Novel Name : Always There: Win My Ex-wife Back

Chapter 35: A Call From Rose

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Michelle's cell phone rang with a call from Rose.She wasn't expecting her to make contact so soon.

"Hello,"she answered in a calm voice.

She knew that Rose wouldn't try to reach her unless she had something important to tell her.

"Chelle, your grandfather is back,"Rose said and then quietly waited for a response from her niece.

She knew that the old man was stubborn.

After Michelle's mother, Belinda Mills, made up her mind to elope with her father, Ayaan, Michelle's
grandmother had a heart attack and had been recovering in Switzerland for all these years.

One time, the girl went to visit her grandfather abroad, but the old man didn't want to see her.

It seemed that he hated Belinda to the point of rejecting her child.

At the sound of her words, Michelle's heart sank.

It had been ten years since she flew to Switzerland to see her grandfather.

At the time, she was too young to understand the resentment between the adults, but she realized that
the old man didn't like her.

She just couldn't grasp why Aunt Rose would call to tell her that he was back.

"What's the matter, Aunt Rose?"

There must be a reason for the woman to call her.

Rose thought about it for a moment before she finally said, "Well, Chelle, your grandparents are getting
old.It's been twenty years.They must have figured out that you can't be held responsible for Belinda's

choices.Besides, you're my sister's only child, and you belong to our family.We're hoping that you can
join us sometime."

Rose waited a long time but didn't get any reply from Michelle.

With a sigh, she hung up the phone and wondered whether her parents still hated Belinda.

It was said that where there was hatred, there was love.

Presumably, her parents must still love her sister.

If Belinda hadn't done things her own way, maybe all would be different now.

Either way, both Michelle and the Mills family had already suffered a lot.

Michelle didn't notice when Rose hung up on her.

In fact, she didn't come to her senses until her legs were sore from standing in the same position for so

Since Belinda's funeral over ten years ago, she had never seen or spoken to her grandparents
again.She would only get occasional news about them from Rose.Her grandfather came from a family
of scholars, and her grandmother also belonged to an eminent clan.

All of their children were obedient and lovely, except for their eldest.

Despite her parents' objection, Belinda insisted on keeping a relationship with Ayaan, who was a
married man.

At the time, Michelle's grandfather was sO angry that he disinherited his daughter and threw her out of
the house.

He also gave orders that no one in the Mills family had any contact with her, or they would suffer from
the same destiny.

Michelle knew that her mother had acted out of love.

However, such a gesture would always be frowned upon by society.

Considering her family's status, what happened was definitely a scandal, something for people to
gossip and laugh about after dinner.

Still, no one could have foreseen the car accident that took the lives of both her parents.

The young Michelle was then brought up by the Greenwoods.

During all those years, she had never met her father's legal wife.

All she knew was that after Ayaan fell in love with Belinda, the woman left the house with her son and
went to live abroad.

They didn't have any news about them for twenty years.

She didn't even show up for the funeral of her mother-in-law.

Ayaan must have really broken her heart.

But who would tolerate sharing her beloved husband with another woman?


George had been standing there for a while, analyzing the slight frown on her face.He thought she
must have found some sort of trouble, so he decided to call her name.He didn't know why, but he didn't

like to see her worried.

Somehow, it dimmed her beauty.

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