Novel Name : Always There: Win My Ex-wife Back

Chapter 32: See Gerard Again

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The last person Michelle wanted to see in the hospital was George.And here he was.She could not
hide the disdain from her face.

"What's the matter, Michelle? It looks like you don't want to see me,"George said, almost jokingly.

Little did he know he was right.

Leaning down on Michelle's desk, he looked down at her curiously.

He was getting into her personal space, hanging uncomfortably close to her.

Glaring at him, Michelle said in an irritated voice, "George, if you have time, why don't you go study the
pathology reports of your patients? It's a better thing to do at a hospital than flirting with doctors.Maybe
one day your talent will be recognized by our seniors! Then you may get better opportunities and pay
raises! Just imagine, you may even become the vice president of the hospital in the future!"

Michelle really had trouble understanding what went on in the heads of the young interns in the

How could they like George? Were they really so shallow so as to just like him for his looks? So many
female doctors and nurses rushed to be on duty with him! Every time they got a new schedule, her
office was flooded with girls back to back to request her to appoint them with George.

She agreed that George was good-looking.But he was a rather strange fellow.

At times, he would be overly polite with everyone.

And at other times, he'd be completely distant and indifferent.

He was hard to read.

"Ouch! Don't hurt me like this.You're the reason I am here.I want to be on duty with you.You don't know
how difficult it was to get rid of those women!"

With an aggrieved look on his face, George took Michelle's hand in his with an abnormal intensity in his

Michelle pulled her hand from his grip and shot him a look of indignation.

"Save it, George.I'm not like them!"

Every time George got off work, she found female nurses, doctors and sometimes even patients
standing outside his door! They re-did their hair and make-up at the end of a work day just to show him.

If Michelle didn't know better, she'd think they were having a beauty contest!

"I notice there is a touch of bitterness in your tone.Miss Michelle, are you jealous?"

George asked, smirking notoriously.

"Oh, please, don't flatter yourself.Now hurry up and go to the meeting room with the report," said
Michelle, walking out of the room without a second look at the man.

There was a weekly meeting at the hospital.

All the seniors attended this meeting.

If any of the junior staff members got late, they would be in a big trouble.

Instead of doing what he was told, George suspiciously touched his own face.

Feeling his angular face and smooth skin, he wondered, 'Most women find me charming.

Why doesn't she like me? Am I not as handsome as I thought?' Little did Michelle know what was on
this man's mind, nor did she care at all.

She rushed to the conference room and took a seat and heaved a sigh of relief that she wasn't late.

She always felt an invisible pressure in conference rooms like these.

But it may also have been because she was in a bad mood, not to mention the fact that the meeting
was delayed.

They were waiting for some important guests.

After a while, the door behind Michelle was pushed open.She quickly turned around thinking it was the
health officials but she was wrong.

It wasn't until Michelle heard a familiar voice that she realized who it was.It was such a small world!

"Mr.Simon, I'm Gerard from the Roberts Enterprise.Nice to meet you.It is really nice to be here.We look
forward to working closely with your hospital.We can talk about it at length later."

The voice was coming from behind her.

She didn't dare to raise her head.

'Why is Gerard here? Roberts Enterprise is trying to work with my hospital?' she wondered.

Michelle almost forgot that Gerard's company was involved in a wide range of businesses, including
real estate, stocks, educations and medicine.It wasn't too odd that they wanted to collaborate with her

She was just overthinking.

At last, she raised her head and saw Gerard discussing something with the vice president of the

Beside him was Jolie.

Michelle had seen her at the Greenwood's house just a few days ago.

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