Novel Name : After Rebirth, the True Eldest Daughter Starts Brewing Green Tea


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Having returned to the Grand Princess’s residence, the Grand princess ordered someone to take the deer to the kitchen for processing. She specially divided the best part of the deer meat and sent it to the imperial palace as a tribute to Emperor Jingming.
Xiao Rulei had been unable to forget the grilled deer meat that the Grand princess had mentioned before. She lingered in the Grand Princess’s residence and refused to leave, even when Xiao Yan personally came. Fortunately, it was early summer, and the weather was not too hot. The Grand Princess ordered the kitchen to prepare the ingredients for grilled deer meat. In the backyard of the Grand Princess’s residence, there was a pergola covered with wisteria. At this time, it was the blooming season, with flowers cascading like waterfalls, and lush green branches. The maids carefully hung many glass lanterns on the pergola, creating a faint warm glow that illuminated the tables and chairs below. Next to it, a red clay stove was placed with a pot of boiling water emitting a gentle steam.
The Grand Princess and Li Zhizhi sat side by side, while on the other side were Xiao Rulei and Xiao Yan. The four of them were in perfect harmony. A maid brought a plate of cherries and said with a light smile, “These were just sent from the palace this morning, the first batch of cherries this year. They’ve been chilled for half a day. Masters, please try them.”
Xiao Rulei picked up a few and put them in Li Zhizhi’s bowl. She also gave one to the Grand Princess and Xiao Yan. The Grand Princess raised her eyebrows slightly and teased, “Why does Zhizhi get the most?”
Xiao Rulei answered seriously, “Sister’s foot is injured; she needs to eat more to recover faster.”
Upon hearing this, the Grand Princess couldn’t help but chuckle and praised, “Our A’yang is becoming more and more sensible.”
In addition to cherries, there was also chilled mixed fruit wine. The wine was not too strong, with a sweet and slightly sour taste. Li Zhizhi liked it very much. With the grilled deer meat, she unknowingly had a few more drinks and began to feel a bit tipsy. Her words became more abundant, and she kept laughing with a crescent-shaped smile, resembling the new moon on the horizon.
Grand Princess Chang noticed it and exclaimed, “Oh my, how did you turn into a tipsy cat?”
Due to the strong wind at night, she worried that Li Zhizhi might catch a cold. So, she ordered a maid to fetch a thin cloak and draped it over her. The fabric of royal quality accentuated her skin, making it even more snow-like. Her cheeks had a faint blush, as if touched by rouge, featuring willowy eyebrows, starry eyes, apricot-like cheeks, and a face that belonged in a painting.
Compared to fruit wine, Xiao Yan preferred strong liquor. However, the alcohol today seemed too intense. As he looked at the girl nestled in the armchair, he felt a bit dizzy. After eating and drinking to her heart’s content, Li Zhizhi didn’t want to move. Even when she was drunk, she remained quiet, like a lazy cat, half-opening her eyes with a bewildered and innocent expression, her gaze misty and filled with a hint of naivety.
This Li Zhizhi reminded Xiao Yan of Ah Miao. If Ah Miao were here, he would probably scoop it up, cradle it in his arms, stroke and knead its soft and springy little paws, then bury his face in its fluffy fur.
Ah Miao was always in a good mood after eating and drinking, never using its claws to push him away. Li Zhizhi seemed just as well-behaved…
She lightly closed her eyes, her long and delicate eyelashes spread out like a small fan in the candlelight, casting honey-colored shadows. Slightly upturned nose, lips like flower petals, a delicate pink hue, slightly parted and glistening with moisture, reminiscent of peach blossoms after a spring rain—tender and adorable, making one wonder what peach blossoms taste like.
At that moment, something lightly brushed against the back of his hand. Xiao Yan withdrew his gaze and, upon closer inspection, found it to be a petal of light purple wisteria, probably blown down by the night breeze.
Almost absentmindedly, he picked up the petal and put it in his mouth, gently tasting it. The petal had a soft and delicate texture, with a faint cold fragrance that wasn’t overpowering. As he swallowed the cold fragrance, something hot surged in his heart, spreading to his limbs and even his gaze seemed to be tinged with warmth.
Xiao Yan looked in the direction of Li Zhizhi. The young girl, oblivious, continued to lean back in her chair, taking a nap. Her eyes were completely closed, appearing soundly asleep, oblivious to the world around her, let alone the desire so close at hand.

After finishing the roasted deer meat and having had enough to drink, Xiao Rulei began to feel drowsy. She kept rubbing her eyes and clamored that she wanted to sleep.
Xiao Yan said, “Let’s go back to the mansion.”
“I’m not going back,” Xiao Rulei began to act spoiled again, muttering, “I want to sleep here at Aunt’s place, sharing a bed with Sister Zhizhi.”
Xiao Yan’s face darkened slightly as he sternly said, “Xiao Rulei, don’t be too presumptuous.”
Xiao Rulei, emboldened, pouted and ignored him, running over to Li Zhizhi. In a soft voice near her ear, she said, “Sister, would it be good if A’yang sleeps with you?”
Li Zhizhi seemed startled as her long lashes trembled slightly, resembling butterflies disturbed from rest. Slowly, she opened her eyes, revealing a pair of clear and pristine pupils. In that moment, like ripples on autumn water and the swaying of greenery on a spring mountain, it was soul-stirring.
She looked somewhat confused, as if she hadn’t heard Xiao Rulei clearly. Xiao Rulei repeated herself, raising her voice, “Sister, A’yang wants to sleep with you! Is that okay?”
Xiao Yan furrowed his brows and gently scolded his sister, “You’ve disturbed her.”
Xiao Rulei realized this and quickly covered her mouth with her hand, blinking anxiously. She whispered, “Sister, did you hear that?”
Li Zhizhi suddenly smiled and replied in a low voice, “I heard it.”
Xiao Rulei hugged her arm and acted coquettishly, “Is it okay?”
Li Zhizhi obediently said, “Okay.”
At this moment, her temper was indeed very good, just like Ah Miao, easily swayed.
At that moment, the Crown Prince, who had taken everything in, finally admitted that he was jealous, jealous of his own sister.
It was ridiculous!
Xiao Yan took a deep breath. He began to suspect if he had drunk too much tonight, causing him to be a bit unclear and irrational. Perhaps he should go back, go to the small Buddha hall, sit down, and calm his mind.
Xiao Yan was about to get up to bid farewell to the Grand Princess, but he happened to hear her speak, saying, “It’s quite late today, and you’ve also had some drinks. Why not stay at my mansion for the night?”
The words of farewell almost came out but were swallowed back. Xiao Yan responded, “Sure, I’ll trouble Auntie then.”
To make it sound more natural, his voice even carried a hint of drunkenness.
Xiao Yan mocked himself inwardly, ‘I never knew I had such a talent for self-learning.’
After a small feast, the maidservants served the few of them, and since Li Zhizhi’s leg was still not well, a sedan chair was brought for her to sit in. The night wind blew against her face, causing her cloak to flutter slightly. Nestled there, she appeared petite, resembling a precious little cat.
Xiao Yan had stayed overnight in the Grand Princess’s mansion before, so he was familiar with the surroundings. After being attended to by the servants, they gradually withdrew, leaving only a dimly lit room with a single candle that illuminated only a small area.
As Xiao Yan lay down, his hand touched a soft and warm object within the quilt. Intrigued, he called out, “Ah Miao?”
Ah Miao used to be very affectionate, enjoying crawling under the covers. Xiao Yan reached out and try to lift it out, but the touch was smooth and tender, like the soft skin. Startled, he quickly uncovered the quilt, only to find a young girl lying inside. Delicate and petite, with skin like jade, her black hair scattered around her. She looked up, her eyes clear and innocent, like fresh snow.
She seemed to be examining him, then she smiled, raising her eyebrows and calling out, “Prince.”
The girl, like a cat, nestled in his arms, just as docile and obedient as before. If he were to squeeze her delicate hand or kiss her soft petal-like lips, she wouldn’t refuse…

When Xiao Yan woke up, the sky was already bright. He stared at the tent ceiling expressionlessly for a long time, then closed his eyes tiredly and silently recited a sutra.
It must be because of the deer meat I had last night, and the wine was too strong, or perhaps…
Anyway, it’s just a dream.
While Xiao Yan was reciting scriptures, the door was knocked. A maid spoke softly, “Your Highness, someone from the palace has brought an imperial decree. The Grand Princess invites you to the Flower Hall for a discussion.”
There was no sound in the room. The maid, gathering courage, knocked a few more times. Soon after, the door opened, and the Crown Prince appeared with a stern face, saying coldly, “What is it?”
His tone carried a chill, mixed with annoyance. The maid, frightened, swallowed nervously and stuttered, “The Emperor has issued an edict, summoning the young lady to the palace for an audience. The Grand Princess requests your presence.”
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