Novel Name : Ambush of the Quadruplets: Stay Away From This Woman

Chapter 1388 Do You Still Love Me?

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“Emma, help Albus with the things,” Kimberly instructed while making her way over, saying warmly,
“Look at Albus, still being polite and bringing so many gifts.”

Emmeline felt a rush of blood to her head, feeling somewhat dizzy. At the same time, she also felt a
stomachache that made it hard for her to stand upright.

“Emma, please make some tea for our guest,” Kimberly cheerfully ordered. “Albus, you can have tea in
the living room while waiting for lunch.”

Emmeline felt like her world was ending.

“He’s the one your mother arranged for you?” Hannah asked with a playful smile. “He looks nice!”

“You can have him all you want,” Emmeline replied coldly, feeling her stomach about to explode from
the pent-up anger.

“Emma, you’re not working today?” Albus approached, smiling awkwardly as he addressed Emmeline.

“I’m on summer break,” Emmeline replied, her face hanging low.

“Oh, right, it’s summer break.”

“Henrick, could you please keep our guest company? Emmeline said to Henrick. “I’ll go help Mom.”

Henrick quickly approached and poured a cup of tea for Albus.

“Emma, Henrick is also a guest. You’re making a mess of things,” Kimberly frowned.

Emmeline didn’t respond and stormed into the study, slamming the door shut.

Soon, the meal was served. Everyone sat down happily at the table, but Emmeline was still in the

Hannah went straight to the study and said, “Stop being dramatic; everyone is waiting for you.”

Emmeline was lying on the desk and didn’t respond.

Hannah pushed her and said, “Come on, go have lunch. Do you hear me?”

Emmeline replied hoarsely, “Hannah, my stomach hurts.”

“Stop pretending.” Hannah thought her sister was trying to avoid Albus.

“I’m serious. It hurts really badly; my intestines and stomach are cramping.”

Hannah turned Emmeline’s face and noticed that she looked sallow, drenched in sweat. Startled, she
asked, “What’s going on? You were fine just a moment ago.”

“I don’t know; it hurts really badly.” Emmeline said through clenched teeth. “I think it’s because I saw

that Albus.”

“It can’t be that bad.”

“It’s true!” Emmeline was starting to struggle with the pain. “It really hurts!”

Just then, Kimberly came in and said, “Emma, come out quickly. This is Albus’ first time coming for


“Mom, can you spare me?” Emmeline frowned.

“He came for you. How can you be so unreasonable?” Kimberly frowned.

“Emma has a stomachache,” Hannah said.

“Yeah, right. She was just fine a moment ago.” Kimberly reached out to grab Emmeline’s arm.

“Mom, it really hurts. It’s killing me!”

“Don’t play games.” Kimberly pulled Emmeline’s hand. “Hurry up; he’s waiting outside. It’s

Emmeline burst into tears.

Henrick came over and, seeing the situation, asked, “What’s going on?”

“Emma said her stomach hurts. She’s probably finding an excuse not to go out for lunch,” Hannah said.
“But what about Albus?”

I’m really in pain,” Emmeline cried while slumping in her chair. “Why won’t any of you believe me?”

“Where does it hurt?” Henrick squatted down, noticing that Emmeline’s face had turned sallow.

“My intestines and stomach are cramping together, and it hurts really badly,” Emmeline said, almost on
the verge of passing out.

“Could it be an acute gastrointestinal spasm?” Henrick exclaimed.

“I think so,” Emmeline said. “Henrick, can you please take me to the hospital?”

Maxwell also came over and, seeing the situation, became worried. He quickly called a taxi.

They arrived at Altney Steel Employee Hospital, where the doctor examined Emmeline and diagnosed
her with acute gastrointestinal spasms. Medication was immediately prescribed, and she received

intravenous injections.

After about fifteen minutes, Emmeline’s abdominal pain eased, and she felt better.

“Dad, you can go back now; I’ll be fine on my own,” Emmeline whispered to Maxwell.

“No rush. I won’t be able to eat either after going home when you’re here,” Maxwell replied.

“Dad, do you guys actually love me?” Emmeline pouted.

“Why would you say that, you silly child?” Maxwell ruffled her bangs.

“Why did Mom arrange that guy for me then?”

“Your mom has your best interest at heart; Albus is a decent person.”

“You think so too?” Emmeline frowned.

and Abel might stay down an irreparable path and regret it forever.”

“But doesn’t she care if I’m happy or not?”

“Your mom isn’t in good health; you shouldn’t argue with her…”

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