Novel Name : Always There: Win My Ex-wife Back

Chapter 49: Grandma's Words

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"Hello, Uncle," Michelle greeted Elliot, but her eyes remained fixed on her grandfather as he sat on the

She couldn't help thinking that he didn't seem to have aged a day since the last time she saw him.

He must be in really good health.

It was no secret to anyone in the room that Michelle was embarrassed and didn't know what to say.

Therefore, Angie hurriedly pulled her granddaughter to sit next to her and David and put their hands

"We've been looking forward to this day for over a decade, right David? Since we're not getting any
younger here, why don't we look to the future and let bygones be bygones? All we want is to make the
most of the years that we still have left."

As she spoke, Angie carefully watched her husband's face.

Seeing that he didn't take his hand away or seemed unhappy, she heaved a sigh of relief and

"Chelle, you must know what happened between us and your mother.Although everything has passed,
this is still a sore point for our family.No one would mention Belinda's name for years, but not because
we didn't love her.Quite the contrary, we loved her so much that we had high expectations of her."

Tears welled up in Angie's eyes once again.

Upon hearing these words, Claire and Elliot also choked with a sob.They both used to share a deep
bond with Belinda.

While Claire had grown up with her and considered her as a sister, Elliot was truly her brother.

It didn't take long for the entire room to burst into tears as they revisited those painful memories

"Mom, stop mentioning the past, please.Look at Chelle, she's crying so sadly.This should be a happy
day! After all, our little princess has come to visit us.Don't cry anymore.Jane, Julie, prepare the dinner,"
Elliot said.

Feeling sorry for his dear niece, he didn't want to see her cry.

However, David, who had been silent this whole time, disagreed.

"No, Elliot. Let your mother finish."

The next moment, David looked at Michelle.

In his eyes, there was a mix of love and remorse.

He knew it was because of the grudge he held against Belinda that his poor and innocent
granddaughter hadn't reunited with him and his wife before.

Moreover, it was also his fault that she had to live among such terrible people who didn't care about
her.If he didn't set things right today, he would never forgive himself.


Misunderstanding David's intentions, Elliot thought the old man hadn't forgiven Belinda and feared that
he would treat Michelle as he did years ago.


Michelle looked up at Elliot and said, "It's okay.Let Grandma finish."

Michelle knew that this was her last opportunity to reconcile with her family.

If they didn't settle their differences this time, she might never be able to see her grandparents again.

So no matter how painful her grandma's words would sound, she had to bear them.

"Oh, Chelle."

Angie couldn't help feeling sorry for Michelle again.Her granddaughter was a thoughtful and tolerant
young woman.

She reminded her so much of her deceased daughter.

"I should've said this to you over ten years ago, but you were too young at the time.You couldn't
possibly understand the feelings and resentment between us adults.However, today, I'll tell you

"When your mother met your father, he was already a married man and had a two-year-old son.His
marriage was naturally arranged only to meet the Greenwoods' interests.Back then, Belinda didn't
allow us to dissuade her from pursuing a relationship with him and devoted herself entirely to that tragic
love affair.David and your paternal grandfather were also rivals in politics, so of course, the two families
never agreed with their relationship."

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