Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 2292

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Lily did not ask Rhea anything because she would not believe a word Rhea said. After all, the latter had
only come to agitate her.

Dissatisfied, Rhea said, “You don’t believe me? Your husband and his gang are now at wits’ end. That’s
why they haven’t done anything. Furthermore, I’ve developed a drug that could control people’s minds,
and they have no idea Mike is under my command now.

“I wonder how you’ll feel if I tell Mike to murder them while they sleep?” she asked smilingly.

Lily glared at her and mocked, “Are you done? Can you fuck off now? Or do you have nothing to do
because Fred didn’t bother asking you to do anything?”

“You’re wrong. I’m now in charge of the entire lab. Too bad you won’t live to see the miracles I’ll create.”
Rhea was pleased with herself. Now that she could go anywhere in the embassy, she had come to
show off.

Unfortunately, her words did not seem to affect Lily. The latter disdainfully said, “Who cares about your
creations?’ Rhea turned to Dominic and studied him. “How did you get in here?”

She narrowed her eyes as if she had never seen him before. She was puzzled by his presence and his
seeming closeness to Lily.

However, Dominic did not bother to even look at her.

“Hmm…” Rhea said to Lily, “You still manage to get people to join you, even now. You’re good, I’ll give
you that. It’s a shame he has to die with you in his old age.” Rhea shook her head.

“What the fuck do you care?” Lily said so, then thought of something. She looked up toward a corner,
saying, “Fred, I want to talk to you.” Rhea was puzzled, while Dominic looked at Lily in bewilderment.

“Lily?” Lily knew there were surveillance cameras in the room, and Fred must be able to see her. Even
if he weren’t watching her now, someone would tell him about it.

“What the hell are you doing? Are you trying to complain about me?” Rhea frowned, not knowing her

Lily glanced at her without replying.

Rhea grew worried and said, “I’m now the duke’s right-hand woman. Do you think he cares about what
you say?”

“Then why do you look so nervous?” Lily snorted.

“Just you wait, Lily!” Rhea turned and walked away, then turned back again. “I might go easy on your
family if you’re willing to hand over the previous lab data.”

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