Novel Name : Beautiful Creatures Series

Chapter 8: 6

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When Aurora had turned to see Stanton excited and ready, she had been shocked and impressed. The
very sight of him large a hard instantly made her damp. In all her life, she had never wanted any man,
but then she’d never met a man with his kind of attributes. She couldn’t resist. She had to know what
he felt like.

When she touched him, Stanton didn’t move a muscle, and when she took him in her mouth, that
throaty growl he made told Aurora he enjoyed what she was doing. It was difficult to take him all in, so
she had wrapped her hands around the base and stroked. She could tell he was close.

Stanton grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled her head back, turning her face up to his. Aurora could see
the fire in his eyes. He reached down and lifted Aurora off the floor and into his strong arms. He lifted
her as though she were weightless.

He carried Aurora and sat down on the couch with her sitting, straddling his lap face to face. With one
hand on his arousal, Stanton rubbed it back and forth against her wetness. The feel was teasing, and
Aurora was craving more. “Do you have a condom?” She asked as she nipped at his bottom lip.

She heard Stanton chuckle. “Are you kidding me? No, I don’t. Look at me. This literally never happens,”
he purred against her lips.

That was ok she had some. “Wait right here, Big Daddy,” Aurora got to her feet. She found her bag and
went through the boxes. She took one of the bigger ones and returned to Stanton, where he lounged
on the couch. Aurora tore the package open and frowned as she came to realize it wasn’t going to fit.
Stanton was definitely a Magnum, the first she had ever met. She didn’t know what to do. She did not
want to stop.

Aurora recalled how Stanton had said Lycans never got sick, so she supposed STDs were highly
unlikely, so she decided to throw caution to the wind. She tossed the condom aside and pinning his
broad shoulders against the couch. She mounted him.

“What about the condom?” He asked as she brushed her lips over his.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No,” his hands gripped Aurora’s waist and moved her into place.

Aurora slowly sunk down on Stanton’s erection, his girth filling her, forcing her sensitive folds to yield to
his invasion. With every inch, her pleasure built. She was already so close, and he wasn’t even done
entertaining her. There was just so much of him.

Stanton took a firm hold of Aurora’s hips, and with minimal effort, he forced Aurora down hard, driving
himself up into her forcing her to take deep. The head of his erection drove deep and hit that elusive
spot deep inside her, and triggered a blinding climax.

Aurora threw her head back, closed her eyes and cried out as her first-ever climax consumed her
completely. Stanton snaked an arm around her waist and shifted, never breaking their connection. He
laid Aurora on the couch and braced his powerful body over her. His hands moved over her legs,
pulling them around his waist.

Aurora dragged her nails down his back as he moved. It was rough and merciless. He drove into her
over and over, forcing himself deep with each stroke. Stanton brought Aurora to orgasm over and over.
It was too much. She could do nothing but let him have his way.

Suddenly Stanton pulled out and closed his hands around, hit arousal and brought himself to
completion on her belly. He sat back on the couch with Aurora’s legs draped over his lap as she lay
content on the couch next to him.

His mouth did that happy twitched as his hand lightly caressed her legs. They didn’t speak as they
looked at one another. Slowly Stanton’s hand moved higher up her leg and between her thighs. Willing

Aurora let her legs fall open, putting herself on display for him. She bit her lower lip when he pushed
two fingers deep inside her sliding them in and out quickly.

Aurora moaned with satisfaction when Stanton leaned over and closed his mouth around her nipple,
and sucked. A spike of pleasure shot through her body from his lips to his fingers. It wasn’t long before
he brought her to climax once more.

He kissed his way down her belly, and when his lips found her sex, Aurora almost died. No one had
ever done this for her. His lips and tongue worshipped her sex, and Aurora arched her back, thrusting
her hips up to give him easier access.

As the sensation built to a level that threatened to make her lose her senses, Stanton shifted onto his
knees and draping Aurora’s legs over his shoulders. He drove all the way in on one forceful plunge.
Aurora screamed out as her whole body shook from orgasm. Stanton gave her absolutely no time to
adjust to his entry. He pulled back and rammed himself back into her over and over relentlessly. It was
more than she could handle, and things went black.


Stanton could hold back no more. He pulled out and finished on Aurora’s belly again. Looking down at
Aurora, he smiled with great pride. She’d fainted from pleasure just like he’d wanted her to. Stanton got
up and found a cloth to clean them both up. He then lifted Aurora from the couch and carried her to the
bed. She stirred momentarily. She was coming too but was clearly worn out.

Placing her down, Stanton kissed her forehead. “Sleep now, Hummingbird,” she didn’t protest; Aurora
just rolled onto her side and went to sleep. Stanton crawled into the bed with her and wrapped his arm
around her tiny frame, and tucked her in close to his body as if protecting her from the world as they


Pleasure drew Stanton out of his sleep. Even before he opened his eyes, he could feel Aurora on top of
him, grinding her wetness against his growing excitement. Opening his eyes, he looked up to see
Aurora flushed with desire. She moaned as she took him in, and she shuddered from the feel. When
she began to ride him, Stanton relaxed and let Aurora use him to seek her own pleasure. He wanted to
give her everything she was looking for, so he relaxed and just enjoyed the moment.

Before long, Aurora found her release, and her already tight passage tightened around him, and he
knew he couldn’t fight it anymore. Stanton lifted Aurora off him so he could enjoy his release without
risk. When it was over, Aurora smiled and kissed his cheek as she climbed out of bed. “I’m going to
have a shower,” she said, heading for the washroom.

Stanton considered following her when there was a knock at the door. Judging from the sun shining
through east windows, it was still morning, although probably closer to lunch. He got up and pulled on a
pair of sweats he took from the closet so he could answer the door. The visitor knocked again before
Stanton could reach the door.

Opening the door, Stanton found Darrell on the other side. Darrell looked Stanton over. “I hope you
intend to wear more than that. I mean, I could care less if you let it all hang out, but I’m pretty sure the
football game may be a little awkward.”

Stanton cussed; he had forgotten that his buddies we having a picnic in town today. It was the
weekend, and they wanted to enjoy their day off. Stanton didn’t see the others. They must have sent
Darrell to come to remind him.

“You forgot again, didn’t you?” Darrell grinned. “Distracted, are we?” He chuckled. Stanton was pretty
sure his friend knew exactly what had happened; he could smell Aurora on Stanton.

“I don’t think I’m going to come today,” Stanton said.

“What? Why because you got a pretty little filly in there with you? You cannot keep her locked up in this
cabin. Bring her along, let her meet the pack.”

At that moment, the washroom door opened, and Aurora came out of the washroom with a towel
wrapped around her and her light blond locks dripping down her back. She smiled when she noticed
the door open. Aurora joined the men at the door clutching her towel closed in front of her. “Cowboy,”
she said with excitement. It had surprised Stanton how much the term of endearment annoyed him.
“What’s up, buttercup?” She grinned at his friend.

Darrell was Stanton’s best friend, but at the moment, a fit of intense jealousy was building inside him.
He knew he had no claim to Aurora and, if anything, last night and this morning had been nothing more
than an adrenaline-fuelled need for release on her part. While her lips indeed touched most of this
body, she had not kissed his lips nor allowed him to kiss her, leaving the whole encounter, while
enjoyable, hollow and meaningless.

“Good morning Doll Face. I just popped in to remind my easily distracted friend here about the weekly
picnic and football game.”

“Oh, that sounds like fun.”

“It is, but can you believe this big lug is trying to weasel his way out of it?”

“We should go,” Aurora insisted.

“I don’t want to go,” Stanton snarled.

Aurora frowned at him. Then she turned to Darrell. “Let him be a party pooper if he wants, but you give
me five minutes to dress, and I’ll ride with you.”

Images of Aurora locked in a heated embrace with Darrell flashed in Stanton’s mind, only adding to his
growing bad mood. “No!” He snapped, and both of them stared at him. “I mean… give me twenty
minutes to shower and dress, and then we will meet you in the park. Aurora will ride with me.”

“Alright, I’ll tell the others you are on your way,” Darrell said as he headed to his truck.

Stanton closed the door. “Are you in a bad mood?” Aurora asked.

“No,” he snapped as he walked into the washroom and closed the door.


Aurora put on the only pair of shorts she owned and her most conservative tank top. She put on the
fake leather jacket she owned to help cover up a little more. She was doing her utmost not to look like a
working girl. If she was to join this pack, she wanted complete acceptance. She didn’t want people to
know what she was. It would temper what they thought of her. She pulled two black elastics from her
bag and tied her long hair into two loose, sloppy pigtails that rested on her shoulders.

When Stanton came out of the washroom to dress, he was speechless as he looked at her. “Do I look

“You have a way of looking sexy even when you are not trying,” she thought it was meant as a
compliment, but his gruff tone and the scowl on his face made her think he was less than happy with
her appearance.

“What’s wrong with the way I’m dressed. Not conservative enough?” He said nothing turning his back
to her as he dropped his towel and took some clean jeans from the closet. She watched as he dressed
without a word. “I know it’s a little revealing, but I’m trying. This is the most appropriate thing I own. I
want to make a good first impression,” still, his back was to her, and he refused to speak. She watched

as he pulled on his shirt and then turned and headed for the door where he stepped into a pair of
runners, then opened the door and left the house.

Aurora stepped into her shoes and followed Stanton out to his SUV. He was already behind the wheel
and waiting for her. She climbed into the passenger seat next to him, and they drove in silence. It only
took moments to reach Feral. There was a grassy clearing near the edge of town with picnic tables a
park barbeque. There were vehicles parked everywhere and a number of other people hauling coolers
to the tables and setting up food while passing out chilled beers.

They pulled in, and both got out. Aurora followed Stanton to the table where Darrell was standing.
Stanton pulled up an empty folding chair and dropped down, not bothering to introduce her. Aurora was
starting to get annoyed with his bad moon. Darrell seemed to sense the tension, too, so he decided to
introduce Aurora since Stanton was too busy pouting like a child.

“Ok, since Stanton seems to have lost his voice today, let me introduce this gorgeous little lady joining
us today. Everyone, this is Aurora.”

Aurora lifted her hand and gave everyone a little wave. In truth, she was nervous. All her life, she had
never gotten along with other people, but she really wanted these people to like her. She desperately
needed to feel like she belonged, and here, among others, just like her, was probably her closest
chance to ever being accepted.

“Aurora, this is Aster. Her father is the pack leader,” Aster was a pretty blond, and she had such an air
of confidence around her. “She’s my mate,” Darrell told Aurora, but then Aster laughed.

“No, I’m not,” Aster grinned.

“Maybe not right this second, but you will be. It’s only a matter of time,” Darrell looked back at Aurora.
“See, I’m the future Alpha, and Aster is the future Luna, and she can fight it all she likes, but when it

comes time for me to take over, she will be my mate,” Darrell winked at Aster and blew her a kiss.

“That’s a long time off,” Aster said.

“Not too far off,” a middle-aged man in jeans and a black sleeveless shirt with a melting skull on the
front said as he came to stand next to Darrell. He was a good-looking man, unshaven with collar-length
black hair he left mostly down except the front he tied back in a small half ponytail. His amber eyes
were bright against his tanned skin. “You must be the Aurora; Darrell has told me about you,” he
offered her his hand in friendship. “I’m Gordon, the pack leader.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” Aurora shook his hand.

“Welcome to the pack.”

“Don’t you want to get to know me a bit better before making me part of the pack?”

Gordan playfully patted the side of her face as he would to a small child. “Beautiful, the only
membership qualification you need to join are those eyes.”

“I hope to contribute to the community in any way I can.”

“Why don’t you come by my place tomorrow and meet my wife Melissa,” he said, pointing to a middle-
aged woman with short blond hair at a table across the park. “That’s here right there. She’ll help you
find your place in the pack. Until tomorrow… have fun,” he then patted Stanton on the shoulder before
he walked away.

“He’s really nice,” Aurora said to the table and then heard Stanton scoff. Everyone at the table glanced
at him, but he said nothing more.

“Yeah, he’s really great,” Darrell agreed, and they all ignored Stanton’s outburst. “Anyway, next to
Aster, there is my sister Charlotte,” Charlotte waved as she popped some chips in her mouth. Like her

brother, Charlotte was an attractive blond. She wore her hair short, but she had the same country feel
her brother did. Aurora would guess from their attire and their accents they weren’t native to Colorado.
Her guess would be some southern state, perhaps Tennessee or maybe Texas. “Over here is our
buddy Lewis,” Lewis was a tall man with an average build with short black hair and clean-shaven. “This
guy next to Stanton is Kenneth,” Kenneth waved at her. He was much shorter than everyone else. Hell,
if he could clear 5’10”, she would be surprised. His dark hair was short and scruffy.

Looking around, it was strange there were so many different types of people in this park. People you
wouldn’t expect to be friends with, yet here they all were interacting and smiling. Aurora couldn’t fight
the big smile on her face. For once in her life, she was happy to be with other people. She took a seat
next to Charlotte and Aster and helped them set out the food while one of the older males in the pack
did the cooking of the burgers and hotdogs on the park barbeque.

She was having a great time, and then Lewis placed his half-empty beer down and leaned into the
table. “So, Aurora, where are you from?”

“Las Vegas,” she said.

“What brings you to Aspen?”

“New beginnings.”

“So, what do you want to do here?”

“I don’t know,” she shrugged her shoulders with a happy smile.

“What did you do before you met the Pack?”

Aurora wasn’t sure how to answer. “She’s a prostitute,” Stanton muttered as he picked up his mostly
empty beer and stood up to go get himself another on. He paused briefly and leaned forward to better

talk to the table. “It’s $50 if you want to ride the attraction,” he said and then walked away.

Aurora was completely horrified. Stanton had outed her to everyone. A surprised hush fell over the
table, and everyone at the table was trying very hard not to look in her directions so as not to make her
feel worse. Aurora stood up and cleared her voice. She straightened her back and squared her
shoulders. She refused to hang her head. “Excuse me.”

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