Novel Name : After Rebirth, the True Eldest Daughter Starts Brewing Green Tea


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Shanshui Hall.
After the class, Mr. Zhou left, and the students began to talk among themselves. The atmosphere in the hall became lively, but unlike before, several girls surrounded Li Suwan and Xiao Man, chatting and laughing together.
Since the last confrontation between Xiao Man and Zhao Shan’er, the two have been at odds. Zhao Shan’er moved her desk to the other side and no longer sat with them. The trio that used to be close friends has now disbanded.
Su Tang sighed and said, “Who would have thought that they were so close before, and now they are like enemies, glaring at each other when they meet.”
Li Zhizhi said in a casual tone, “This is like the Dragon King Temple collapsing in the face of a great flood. Things have changed.”
She then took out a fan bag and handed it to Su Tangyu, saying, “Last time, the Second Young Master gave me a painting. This is my return gift. Please pass it on to him.”
Su Tangyu hesitated and replied with a sly smile, “If it’s a return gift, you should give it to him in person to show sincerity.”
Li Zhizhi playfully threatened, “Don’t forget about your brother from the Song family. In the future, we’ll be one family. If you don’t help me now, don’t expect me to help you later.”
Su Tangyu blushed immediately and hastily took the bag, saying, “Alright, alright, you talk too much.”
She examined the bag, which had a simple style with only a small mountain sparrow embroidered on it. The sparrow held a pen in its beak, tilting its head to look over with shiny black eyes, vivid and lifelike.
Su Tangyu chuckled and said, “Is this embroidered image my second brother? It’s quite adorable.”
She put away the fan pouch and said, “Don’t worry, I will definitely convey your intentions.”
Li Zhizhi was speechless, “It’s just a return gift…”
“Alright, alright,” Su Tangyu chuckled, “No need to explain, I understand.”
As she wiped, Li Zhizhi closed her mouth and thought of something else. Suddenly, she asked, “By the way, are you and Cousin Song childhood sweethearts?”
Seeing the topic shift to herself, Sutangyu blushed slightly and said, “Yes, we live just across the street, neighbors. We grew up together.”
She seemed to really like Song Lingyun. Li Zhizhi probed a few sentences, and Su Tangyu spilled the beans about their relationship. In her eyes, Song Lingyun was considerate and responsible, flawless in every aspect. It seemed she had made up her mind about him.
This made Li Zhizhi somewhat troubled. She felt even more determined to cut through the chaos and let Su Tangyu see the true face of Song Lingyun, the scumbag. But how exactly should she do it?
Li Zhizhi’s gaze involuntarily fell not far away. Li Suwan was talking with Xiaoman, looking very happy. Several other girls around them were also joining in.
“Oh,” Su Tangyu approached and said, “I heard that Princess Yongning is going to arrange the hairpin for Li Suwan at night. Is that true?”
Li Zhizhi raised her eyebrows slightly, “Who did you hear that from?”
Su Tangyu thought she didn’t know, surprised, said, “Many people in the school are spreading the news. I heard that it was said by Li Suwan herself. Otherwise, how do you think so many people are talking to her lately?”
As she spoke, she nodded in the direction of Li Suwan and whispered, “Last time, those people didn’t say good things. Now they are eagerly sticking to her, really changing their tune with the wind.”
Li Zhizhi saw Wang Lingyue, who had originally written the three words “flower thief,” also by Li Suwan’s side, talking and laughing as if nothing had happened.
She suddenly laughed and asked Su Tangyu, “Do you want to come and watch the ceremony on the day of the hairpin?”
Su Tangyu was surprised, “Let me go?”
“Yes,” Li Zhizhi slightly squinted her eyes, with a pleasant smile, and said in a light and cheerful tone, “Invite you to watch a good show.”

As the coming-of-age day approached, Li Suwan’s mood became even better. Even when she came to Shuyue Pavilion to do chores, she didn’t show any displeasure to Li Zhizhi.
Li Zhizhi watched her walk with a triumphant look, even humming a little tune. She found it amusing but didn’t tease her. On this day, Song Lingyun came to the Li residence as a guest with Madam Song. When no one was around, he stopped Li Zhizhi, took out a brocade box, and handed it to her with a smile, “Cousin Zhizhi, I forgot to bring you a gift last time. We agreed to make up for it this time. Do you like it?”
He actually remembered the words they exchanged at the Su family’s estate. Li Zhizhi was quite surprised. When she opened the brocade box, inside was indeed a silver hairpin, exactly the same as the one Jiang Ziyu had. She thought to herself, could it be that he bought seven or eight identical hairpins and gives them to anyone he meets?
At this point, Li Zhizhi suddenly smiled. She put away the brocade box and sweetly said to Song Lingyun, “Cousin, you’ve been so generous. I really like it. Thank you.”
Song Lingyun couldn’t help but smile too, “As long as cousin likes it.”
Li Zhizhi took the brocade box back to Shuyue Pavilion and deliberately placed it in the most conspicuous place. Later in the night, Li Suwan came over and immediately noticed the brocade box, asking, “Someone gave you something?”
Li Zhizhi rested her chin on her hand and smiled, “Didn’t you see it at that time? It was a gift from Cousin Song.”
Li Suwan choked for a moment. She did see it at that time and witnessed Li Zhizhi smiling and fluttering with charm towards Song Lingyun, giving her goosebumps all over her body.
Just as she was still guessing, Li Zhizhi picked up the brocade box again, opened it in front of her, and Li Suwan saw a plain silver hairpin inside. She couldn’t help but sarcastically say, “I thought it was something good, but it’s just a hairpin. Is it worth being so happy? Your taste is really shallow.”
“Do you know anything?” Li Zhizhi glared at her, saying, “The gift is light, but the sentiment is heavy. This is clearly Cousin Song’s intention.”
Li Suwan almost spat out her words. Intention? She wouldn’t think that Cousin Song was interested in her, right?
Li Zhizhi put the hairpin on her hair and compared it, looking pleased with herself. She happily said, “It’s so beautiful. Well, compared to the hairpin, I still think the jade pendant suits me better. A matching heart pendant would be the best.”
Upon hearing this, Li Suwan rolled her eyes and sarcastically commented, “You still want a matching heart pendant?”
“Of course,” Li Zhizhi put the hairpin back in the brocade box, smiling, “You look down on my hairpin, but Cousin Song didn’t even give you this. What are you proud of?”
At her words, Li Suwan rolled her eyes again and sneered, “You want a matching heart pendant too?”
Li Suwan’s face immediately sank, but Li Zhizhi seemed oblivious and deliberately said, “Someone like you naturally wouldn’t understand how good Cousin Song is. There’s no point in talking to you.”
With that, she even rolled her eyes like Li Suwan, picked up the brocade box, placed it on the highest shelf of the display, as if she wanted to worship it. Li Suwan looked on gloomily and walked away without saying a word.
From that day on, whenever Song Lingyun visited the Li residence, Li Suwan became much more enthusiastic. She always pestered him with questions and chatted with him. The intention behind it was clear, though not explicitly stated. Song Lingyun, being the flirtatious type, naturally welcomed the attention. Their relationship progressed rapidly, advancing by leaps and bounds. Even during meals, they exchanged glances, and their actions were still discreet enough that the Li family members and Madam Song were oblivious. Only Li Zhizhi coldly observed everything, seeing through it all.
The developments mirrored those of a past life, progressing systematically and steadily.
Until the day of May 18th, Li Zhizhi’s coming-of-age ceremony finally arrived.
The night before, a maid from the princess’s residence arrived, bringing the necessary items for the ceremony. Lady Li enthusiastically received her, accommodating the guests in the guest rooms. One maid said, “The Eldest Princess will come tomorrow, and your mansion should be cleaned and prepared to welcome her highness.”
Lady Li readily agreed, “Certainly.”
She promptly arranged for everyone in the household to meticulously clean, almost wishing to re-roof the house to avoid any negligence or disrespect towards the arrival of the esteemed Princess.
The next morning, as they had sent out invitations early, many guests began arriving. Most were wives from various families, bringing their children to witness the ceremony. Li Cen took the day off, and Li Xingzhi didn’t go to the national academy. The Li family, without even having breakfast, gathered at the entrance to welcome the guests. Soon, it became a bustling scene.
Lady Li had sent out invitations to many, including those who had rejected her invitations before. News of the Princess’s hairpin ceremony had brought them all. Among them was the Lady of the Duke of Yiguo.
Lady Li saw her appear and quickly stepped forward, grabbing her hand with a smile and saying, “Isn’t this the Duchess of Yiguo? Oh my, it’s been such a long time. How have you been, madam?”
The Duchess of Yiguo looked a bit awkward, but still smiled and replied, “Thank you for your concern, Lady Li. I have been quite busy in the past few days. I heard that your daughter has come of age, so I specially took some time to come and join the celebration. The last time I had to decline your invitation was not my intention, but I encountered some tricky matters. I hope you won’t hold it against me.”
“How could that be?” Lady Li laughed heartily, “If it weren’t for your refusal, how could I have invited the Eldest Princess to grace us with her presence?”
The Duchess of Yiguo’s face darkened a bit. She didn’t need to come today and lose face like this, but the person being honored is the Princess of Yongning. In consideration of not offending the eldest princess, she could only grit her teeth and come. Well, it doesn’t matter. She can endure a few sarcastic remarks. There’s plenty of time to deal with this in the future.
Today is a triumphant day for Lady Li. She stood at the entrance, watching those ladies who once snubbed her come over, one by one, trying to get close to her. Just like the Duchess of Yiguo, they had awkward expressions, but they had to put on a good front. Lady Lai felt delighted and maintained an air of grace and composure. Occasionally, she would even throw a few sarcastic remarks at them, enjoying their uncomfortable expressions.
Who would have thought? Thirty years in the east of the river, thirty years in the west of the river. You also have today.
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