Novel Name : Always There: Win My Ex-wife Back

Chapter 34: Her Mother's Last Wish

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The Greenwoods gave Michelle a month to establish a good relationship with Dustin.

If she failed, her mother wouldn't be buried in the family's cemetery.

As she knew that becoming an official member of the Greenwoods was the woman's dying wish, she
had to control herself not to lash out her anger at them.

Although her parents had already passed away, her mother's identity was still a delicate matter.

Since she couldn't be buried in the Greenwoods' cemetery, her grave remained in the Mills family for
the time being.

In hopes of helping her mother rest in peace, Michelle would do whatever she could to fulfill her last

But now, the Greenwoods was beginning to exceed themselves.

First, they asked Michelle to marry Gerard with the promise to bury her mother in their cemetery next to
her father.

Yet after she married the man, they hadn't kept their promise at all.

They said that Clay's sister passed away, so it wasn't good luck to move the grave during this period.

In the end, she hadn't got anywhere with this.

Now that Michelle had divorced Gerard, the Greenwoods asked her to marry Dustin.

However, she still had no guarantees of whether they would keep their promise or not this time.

If they broke it again, Michelle didn't know what else to do.

Sitting in her office, she thought of yesterday's phone call.

Her grandfather had made it clear that as long as she married Dustin and gave birth to a child, the
Greenwoods would bury her mother with her father.

Besides, they would also recognize the woman as part of the family.

In this way, Michelle would no longer live with the burden of being an illegitimate daughter.

This was what she had always wanted.

So why did her heart hurt so much? It was no secret to her that she was just a pawn to that family.

Those people had deceived her again and again.

Perhaps they had no intention to really bury her mother with her father.

After all, his legitimate wife was still alive in the United States.

It made sense that the Greenwoods wouldn't want her mother's identity to go public.

They thought that what she did was shameless, and so did the Mills family.

Confused, Michelle didn't know what to do to fix this situation.

After hesitating for a long time, she dialed Rose's number, but there was no response.

Michelle guessed that maybe because she was abroad, she couldn't pick up immediately.

Therefore, she typed a message, briefly explaining what was going on.

She hoped that Rose could contact her as soon as possible.

"What should I wear to the party on Friday?"

As soon as Michelle sent the message, she looked at Nina sitting next to her.

Since they lacked enough staff, she was transferred to work there.

At least she was a very energetic and outgoing girl, so Michelle thought it would be fun to have her

"Nina, I think you'll look nice in whatever you decide to wear.Seriously, trust me."

All of a sudden, George had pulled out a chair to sit between the two women.

He looked at Nina with a hand on his chin as he told her sternly.

Nina widened her eyes and asked, "Really?"

She couldn't help feeling vain when a handsome man praised her like this.

George nodded seriously.

"Of course.It doesn't matter what you wear, you always look the same.I can see no difference!"

Once he said this, George stood up and turned around, laughing at her.

With a frown, Nina looked at Michelle in confusion.

"Tell me, did he just mock me?"

Holding back her laughter, Michelle shook her head and replied, "Don't think too much about it.He was
complimenting you.I'm sure he meant that you look beautiful all the time!"

The next moment, she stood up and walked out in a hurry.

She wanted to get out of there before Nina figured out the truth.She would certainly be furious.

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