Novel Name : After Rebirth, the True Eldest Daughter Starts Brewing Green Tea


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Two days later, the palace finally sent someone to the Grand Princess’s residence to announce the decree. Li Zhizhi was officially appointed with the title Princess Zhao Hua. Although she had known about it in advance, it wasn’t until she received the imperial decree that Li Zhizhi felt a sense of reality.
She had become a Princess, something she had never dared to imagine.
Within half a day, the news spread, and people came to the Grand Princess’s residence to congratulate and bring gifts. The place was bustling with activity, and even the palace’s Concubine Rong sent gifts.
The atmosphere in the Grand Princess’s residence was festive, and the Grand Princess had already made arrangements for a grand banquet. Invitations were sent out widely, even reaching the Li family.
When Madam Li was receiving the invitations, Li Cen happened to see it. He immediately erupted in anger, saying, “Is it not embarrassing enough? You still want to go there to congratulate her?”
Madam Li hurriedly explained, “After all, this is sent by the Grand Princess…”
Li Cen snatched the invitation, burned it with a candlestick, and threw the ashes on the ground, cursing, “What if it’s from the Grand Princess? Even if it’s an invitation from the Almighty, you are not allowed to go! Let her be a Princess, and there will be no connection between her and our Li family in the future!”
Finally, he scolded Li Zhizhi harshly. Li Suwan watched from the side, timidly pulling Madam Li’s sleeve, saying, “Mother, considering how angry father is, maybe it’s better not to go?”
The invitation had already been burned, and Madam Li could only sigh, saying, “Alright, let it be.”
Since the last quarrel between Li Zhizhi and Li Cen when she returned home, he had vowed to sever ties with her, treating her as if she were not his daughter. He had also warned Madam Li not to engage in useless efforts to avoid embarrassment.
The couple had a heated argument, one exploding in anger while the other harboring regrets. On the side, Li Suwan looked at the half-burned invitations on the ground, secretly feeling a sense of joy.

In the blink of an eye, the day of the Grand Princess’s mansion banquet arrived. The noblewomen who received the invitations hurriedly came, bringing their children to congratulate the Grand Princess and Li Zhizhi. The mansion was filled with guests, creating a lively and joyous atmosphere.
Among them was the Marchioness of Jianchang, accompanied by her youngest son, Pei Yanchuan. For this opportunity, Pei Yanchuan had spent three full days honing his skills in the martial arts arena, his skin almost peeling off. Diligent and earnest, he dared not slack off, fearing the Marchioness’s displeasure and her decision not to bring him to the Grand Princess’s mansion.
While the Marchioness and the Grand Princess exchanged pleasantries, Pei Yanchuan looked around, attempting to find the elusive figure that haunted his dreams. Seeing this, the Marchioness, with a smile on her face, pinched him discreetly, causing him to gasp in pain, almost shouting out.
Taking advantage of the Grand Princess and the other noblewomen chatting, the Marchioness turned to her son, lowering her voice to admonish him, “Be careful, don’t stick your neck out like a goose, looking around everywhere. It’s embarrassing.”
Pei Yanchuan indeed became much more obedient. Just then, someone exclaimed, “Princess Sheng has also arrived.”
Many heads turned towards the entrance of the flower hall, where a woman was being assisted inside. She appeared quite aged, with a tired and pale complexion, wrinkles forming at the corners of her eyes. Particularly striking was her hair, which had turned partly gray.
Someone murmured in surprise, “Why does she look like this…”
Despite being younger than Grand Princess Yong Ning, the Princess of Sheng appeared much older. The entire hall fell silent, and no one spoke. Xiao Man, supporting her, approached Grand Princess Yong Ning and respectfully bowed, “Auntie.”
Grand Princess Yong Ning regained consciousness and immediately helped her up, smiling, “Why has the Princess come? Quickly, please have a seat.”
Princess Sheng smiled and said, “There is joy in the Grand Princess’s residence, so I came to congratulate and take advantage of the opportunity to share in the happiness.”
Since the departure of King Sheng, Queen Sheng had been living in seclusion in the royal residence, rarely appearing in public. Many of the people present did not even recognize her, and they cast curious glances, albeit without malice. Sensing the discomfort, Grand Princess Yong Ning, being perceptive, instructed someone to lead Queen Sheng to a more private area.
Seizing the opportunity, the Marchioness of Jianchang said to Pei Yanchuan, “Go and enjoy yourself, but remember that this is someone else’s residence. Don’t misbehave. If I find out you’ve been climbing walls and trees again, you’ll face consequences.”
Pei Yanchuan readily agreed. Seeing his distracted demeanor, the Marchioness sighed, “Go then.”
As soon as she finished speaking, Pei Yanchuan slipped out of the flower hall. Having never been to the Grand Princess’s residence, he felt a bit awkward. Spotting a maid passing by, he quickly stopped her and asked with a smile, “Excuse me, sister, do you know where Miss Li is now?”
The maid, charmed by his handsome appearance, blushed slightly and pointed in a direction, “Our young lady is in the garden, chatting with Miss Su from the Su family.”
Pei Yanchuan felt a surge of joy and thanked her before hurrying towards the garden.
When he arrived, he saw Li Zhizhi and Su Tangyu sitting under a wisteria pergola, chatting and laughing. Pei Yanchuan stopped in his tracks, collected himself, and then slowly walked over.
After a few steps, Li Zhizhi noticed him and, with a surprised smile, said, “Mr. Pei is here too?”
Speaking, he stood up. The morning sunlight fell on the girl’s face, making her look radiant and beautiful. After not seeing each other for a few days, Pei Yanchuan felt that she looked even more attractive, almost unable to look directly at her. He said somewhat awkwardly, “I… I followed my mother here to congratulate you.”
Su Tangyu laughed and teased, “Oh, if it’s a congratulation, why is Master Pei empty-handed?”
Pei Yanchuan was stunned for a moment and hurriedly said, “I’ve prepared a gift for you.”
Saying that, he began to search in his sleeves. After searching for a while, he suddenly remembered something and regretted, “Oops, I left the things at home.”
The young man looked disappointed and said, “I’ll go back and get them for you.”
After speaking, he turned around and was about to leave. Li Zhizhi quickly called out, “Forget it, Master Pei, it’s okay. Tangyu was just joking with you. Don’t take it to heart.”
But in just a moment, Pei Yanchuan had already run about thirty feet away. He turned around, waved, and shouted, “Wait for me, I’ll be back soon!”
With these words, he disappeared behind the flowers and trees. Su Tangyu couldn’t help but burst into laughter and said to Li Zhizhi, “This Master Pei is really interesting. Every time we see him, there’s always something unexpected, either this or that.”
Li Zhizhi also couldn’t help but smile. Su Qingshang smiled slightly and said, “Although he looks young, his temperament is a bit lively. It’s human nature.”
At this, Su Tangyu’s eyes twinkled, and she asked Li Zhizhi with a playful smile, “So, does our Zhizhi prefer someone lively and playful or someone elegant and steady?”
Li Zhizhi froze for a moment, looking at her friend’s teasing expression. She immediately understood the implied meaning in her words and didn’t fall for it. She simply smiled and asked in return, “I think both have their own merits. Which one does Tangyu prefer?”
Su Tangyu rolled her eyes, wanting to say something, but a maid approached and said to Li Zhizhi, “Miss, the mistress is requesting your presence. Princess Ning and Princess Sheng are here.”
Upon hearing this, Li Zhizhi quickly stood up, glanced at Su Tangyu, who waved her hand casually, and said with a smile, “What’s the need for formalities between us? Go ahead.”
Li Zhizhi instructed, “If there’s anything you need, just let the servants know.”
She looked at Su Qingshang and said, “Second Young Master Su, I’ll take my leave.”
Su Qingshang nodded slightly and said, “No problem, Miss Li, please.”
Following the maid, Li Zhizhi walked towards the front courtyard, crossing the long corridor. She remembered something and asked, “Only Princess Ning has come?”
The maid replied, “Princess Sheng has also come.”
“No,” Li Zhizhi pursed her lips slightly, a hint of coldness in her eyes, “What I mean is, did Princess Ning come alone? Where is Prince Ning’s heir?”
The maid quickly said, “Yes, Princess Ning came with Prince Ning’s heir.”
Li Zhizhi’s steps abruptly stopped. The maid, seeing her not moving, asked in confusion, “Miss, what’s wrong?”
Li Zhizhi said, “No, it’s just… Is Princess Ning the only one who came alone? What about Prince Ning?”
The maid explained, “Yes, Princess Ning came with Prince Ning’s heir.”
Li Zhizhi’s steps suddenly stopped. When the maid saw that she was not leaving, she asked doubtfully: “Miss, what’s wrong?”
Li Zhizhi only came back to her senses then, softly acknowledging with a sound. She suppressed the surging emotions within her and gave a faint smile, saying, “Let’s go.”
Qingya Pavilion was a place in the princess’s residence specifically used to entertain esteemed guests. It was elegantly decorated, with corridors adorned with flowers and plants in full bloom. A gentle breeze rustled through the bamboo, casting graceful shadows on the stone steps.
Following the maid through the bamboo shadows, Li Zhizhi entered the main hall. As she approached the entrance, she could hear voices from inside – one was the voice of the Grand Princess, and the other two were unfamiliar. Occasionally, a girl’s voice, filled with a hint of laughter, mingled in, creating a harmonious atmosphere.
The maid entered and reported, “Your Highness, Miss has arrived.”
The Grand Princess expressed her joy, “Quickly, let her in.”
The maids raised the curtain, and Li Zhizhi slightly lowered her head. She took a deep breath, ensuring that she appeared unaffected, before stepping inside.
In the hall, several people were seated. Aside from the Grand Princess at the head, a woman with a somewhat pale and tired appearance occupied the left-hand position. She seemed to be of some age, with white streaks in her hair. Next to her was Xiao Man, who, unlike her usual flamboyance, wore a simple dress today, adorned with only a jade hairpin, appearing more subdued than usual.
On the right-hand side of the Grand Princess, a beautiful woman was seated. Her attire and appearance exuded luxury and nobility, making her stand out. She wore a subtle smile, and beside her sat a young man, approximately seventeen or eighteen years old. His features were handsome, with a sharp nose and slightly lowered eyebrows, giving him a somewhat gloomy appearance.
Li Zhizhi recognized him. Even if she were turned into ashes, she would remember this person – the Crown Prince of Prince Ning. It was he who casually waved his hand back then, leading to Li Zhizhi being thrown into the icy waters, losing her life.
The hands within her sleeves tightened gradually. Li Zhizhi lowered her gaze slightly, concealing the resentment in her eyes so that no one could perceive it.
“Zhizhi,” the Grand Princess smiled and beckoned to her, “come over here quickly.”
Li Zhizhi walked over slowly and stood by her side. The Grand Princess affectionately held her hand and introduced, “This is Queen Consort of Sheng, and this is her daughter Xiao Man whom you know.”
Li Zhizhi bowed to Queen Consort of Sheng, and the Grand Princess continued to introduce the other two individuals, saying, “This is the Queen Consort of Ning and the Crown Prince of Ning.”
Li Zhizhi kept her eyes lowered, and her eyelashes fluttered, covering the coldness in her eyes. A faint smile appeared on her lips as she obediently bowed.
“Greetings to Queen Consort and Your Highness.”
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