Novel Name : Always There: Win My Ex-wife Back

Chapter 19: He Was So Enchanting

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When Michelle stalked into the dining room, she saw Edith and Gerard smiling at her.

A subtle blush painted her cheeks.

Gerard raked his eyes across Michelle from head to toe.

The light yellow slip dress clung to her body in the right places.

Her long hair was tied into a loose bun.

She looked young and charming.

"Good morning, Michelle.Did you sleep well last night?"

Edith asked, flashing a knowing smile.

She was desperate to play with her great-grandchild.

Michelle's cheeks turned red as memories of the previous night flooded her mind.

"Yes, Grandma!"

Edith was pleased to see the shyness in Michelle's eyes.

She looked at her grandson and cast an appreciative smile, hinting that he had done a good job.

She just prayed that Michelle would get pregnant soon.

Gerard's heart fluttered at the sight of Michelle's flushed face.

He hadn't witnessed the shy side to her before.

She had blushed when he held her in his arms last night.

Her cheeks looked like ripe apples that he wanted to bite.

"Gerard, you better drive Michelle to work after breakfast.The hospital is too far from here."

Edith knew that her grandson was too busy with work and seldom spent time with Michelle.

Poor Edith tried her best to improve their relationship, oblivious to the fact that they were divorced.

"No, that's all right.I can go on my own," Michelle countered.

"I can drive you.Pack your things after breakfast.I will wait for you in the car,"

Gerard rebutted, leaving no chance for Michelle to refuse.

"Okay.I'll be right back."

Edith was beaming with joy, and she didn't have the heart to upset her.

Michelle's stomach sank and she instantly lost her appetite.

She excused herself; ascended to her room.

"Gerard, it's good to see that you guys respect each other,"

Edith spoke as soon as Michelle was out of their sight.

"But you can't remain in your bubbles.It's been more than a year since you guys got married.How is
your relationship with your wife?"

"Grandma, we are good.Don't worry."

When Gerard married Michelle, he only thought about what Greenwoods would bring him and forgot to
think about what might happen to his grandmother if he got divorced in the future.

Edith had gotten closer to Michelle over time.

She considered Michelle as her own granddaughter.

Michelle returned with a bag in hand and kissed Edith's cheek.

"Grandma, I'm going to work.Please take care of yourself.I'll come back and see you whenever I have

The smile on Edith's face widened.

"Okay.I know that work is important and you are still young.But I don't want you to ignore your health."

"Got it!"

They bade goodbye to Edith and drove out of the mansion.

Gerard drove in silence as Michelle had fallen asleep on the way.

He answered his phone calls one after the other, keeping his voice low to not wake her up.

However, Michelle woke up when the car stopped at the gate of the hospital.

She wanted to ask Gerard to stop the car away from the hospital, but he was busy answering the
phone calls.

As soon as Michelle got off the car, she saw a man getting out of his car, which was parked beside

"Good morning, Michelle.Shall we have breakfast together?" George asked, smiling.

The dimples in his cheeks seemed to sink deeper as his grin broadened.

Michelle continued to stare at him, admiring his handsome face.


Gerard called.

Michelle returned to her senses and saw Gerard beside her with a bag in his hand.

"You are getting forgetful.Don't you need your bag?"

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