seeing Tang Zhen return victorious once again, Lou Cheng’s cultivators cheered thunderously. There was no need to say the joy in their hearts.
Previously, Tang Zhen had killed three super experts in a row, which gave the cultivators in loucheng strong confidence and admitted that he had extremely strong combat power.
At the same time, he was certain of one thing. The cultivation strength of a super expert was not directly related to the time it took to advance.
However, they had never heard of someone like Tang Zhen, who was such a powerful super expert after just advancing.
After the other Supreme experts had advanced, they would not be so fierce and be able to kill three old tribe experts in one battle.
Seeing Tang Zhen return victorious and kill a super expert, the Lou Cheng cultivators felt that it was only natural.
With the power to fight one against three, killing an expert of the tribe was as easy as stretching out his hand.
After capturing the cultivators from the tribes twice, the number of cultivators mining had exceeded five thousand. This was already a rather large lineup.
According to the normal team formation, a super expert would lead about 1000 cultivators.
Tang Zhen had killed four enemy powerhouses and captured all the cultivators of the tribe. It was normal for him to have such a number.
With so many people, their momentum immediately changed.
As the number of cultivators increased, the speed of mining increased by several times, and the mine gradually became riddled with holes.
Thousands of cultivators worked together and excavated continuously, like ants gnawing on an elephant.
There didn’t seem to be much change on the surface, but the inside was already riddled with holes. The efficiency of mining was quite amazing.
The fatty was the main reason for their high efficiency.
Perhaps due to the special way of awakening, fatty had a special ability, which was to sense the location of the remains.
Ordinary cultivators found the remains based on experience and luck. There was no way for them to sense it.
This was because the crystal mine contained the power of rules, which could interfere with perception and shield it, even for peak-stage divine generals.
However, fatty could release his bloodline power when he touched the crystal mine, turning the crystal mine into his flesh and blood in an instant.
In that instant, fatty could sense the situation in his body and determine the specific location of the remains.
According to the distribution of the remains, they would draw up a route to excavate and then assign tasks.
Some of the Fatty’s operations made it very easy for cultivators to dig. They only needed to move towards the predetermined goal.
The cultivators had never seen such a method of mining before, so they could vaguely guess the ability that fatty had.
At the same time that he was shocked and envious, he also felt a deep sense of relief. He didn’t expect that he would be assigned to such a team.
A Super Master who had just advanced had easily killed four powerful enemies and captured thousands of tribal cultivators.
The other one had awakened an innate divine ability. Not only could he easily kill the remnant thought monsters, but he also seemed to be able to detect the location of the remains.
If that was the case, the special talent that fatty possessed would probably be envied even by exalts.
Even supremacy-level cultivators needed some of the materials in the remains to cultivate. They would even personally participate in mining.
With the help of Fatty’s ability, the exalts would have an extremely easy time searching for ores.
If this ability was proven, Fatty’s importance would immediately increase, and even a Super Master would not be able to compare to him.
Perhaps this would be the last time they would cooperate with fatty to carry out a mission. Next time, Fatty’s teammates would become supremacy-level powerhouses.
The cultivators of Lou Cheng and the tribes were shocked.
Tang Zhen’s domineering killing of the tribe’s experts made them both shocked and angry. They sighed that the cultivators of Lou city were indeed hiding Dragons and crouching tigers.
When they arrived at the mine, the fat man in charge of the mining gave the cultivators of the tribe quite a shock.
After guessing Fatty’s ability, the cultivators of the tribe sighed again. Lou Cheng’s cultivators were indeed strong.
A random team they encountered actually had two powerful cultivators with amazing strength and means.
As expected, his reputation was well-deserved, and there was no injustice in being defeated by Lou Cheng’s cultivators.
Now that they had fallen into the hands of the cultivators of Lou city and were collectively enslaved, the cultivators of the tribe had suppressed their desire to resist.
As long as he could keep his life, he didn’t mind becoming a mine slave.
Cultivators were different from mortals. They didn’t need to be shackled or whipped. They would take the initiative to complete the assigned tasks seriously.
On the surface, they were no different from servant cultivators.
Similarly, there was no need to specially detain them. As long as Tang Zhen was there, the captured cultivators of the tribe would not be able to escape.
If there was really someone who was not afraid of death and dared to try to escape this area, the rule power hidden in his body would explode in an instant.
If it was a law of fire, it would be instantly burned to ashes. If it was a law of ice, it would be turned into a block of ice in an instant.
Every cultivator who was captured knew the consequences of escaping, and no one would seek death.
Everything was calm after that. Neither the monsters nor the cultivators showed any signs of being nearby.
At the same time that Tang Zhen was on guard and cultivating, there was one more thing that he had to do. It was to refine a spirit pill for fatty to recover his energy.
There was a limit to using one’s innate divine ability to explore a crystal mine. It would also cause a loss of one’s blood essence.
Even though Fatty’s physique was extraordinary, he simply couldn’t withstand such an examination.
Tang Zhen discovered the problem in time. He immediately used the remains of the ancient creatures as the raw material and began to use the heaven and earth as the furnace to refine the spirit pill.
This series of actions was not hidden from outsiders and was clearly seen by the cultivators.
Many cultivators were dumbfounded when they saw Tang Zhen easily refining the remains of ancient creatures and supplementing it with various materials to refine spirit pills.
Many cultivators in loucheng city knew how to refine pills from the void, but they couldn’t compare to Tang Zhen.
There were different levels of cultivation, and the same was true for the hundred Arts techniques in the cultivation world. Some cultivators had a basic understanding of the technique, while some cultivators had succeeded in their cultivation.
Compared to Tang Zhen’s pill refining methods, some of the cultivators who had once bragged about their pill refining skills in public wished that they could bury their heads in the mud.
Comparing the methods of both sides, it was like comparing clouds and mud. The more he thought about it, the more ashamed he felt.
The Lou Cheng cultivators who knew of Tang Zhen’s methods weren’t surprised. After all, Tang Zhen was already the strongest Alchemist in the hunting camp.
The best alchemists in the city were gathered there. For Tang Zhen to be able to obtain the first place, his strength was naturally at the divine transcendence level.
The cultivators all had different thoughts, but Tang Zhen’s methods really made the cultivators sigh in admiration.
With the spirit pills provided by Tang Zhen, fatty was even more like a tiger that had grown wings. The speed at which he investigated the crystal mine also became faster and faster.
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