Novel Name : Beautiful Creatures Series

Chapter 73: 11

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Tyler sat in the visiting room of the prison, waiting for the guards to bring in the prisoners. He had
driven out to the prison that afternoon without telling Aster. The doors opened, gaining his attention.
Tyler watched as the guards walked the prisoners up against the wall to remove their restraints. Once
given the go-ahead, they dispersed to see their visitors. Tyler watched as Gordon Wilder. He looked
exactly as Tyler remembered, all wild and intimidating. And now that Tyler knew the truth of what this
man really was, he found the ageing alpha extremely threatening.

Gordon stalked up to the table and sat down. “Well, as I live and breath, it’s Detective Winthrop. So
nice of you to come and visit me.”

“You can call me Tyler,” Gordon grunted, and Tyler felt awkward. “Can I call you Gordon?”

“Well, lately, I have been answering to Prisoner 328169, but I suppose you can call me whatever you
want, Detective, after all, you are the one with the badge.”

“I’m not here on professional business. It’s personal.”


“I’m sure you know about Aster and me. She’s told you about me.”

“Yeah, she’s mentioned you. Seems strange to me, though, that a cop hooks up with con’s kid.”

“You think I’m using her to trap you?”

“The thought has crossed my mind. I’m already doing five years; I’m not interested in tacking on more

“I’m not interested in what you might have done. I get why you would have done it if you did. You and I
have more in common than you think. We both believe in justice, and we both know the law doesn’t

always allow for it. But more importantly, we both love your daughter.”

“You love her?” He said with disbelief.

“I do.”

“You have only known her a few months.”

“I feel like I have known her all my life. I want to marry her, and I want your blessing.”

“Asking for her hand… I didn’t think men did that anymore.”

“Well, may marry your daughter?”

“No,” Gordon said flatly. Tyler stared at him blankly. Suddenly Gordon grinned. “I’m just fucking with
you, boy. You can marry her.”

Tyler breathed a sigh of relief. “So this whole tough guy disapproving father façade…?”

“Just having some fun with you. There is not a whole lot to do in here.”

“Ok yeah, you got me.” He chuckled. “I was afraid you were going to say no for real given our…

Gordon was quiet for a moment, then he leaned forward, bracing his arms on the table between them.
“A year ago, I would have. It’s difficult to get past that us against them mentality we were all raised with.
That deep-rooted hate and mistrust. I have been lucky enough in the past year to meet two wonderful
women who have changed how I view your kind. But you have to understand that me allowing this
union doesn’t mean it is going to be easy. There are secrets to keep, and a lot of lives depend on your
silence. Not a lot of people in Feral are going to trust you, nor will they exactly be excepting of your
marriage. So you better be damn sure you are ready to take on the hardship ahead of you because if

you can’t cut it, and you put my family, my friends, my pack in jeopardy even once, I will deal with you

“Don’t think these bars and cement walls will stop me. I can kill everyone in this prison and walk out
those doors anytime I want. I’m here by choice, not because I can’t get past the gate. So know that if I
come for you, there is no stopping me. You have my blessing but make sure that this is what you really
truly want because once you are in, there is only one way that I’m letting you out.”

Tyler understood the man’s concern and his warning. He leaned in, mirroring Gordon’s position. “Sir, I
never make any life-altering decisions without being damn sure it is something I want.”

“Then we understand each other.”

“Yes, we do.”

Gordon’s hand shot across the table, and Tyler shook it. “Welcome to the pack.”


I don’t know if you really want to go to this party.” Aster said as she headed for the car.

“Why not?” Tyler asked.

“Well, it’s one thing to see one of us wolf out but to see the whole pack wolf out at the same time and
be stack dead center might be more than you can handle the first time out.”

Tyler laughed. “Baby, you forget I’m a homicide detective. I have seen some terrible shit. There is not
much that rattles me anymore.”

“We’ll see about that.” They got into the car and drove out to the hub. The pack gathered in the park.
They had chairs and a bonfire. They had a radio which filled the park with music. They enjoyed snacks

and drank beer. As the evening went on, those in attendance got rowdier and rowdier.

It was a pretty good party, Tyler thought, until the full moon was high above them. At that point, Tyler
couldn’t move as he watched the people around him begin to strip. Was he the only one uncomfortable
with public nudity? Every Lycan's eye began to glow as they began to change, their ears tilted back,
staring up at the moon like its glow offered some form of euphoria. Then just like in the wild, Darrel
(acting pack alpha) howled, and a chain reaction of howls swept through the pack. Seconds later,
wolves stood where people had. Huge wolves, terrifying yet mystical. They only lingered a moment
then the entire pack took off into the woods, disappearing into the darkness.

Tyler was left withing with Katelyn and Mackenzie. He was stunned and speechless. He could honestly
say he had never been at a party that cleared out this fast without someone yelling 5-0. Katelyn smiled
at him. “It’s a bit much to take in the first time you see it.”

“I’ve seen it a number of times, and it still leaves me breathless and awed,” Mackenzie added.
“Honestly, I don’t know if I will ever get used to it.”

He could understand that. It was moments like this when he wondered if he were cut out for a life with
Aster. Her world was so strange. Could he ever get used to it?

With the pack gone for the night, their human counterparts headed home for the rest of the night. Tyler
returned to Aster’s house and raided the fridge. He put on a movie and settled onto the couch, and
tried to lose himself in the show, but he just kept thinking about Aster. He reached into his pocket and
took out the small gold ring he had bought after speaking with her father. It wasn’t much. A thin gold
band with a small diamond. He wished he could have gotten something more impressive, but he didn’t
have that kind of money. Good cops didn’t make much.

It was early in the morning when Tyler heard the door open. He had fallen asleep on the couch, waiting
for Aster to return. He sat up and saw her come into the living room. Aster smiled at him. “Did I wake


“It’s fine.” He said. “Did you enjoy your run?”

“Yes.” She said, sitting down next to him.

“What exactly do you guys do out there all night?”

“We indulge the animal side.” He didn’t know what that meant, and she didn’t seem willing to elaborate.
“I’m exhausted.” She said. “I need to sleep before I go to work.” She would be up in three hours to go to
her bakery. “Are you coming?”

“Aster, I want to ask you something?”

“Can it wait until morning?” She groaned, clearly too tired to deal with anything more tonight.

“Yeah,” He sighed as he got up off the couch and turned the TV off. He followed Aster to bed and lay
next to her, his arms folded behind his head as he stared up at the ceiling while Aster slept soundly
next to him.


They said goodbye in the early morning. Aster went to work, and Tyler took a shower before heading to
work. As he was walking into the station, he noticed Dennis Wallace was being processed for release.
Tyler stormed over to his C.O. “Why the hell is he being released? He beat his wife to within an inch of
her life.”

“It’s none of your concern.”

“None of my concern? I was the arresting officer. How can you release him without telling me first?”

“In case you have forgotten, you were removed from this case. I don’t have to consult you.”

Tyler shoved his C.O. against the wall. “Why is he being released?”

“Take your hands off me before I charge you with assaulting a superior officer.” Tyler took a step back.
“Look, I don’t like this any more than you do, but the wife dropped the charges. Our hands are tied. I
have to let him go.”

Furious, Tyler watched as Dennis’ things were returned to him, and he was free to go. Dennis walked
up to Tyler with a cocky grin. “No hard feelings, Detective Winthrop. Why don’t I buy you a drink?”

“Go fuck yourself.” Tyler snarled.

“Maybe I will go fuck your girlfriend.” Tyler grabbed Dennis by the collar. “Careful Detective, you are
walking a very fine line.”

“Winthrop!” He heard his C.O. Bellow from his office door.

Tyler released Dennis. “Hear me now if you go anywhere near her. I will kill you.”

“Uttering death threats is a crime, Detective.” Dennis reminded him.

“It’s not a threat. It is a fact. I will kill you.”

Dennis just smiled and headed for the door, whistling to himself.

Tyler made his way over to his C.O. “Look, I know what you are going to say….”

“You are completely out of control.” His C.O. growled.

“You don’t understand….”

“Shut up. I can’t have you here if you are going to be a loose cannon.”

“I know. I’m suspended.”

“No, you are fired.” He hissed. “Get out of my sight.”

Tyler didn’t know what to say. Fuck it. He didn’t need this. He turned around and walked out but not
before grabbing things off the desks. He walked by and throwing them around.

Tyler hopped in his car and headed across town to the bakery. He walked in to find Aster sitting with
potential customers, going over the desires of their wedding cake. She looked up at him and gestured
for him to wait. She took a moment to excuse herself for a moment. Aster stood up, and they stepped

As soon as they were standing out front of the bakery, Tyler took her in his arms and kissed her. Aster
giggled and placed her hands on his chest, holding him at bay. “Tyler, what are you doing here? I’m

“I had to see you.”

“You saw me three hours ago.” She reminded him.

“It feels like a lifetime ago.”

“What’s gotten into you?”

“Can’t a guy just want to be around his girl?”

“That’s sweet, Tyler, but I’m working. Shouldn’t you be working?” He frowned and saw the concern
cross her face. “Has something happened?”

He didn’t want to say, but he didn’t want to lie either. “I got fired.”

“Fired?” She was surprised. “On what grounds?”

“I assaulted someone.”


“I… he… I know it was stupid.”

“What are you going to do now?”

“I guess take up a trade. If Darrell’s offer still stands, I might try my hand at carpentry.”

“I’m sure he will take you on. He always has a lot of work. I’m sure he can use the help. I’ll call him later
today. Right now, I got to get back to work.” Aster turned to go back inside, but Tyler grabbed her arm
and stopped her.

“What if I just hang out here with you? I won’t be in the way.”

“My shop is small. There is barely enough room for Katelyn and me to work without bumping into one
another. I’ll see you tonight.” She rejected as she went back to her customers.

Frustrated, Tyler growled as he walked back to his car. He supposed he had a few things to do.


Aster was working hard on the cake in front of her when she heard the door chime alerting her to a
customer in the front of the house. She got up from her seat and walked out to the front of the house.
Looking around was a tall, strong-looking man. His head was shaved, and he was dressed in torn jeans
and a t-shirt. He was covered in tattoos, many of which were offensive by many standards. Still, this
was a business, and she was a professional.

“Can I help you?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’m looking for a cake.”

“Well, that is what we do here. What kind of cake?”

“An anniversary cake.” He said. “My wife and I have been married for ten years, and I want to surprise
her with a big party. See, we didn’t have a real wedding.”

“That’s sweet. Please sit down.” She said, gesturing to her comfortable chairs. They both sat down,
and Aster handed him a book filled with pictures of past work so he could see her skill. “So you have
any idea as to flavour or décor? Anything meaningful to you both?”

“I admit I am out of the element. I’m sure you can tell by looking at men that this is not my bag.” He
snickered. “I’d love some insight. What kind of cake did you have at your wedding?”

Aster grinned. “I’m not married.”

“Oh, so you’re single?”

“Well, I am seeing someone.”

“Is it serious?”

“I hope so.” She felt uncomfortable discussing Tyler with a stranger.

“That’s so sweet.” He said, smiling at her. The way he was looking at her was creepy.

“Um, you know, we’re are just getting ready to close for today. Maybe we could book an appointment
for later this week and go into more detail as to what you want.”

“Absolutely.” He placed her portfolio down and stood up. “I’ll come back.” Aster followed him to the door
and locked it behind him. She was still technically open for another hour, but something about this guy
felt wrong, and she wanted him out of her shop.


Dennis sat in his pickup truck down the street from the bakery and waited for the woman Detective
Winthrop was dating to leave. She sure was a pretty one. A few hours later, she came out and got into
her car. He put his truck in drive and followed her. He wanted to know where she lived. He had followed
the Detective to the bakery and seen the encounter outside, so he knew who she was. Now he would
follow her home.

They drove out of Aspen. It was a good long drive, and they passed a small little cluster of commercial
buildings. Five minutes past that, she pulled into a private home. There were no other homes nearby.
Which meant there would be no one close by to hear her scream. This was going to be too damn easy.
He also, however, saw Detective Winthrop’s vehicle in the driveway.

Dennis didn’t think he lived here, but he spent much of his time here. He was going to have to watch
their routine for a few days and decide the best time to strike. It was no problem. He was a surprisingly
patient man, under the right circumstances.

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