Novel Name : Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 1310

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Her Billionaire Husband -Joey grew suspicious after Anthony’s “mysterious” death. If
Conrad Kings successfully convinced Joey, it was likely that Matthew Kings would also become a target
of Joey’s retaliation.

Joey, the Black Ace Mob, and the enigmatic Flavian Kings were all against Matthew Kings. The crucial
point was that any one of these individuals, regardless of their strength or wealth, could easily overpower
Matthew Kings.

She leaned against the car seat, closed her eyes, and let out a helpless sigh.

In situations like this, people always tend to shoulder all the responsibility, just like Veronica Murphy at
this moment. She believed that Anthony’s death was indirectly caused by her hidden clan identity as the
Young Lord, which in turn brought a series of troubles to Matthew Kings.

On the other hand, the Black Ace Mob started retaliating against Matthew Kings because of the jealousy
between Xavier Crawford and Antheena, which had caused numerous troubles.

Veronica Murphy had tried her best to keep her distance from Xavier Crawford, but she still ended up
causing a lot of trouble.

After a while, Veronica Murphy called Matthew Kings, but the phone rang several times without anyone
answering. She had no choice but to call Thomas Ritter. The phone rang once, and the other person
answered, “Madam?” “Thomas Ritter, where’s Matt?” she asked.

“Um…boss…,” Thomas Ritter hesitated, seeming unwilling to reveal the truth, “Boss is having dinner
with a client and can’t answer the phone. He’ll call you back later.” “Oh, okay.” Veronica Murphy hung up
the phone without asking further. Leaning back in her seat, Veronica Murphy opened a crack in the
window, allowing the chilly wind to rush in through the gap. The cold wind brushed against her face like

Her cheeks stung a bit, but Veronica Murphy’s heart hurt even more. She had no intention of dwelling on
Matthew Kings’ protection of Eviette Robins. Those were all trivial matters. What she needed to do now
was to help Matthew Kings.

In the end, Veronica Murphy figured out what to do and drove to Twilight Condominium, picked up
something, and then headed to the airport. Four hours later.

Veronica Murphy reappeared, already in Kyoland. After getting off the plane, Veronica Murphy sent a
message to Matthew Kings, saying, “The crew is filming, I’ll call you later.” Then she called Eleanor
Gomez, who was also in her phone contacts. “Where are you?” “You’re asking me where I am? I was
about to ask you the same thing,” Eleanor Gomez questioned, “From last night until now, you’ve
disappeared. Where did you go?” “My friend has something to deal with, so I came over to help her

You just rest well at the hotel, and I’ll come find you tonight,” she said.

Eleanor Gomez didn’t inquire further. “Alright, I partied all night yesterday and I’m dead tired. We’ll talk
later.” “Take good rest, bye.” Veronica Murphy finished speaking and hung up the phone.

She walked out of the airport and hailed a taxi. “Go to Frost Cal Group.” Frost Cal Group was named
after the combination of ‘Frost’ from Flavian Kings current wife, Lindsey Winson, and ‘Cal’ from Flavian

The taxi drove on the road while Veronica Murphy opened her email on her phone and searched for
information about Flavian Kings. According to the information displayed, she dialed Flavian Kings’ private
phone number.

The phone rang a few times before the other person answered, “Who is this?” “Mr. Conrad, I’m Veronica
Murphy. Can we meet?” Veronica Murphy introduced herself.

On the other end of the phone, Flavian Kings was quite surprised. He never expected Veronica Murphy
to contact him proactively.

“Where are you?” he asked.

“I’ll be at Frost Cal Group in an hour.” “Alright, there’s a café downstairs in the company building. I’ll wait
for you there.” “Okay, Goodbye,” Veronica Murphy replied.

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