Novel Name : Beautiful Creatures Series

Chapter 10: 8

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Aurora walked up to the door of the large mountain cabin just outside Feral. Stanton had dropped her
off at Gordon’s on his way to work that morning. She lifted her hand to knock on the door when she
heard something break on the other side of the door, and a woman shriek. “You crazy bitch!” She heard
Gordon bark back, and then the sound of something hitting the door made Aurora jump.

“Don’t call me a bitch, you Asshole!” A woman growled back.

“Ok, raving psychotic fits better.”

“It amazes me that you have managed to hold this pack together; God knows you have shit for brains.”

“I must, after all, I married your skanky ass,” again, something hit the door, and Aurora jumped. She
heard Gordon laugh. “Your aim sucks.”

There was a growl, and then something really heavy hit the door, and Aurora took a few steps away
from the door. She could hear physical fighting on the other side of the door. Then everything went
quiet. Aurora didn’t know what to do. Should she knock or start the walk back to Stanton’s cabin and
just avoid the whole situation.

Suddenly the door opened, and Gordon stormed out and stopped short when his gaze met hers. He
had a black eye and cracked lips that were rapidly healing before her eyes. She down to see his hand
over his chest. There were four deep bloody gashes in his chest that had torn his shirt. They looked like
they hurt, but they were already starting to heal.

Aurora looked up, and she saw both shame and embarrassment in his bright eyes. He cast his eyes
down, unable to look at her. He then marched down the porch, steps down to a Harley parked in the
driveway. He pulled the helmet that had been on the seat down over his head and revved up the bike.
Aurora watched as he drove away, having never said one look to her.

Aurora turned to face the door to find his wife standing in the door, watching Aurora. For a mutual fight,
this woman looked unscratched, and Aurora was starting to think while the yelling was mutual, the
combat had been one-sided. Aurora had seen enough bad situations to be able to spot domestic
violence. Gordon was a battered husband.

Melissa leaned against the doorjamb and glared at Aurora. “You got a problem, missy?” Aurora shook
her head no. “What do you want?”

“Um… your husband… I’m Gordon….”

“Yeah, I know who my husband is,” Melissa snapped.

“You know what? This is clearly a bad time. I should come back.”

“Spit it out already?”

“Gordon said you could help me find my place in the pack?” Aurora said quickly.

Melissa rolled her eyes. “Alright, come inside,” she said, going back into the house. Aurora went inside
and looked around at the broken glass on the floor. “Watch your step,” Melissa said as she walked over
to a laptop on the kitchen island. She sat down on a barstool and began to bring up some kind of
schedule. She looked thoughtful and clicked the mouse function a few times. “What are you thinking?”

“Nothing,” Aurora said quickly, and then Melissa looked at her like she had lost her mind.

“Doing? What were you thinking about doing?” Melissa clarified, and Aurora felt stupid. “Seems like all
that peroxide has seeped into your brains,” the older woman scowled. Aurora’s jaw dropped. She could
not believe this bitch had just said that to her.

“For your information, my hair is naturally this colour.”

“Sure,” Melissa rolled her eyes. “Are you good with kids?”

“No,” she wasn’t good with most people. “I was hoping for something with a little fewer people

Melissa clicked the mouse function a few more times as she stared at the screen. “The community
garden needs a hand. It’s just north of Feral. You can’t miss it. The place is huge.”

“Community garden?”

“Yes, see, we supply a lot of our own food. Once a month, a few hunting parties go out, and they bring
the wild meat to Lewis’ butcher shop. He cuts it all up, and the meat gets distributed among the pack.
We also keep a community garden. It’s all organic. Come harvest time. We do the same with the
vegetables and fruits. They can and prickly half of it so it lasts through the winter and then the other
half we keep fresh. It helps keep the pack’s food cost down. We have a lot of mouths to feed after all.”

“Sure, I could work in the garden.”

“Alright, then,” Melissa picked up a pen and jotted down something on a posted then handed it to her.
“There are directions to the garden. Welcome to the pack.”

Aurora politely thanked her and then left the house. She hadn’t made more than one step out the door
when Melissa slammed it, and wood hit Aurora in the bottom. Aurora shook her head as she stepped
down off the porch. “What a bitch,” she muttered as she started to walk.


Aurora had found the garden with little trouble. She was impressed by the size of it. There were four
other women tending the garden, weeding and watering. Aurora introduced herself and offered her
help. They seemed happy to have it telling her there was more work than they had time for. So, she got

down and got in the dirt. The day passed by, and Aurora found she actually very much enjoyed working
in the garden. However, it did make her thirsty.

She got up and walked over to a cooler that was packed with chilled bottles of water. She took one and
began to drink, trying to quench her thirst. Her attention was drawn by the sound of the Harley that
pulled into the gravel parking lot a few feet away from the break tables and water. Aurora watched as
Gordon got off and removed his helmet, placing it on the seat. He walked in her direction. His shirt had
been changed, and he was no showing no signs of pain. He must be completely healed by now.

He came to stand before her and offered her an awkward smile. “How’s your first day?”

“Fine, thank you,” there was tension between them. “How are you?”

Absentmindedly his hand went to his chest where Aurora had seen the claw marks earlier. “Fine. I’m
good,” his smile didn’t seem genuine. He took a step closer to her and waved at one of the other girls
before lowering his voice and stepping in so close to her so that he didn’t have to whisper very loud.
After all, the other women had super hearing, and he didn’t want anyone to hear what he was about to
say. “About this morning. I would appreciate it very much if you didn’t tell anyone what you saw.”

Aurora opened her mouth to say something, but one of the other women walked over and picked up a
bottle of water and Aurora said nothing, but she nervously brushed her hair behind her ear.

“Linda, hello,” Gordon greeted her. “How are the cubs?”

The woman stood around and bragged about her babies, and Gordon was all smiles and charismatic
like he had been at the picnic yesterday. They talked and laughed, and then Gordon excused himself,
and he took Aurora by the arm and lead her to his bike, trying to put some much-needed distance
between them and the nosy women.

“Look, Aurora, what happened this morning is no one’s business but my own, and I would very much
like to keep it that way.”

“Why do you let her hit you? Look at you. You're big and strong. You’re the motherfucking Alpha, for
Christ sakes.”

He swallowed hard and looked down at his hands, which were now fidgeting. “It’s complicated,” he said

“Hit her back. Defend yourself.”

His eyes lifted and met hers. “I can’t. My father told me there was never ever any reason that justified
hitting a woman. Don’t you see? I can’t hit her back. It’s not in me.”

“Then leave her.”

“I can’t do that either.”


“You have a lot to learn about Lycans. Wolves mate for life. So, do we,” Gordon reached up and lay his
hand gently to the side of her face. “You’re a good kid. You have a good heart, but please… don’t tell
anyone what you saw.”


Suddenly both his hands were framing her face forcing her to look into his eyes. “I’m begging you,
Aurora,” the sound of a slamming car door drew their attention. Both Gordon and Aurora looked over to
see Stanton standing by his SUV a few feet away with a bouquet of flowers in his hands. He was
watching them with a scowl. Aurora knew how it looked. Gordon let go of her and took a step back. He

returned his attention to Aurora with a pleading look. Neither of them said another word, and then
Gordon got on his bike, pulled on his helmet, and drove away.

Aurora took a step toward Stanton, and she stopped when he tossed the flowers on the ground, got
back in his SUV, and drove away. Aurora sighed leaned against one of the other women’s cars. Today
was proving to be very trying.


Stanton stood in his garage, sorting through his tools and tidying up. He had taken the afternoon off so
he could get some things done in town. He had gone to see if Aurora needed a ride home when he
found her with Gordon. The image of Gordon touching her intimately stuck in his brain, and the more
he thought about it, the angrier he became. He heard the sound of gravel crushing beneath shoes
behind him, and he knew Aurora was home. He picked up a shop rag and wiped down his workbench
keeping his back to her.

“Hey, Big Daddy,” he heard her say, and then he tensed when he felt her hand at his back. Stanton
pulled away and began to use the rag to buff his SUV. She sighed. “How was your day?” She asked.


“You got home early today,” he shot her a nasty glare. She sighed and came over to him. “Please don’t
be mad. I swear it’s not what it looked like.”

He stood up, drawing himself to his full intimidating height. “Really,” he barked, “because it looked like
you were making time with the Alpha.”

“That’s not what it was.”

“Yeah, then what was it?” He demanded.

She looked like she was struggling for an answer. She hung her head and sighed. “I can’t tell you.”

He laughed. “Can’t tell me, covenant,” he shook his head and walked away. “I guess that’s what I get
for trying to make a whore a housewife.”

Suddenly Stanton was knocked off balance as Aurora shoved him. He turned to face her, and he could
see the rage. She stood toe to toe with him looking up. “That is behind me.”

“Sure, and soon Gordon will be behind you. You’re breaking up a happy marriage.”

Her eyes widened with shock, and she laughed. “Happy marriage, you have got to be kidding me. He is
so far from happy.”

“So, he is making passes at you?”

She stepped back, shocked. “No.”

“Then how do you know he isn’t happy?” Again, she went quiet. “I know you can’t tell me,” he walked
back to his bench and tossed the rag on it. “I guess it’s a good thing we can’t get sick, or I might be
worried about catching something,” he said, heading for the door to go inside.

“Are you throwing me out?” He heard her ask.

Stanton stopped in the doorway and thought about her question. “No.”

“Why the hell not?” She asked. “If you think I’m screwing around, why let me stay?”

Stanton turned to look at her with sadness in his eyes. “I love you.”

Aurora laughed. That had not been the response he had hoped for. “You love me? Bullshit!” She yelled
at him. “Until a few days ago, you didn’t even know me. What you love is sex. It is the only reason you

keep me around,” she pushed past him and went inside. Stanton followed her in and watched as she
collected her bag and headed for the door.

“Hummingbird, where are you going?”

She turned to face. “You think I need you; I don’t need anyone. I’ve done just fine on my own.”

He followed her outside. “You just going to walk back to Aspen?”


Stanton watched as she walked off his property and vanished around some trees. He thought about
going after her. No, she had nowhere to go. Let her blow off some steam. She’d come

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