Novel Name : Beautiful Creatures Series

Chapter 77: EPILOGUE

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Tyler was kept in the outer room as he listened to Aster scream in pain. He wanted to be with her as
she laboured their child into the world, but Darrell and Stanton both stood as guards keeping him out.
They told him about his wellbeing and safety. He had to say outside. They said he wouldn’t be able to
cope with the sight of a Lycan birth. Of Aster shifting in and out, unable to control her physical state
blinded by pain.

They said where a human woman night crushed his hand when the pain came. A Lycan might rip his
arm clean off his body. After seeing what Aster had done to Dennis all those months ago, he believed
them. Still, the screams were driving him nuts.

It had been hours when the house fell silent. Tyler stopped pacing, wondering if it was over. After a few
moments of silence, he heard a baby crying. That was when Darrell and Stanton stepped aside and let
Tyler go into the bedroom. He found Charlotte and Aurora cleaning up. They had been acting as
midwives to help Aster birth to their child.

Sitting up in bed was Aster. She was tired but glowing as she held their newborn child. Tyler sat on the
bed next to her.

“It’s a boy,” Aster told him as she passed their son to him so Tyler could hold him.

“He’s perfect. He looks human. I wasn’t sure he would.”

“We should name him.”

“What do you want to name him?”



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