Novel Name : After Rebirth, the True Eldest Daughter Starts Brewing Green Tea


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His Royal Highness had spoken, and Su Qingshang naturally wouldn’t be petty. In no time, everyone at the gathering was sipping the warm gentleman’s tea, praising Young Master Su for his thoughtfulness.
Now, the second team had lost twice, and according to the rules, they should face some punishment. In the midst of the lively banquet, the usual penalty was nothing more than a drinking forfeit. Su’s elder sister immediately downed a cup and then smiled at everyone, saying, “My younger brother isn’t in good health; the doctor advised against drinking. How about we punish him by having him create a painting instead?”
Naturally, no one opposed this idea. A student from the Imperial College laughed and said, “I’ve heard that Young Master Su is exceptionally skilled in painting and has a unique talent: he can blindfold himself and paint effortlessly. I wonder if we’re fortunate enough to witness it.”
Su’s elder sister gladly agreed and ordered someone to prepare ink and brushes. A maid brought a white silk ribbon, which Su Qingshang accepted, covering his eyes and tying a knot behind his head. Some curious students even waved their hands in front of him, but he showed no reaction, evidently unable to see.
The ability to paint with closed eyes was indeed rare. Everyone craned their necks, closely observing. Su Qingshang, with composure, grasped the brush, dipped it in ink, and laid down on the paper just a few strokes. Some speculated, “He’s painting mountains.”
The ink strokes extended, revealing rugged and peculiar rocks, lush vegetation. His pace quickened, and every stroke seemed to be premeditated. Yet, there was no sign of coarseness or haste. Each stroke was just right – an extra one would be redundant, and a missing one would leave a void. Even a normal painting wouldn’t possess such mastery, but Su Qingshang was still blindfolded.
It seemed like he couldn’t see anything, yet he could see everything.
With towering green pines, peculiar and rocky mountainous terrain, gradually appearing on the paper, it seemed as if a distant mountainous landscape was being depicted. As the painting neared completion, someone couldn’t help but exclaim, “The fragrance of the stream, the grass within ten steps, and the shadow of the cliff’s hundred-foot pine trees – what a fantastic distant mountain view!”
Others chimed in, praising, “Great painting!”
However, Su Qingshang did not stop there and continued to paint. It’s just that the fine ink was running out, and he couldn’t paint any longer. Others thought he was unaware and couldn’t help but remind him, “Master Su, it’s time to add ink.”
Su Qingshang seemed oblivious, casually brushing his brush on the cliff he had painted. Suddenly, a thousand streams cascaded down, bringing the entire painting to life. Someone exclaimed, “It’s a waterfall!”
After completing the waterfall, Su Qingshang finally stopped his brush. Facing the crowd, the plain white silk ribbon still hanging, his skin appeared less pale, exuding a jade-like texture. His voice remained calm, “Su is showing some modesty.”
Everyone eagerly approached to admire the painting. On the paper, there were myriad peaks, graceful birds in flight, and lush pine trees on the beautiful ridges. Especially the ethereal waterfall, like a rainbow hanging down or the Milky Way spanning the nine heavens. For a moment, everyone was full of praise.
“Truly a marvelous stroke!”
“To witness Fish Young Master painting with closed eyes is a rare privilege in three lifetimes.”
Su Tangyu smiled and said to Li Zhizhi, “I told you before that my second brother’s paintings are exceptional.”
Li Zhizhi also nodded and praised, “The Second Young Master is indeed a masterful painter. His strokes are divine. This blindfolded painting, I have never seen before. I wonder how he achieved it?”
Su Tangyu wanted to say something when his eyes suddenly shifted, and he smiled, “I don’t understand much about painting. You can go and ask him yourself. My second brother has a good temperament, and he will surely enlighten you.”
Li Zhizhi looked at Su Qingshang as he untied the plain white silk ribbon, saying, “If there’s a chance, I will seek advice from the Second Young Master again.”
Su Tangyu exclaimed and shook her hand, urging, “Isn’t today the chance?”
Standing nearby was Pei Yanchuan, and he certainly heard the conversation between the two. He felt a bit uncomfortable. Although he didn’t understand painting, he knew that Su Qingshang’s move was indeed beautiful, no wonder it could attract the attention of the person she liked. In comparison, his letter seemed…
In his contemplation, Pei Yanchuan couldn’t help but turn his head to look at Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan noticed and raised an eyebrow slightly, as if to say, “What are you looking at me for?”
He leaned in closer, whispering, “Your Highness, how about dealing with that letter first…”
Before he could finish speaking, Xiao Yan showed a knowing expression. Seated on the carriage, his handsome face revealed a hint of playful smile as he said, “What’s this? Are you afraid already?”
Stirred by these words, Pei Yanchuan blurted out, “How is that possible?”
Now, in the second group’s penalty discussion, the Su family’s young ladies were drinking, Su Qingshang had completed her painting, and it was the turn of Jiang Ziyu, Song Lingyun, and Lin Xuqiu. Jiang Ziyu held a wine glass, her expression still in a panic. She seemed tense, as if speaking loudly would startle her. There was a hint of pitiful charm.
Song Lingyun seemed a bit reluctant and volunteered, saying, “Let me take the punishment on behalf of Cousin Jiang.”
After speaking, he drank two cups in a row, very straightforward. Everyone applauded. When it was Lin Xuqiu’s turn, he hesitated and said, “My, my alcohol tolerance is really poor. How about I compose a poem instead?”
Since Su Qingshang had set a precedent with her painting, composing a poem was considered acceptable. Everyone agreed, and Lin Xuqiu looked in the direction of Li Zhizhi. After a moment of thought, he cleared his throat and began to recite, “At dusk, along the Yangtze River, we meet at the ferry crossing. Falling flowers seem intentional, drifting with the boats as they come and go.”
As soon as the thought crossed his mind, the air quieted for a moment. Then, some people applauded, others exchanged glances, sharing knowing smiles, while some immediately frowned, like Li Xingzhi and Pei Yanchuan.
Pei Yanchuan suddenly realized that he was at a disadvantage. While these people were painting and reciting poetry, what could he do?
He couldn’t help but sink into deep contemplation, watching as the drama of the hidden hooks was about to start its second act. Suddenly, members of Team B raised objections, claiming that this round was unfair.
Everyone was puzzled, and He Ming asked, “How is it unfair?”
Su Family’s little cousin pointed at Jiang Ziyu and said, “Cousin doesn’t feel well. She won’t play this round. This way, our Team B will be short of one person, isn’t that unfair?”
Upon hearing this, everyone turned their attention to Jiang Ziyu. She lowered her head slightly, looking nervous and uneasy, indeed appearing a bit unwell. He Ming hesitated and said, “This…”
At that moment, a voice suggested calmly, “How about this? Let’s divide the members of Team B equally, and the one extra person can be considered a wild card. They can choose to align with Team A or Team B. This way, it will be fair. What do you all think?”
The speaker was Su Qingshang, and everyone agreed without objection. The question then arose, who would be this wild card?
Su Qingshang looked at Li Zhizhi and said softly, “I think Miss Li is quite suitable.”
The eldest and youngest Su sisters exchanged a glance and smiled. Both agreed, “Let Miss Li be the wild card.”
He Ming hesitated, looking at Pei Yanchuan, who hurriedly signaled him to come up with a solution.
Pei Yanchuan, with a profound understanding, immediately spoke, “I think it’s not appropriate.”
At the same time, another voice chimed in, “I also find it inappropriate.”
Surprisingly, it was Xiao Yan. He looked at Su Qingshang with a half-smile, speaking leisurely, “The first group was already at a disadvantage. If Lord Su wants to take away another person, wouldn’t it seem like taking advantage of the situation?”
“Your Highness, your words are a bit too harsh,” Su Qingshang responded calmly, neither humble nor arrogant. He spoke softly, “I just seek fairness; it shouldn’t be considered excessive.”
Xiao Yan lightly tapped the armrest with his fingertips, his phoenix-like eyes narrowing slightly as he focused on Su Qingshang. He chuckled, “If you’re just seeking fairness, why insist on taking Li Zhizhi?”
For some reason, in just a few sentences, the atmosphere became tense. Perceptive individuals even sensed a hint of danger, but Su Qingshang seemed oblivious, calmly replying, “Firstly, I share a good rapport with Miss Li. Secondly, Miss Li is well-acquainted with everyone in the first group, including Master Li, your sister, Seventh Princess, and Your Highness. Among acquaintances, there is an unspoken understanding. If she continues to stay in the first group, it will be disadvantageous for the second group.”
Catching his breath, Pei Yanchuan couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise, “This is just a game; Lord Su is being too meticulous.”
Su Qingshang, maintaining his indifferent expression, showed no signs of backing down. He replied calmly, “Even if it’s a game, it should be taken seriously.”
The air fell silent, and every word became audible. Everyone held their breath, watching this seemingly calm conversation. It wasn’t exactly an argument, as each person had their reasons, but it seemed the discussion was becoming a bit intense.
The distant sound of water echoed faintly, and no one dared to break the silence. After a moment, Xiao Yan suddenly laughed, breaking the peculiar stillness. He looked at Su Qingshang, finding it amusing, and said, “So, do you get to decide who you want, and I must comply? You seem quite confident.”
“In that case, Your Highness, are you unwilling to continue?” Su Qingshang inquired.
Xiao Yan gently rubbed the purple sandalwood beads on his wrist, raised an eyebrow, and sneered, “I have never said such things before. If you want fairness, I can reluctantly take a step back. You can choose anyone from Team A, except for Li Zhizhi.”
He didn’t actually get angry at first. It’s just that Su Qingshang was a bit arrogant, explicitly naming Li Zhizhi. The plan was too obvious. If Team A lost Li Zhizhi, they would be left with Xiao Rule, who couldn’t disguise, and Li Xingzhi and Su Tangyu, one being Li Zhizhi’s brother and the other being Su Qingshang’s sister. They knew everything inside out. If there was any problem, they could easily see through it at a glance. Xiao Yan didn’t grow up at a disadvantage.
No one expected that a simple game of hide-and-seek would become so tense. They all looked at each other. Su Jia’s eldest sister’s heart was raised high. She frowned, worriedly glanced at her younger brother, then looked at the Crown Prince, and finally stood up with a smile to mediate, “Since that’s the case, in my humble opinion, it’s better to reorganize the groups.”
The host, He Ming, also breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Yes, yes, I also think so.”
The others echoed in agreement. Only Li Zhizhi, who was holding a teacup, looked around with a puzzled expression, “Forgive me for being nosy, what exactly are you arguing about? With one person less, there are still several people watching. Why not invite someone else to join?”
The air fell silent for a moment. Several students from the Imperial College stepped back in unison, all politely refusing, “No, no, I’m really not good at playing hide-and-seek.”
“My body is not feeling well…”
There was even someone who straightforwardly said, “I’ve been stuttering since I was a child. I’m afraid I can’t do it. Just watching is fine, just watching is fine.”
Li Zhizhi:…
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