Novel Name : Beautiful Creatures Series

Chapter 70: 8

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Aster walked around the display table, making sure the finishing touches on the cake were just right.
Katelyn had not helped her transport. The cake weighed well over 200lbs, and she wasn’t going to
allow Katelyn to move that. She couldn’t move it herself either. Not that Aster couldn’t support the
weight, but simply because the formation and height of the cake made it awkward, so she required help
not to drop it. She enlisted the help of one of her female pack members and then paid her a little
something for helping her. Her friend went home, and Aster was left to do everything else.

She hadn’t been invited to the ceremony, which was fine with Aster. She had too much to do at the
venue before the clients, and their guests arrived. When she was done, she took the dress from the
bag in her delivery van and changed it in the venue’s washroom. She fixed her hair and makeup and
then tucked her clothes back into her van and locked it. Aster went inside to admire her work while she
waited for everyone to arrive.

Guests began to arrive shortly and the venue filled with people. Aster walked up to the bar and ordered
a cocktail while she waited. “You and booze don’t mix well.” She heard Tyler said as he came to stand
next to her. He ordered two of the signature drinks and then took the cocktail from her hand and placed
it in the hand of someone else trying to order a drink. He then offered her the drink he had just bought
her. “I think you will like this, and it is less likely to end up with you getting another DUI.”

“Alcohol-free, is it?” She asked.

“Taste it. You are going to love it.” It was a pink carbonated drink with sink sugar around the rim and
what looked like a sugar-frosted raspberry in the bottom of the glass.

“Isn’t this a little girly for a guy like you?”

“I am confident in my sexuality.” He said as he drank with a sly smile. “You look amazing.”

Aster blushed and looked down at her dress. It was floor-length and form-fitted. It was a sparkly silver
colour. There was only one strap over the right shoulder and a slit in the skirt to make it easier to walk
in. She had braided her hair into a loose fishtail that draped over her bare shoulder, and around her
neck, she wore a silver chain with a tiny teardrop pendent that came to rest in the little hollow of her

“Thank you.” Her gaze raked over Tyler. He looked damn good in his rented tux. His long hair was tied
back in a thin braid down his back. The tux suited his body in the most flattering way. Even his light
grey bowtie and cummerbund matched her dress. “We match.” She pointed out.

“Happy coincidence.” Tyler looked at the cake on the table a few feet away. “Wow, look at that cake.
You are a true artist. It’s almost a shame to cut into it and eat it.”

“Well, someone better eat it. I worked damn hard on that cake.”

The MC announced dinner was being served, and Tyler looked back at her. “Come on. Dad has seated
you at my table.”

“He knew I was coming?”

“Oh yeah. I told him weeks ago.” He grinned.

Aster laughed. “Well, that was awfully presumptuous of you.”

“I like to think of it as confidence.” He said, leading Aster to their table. She was impressed when he
pulled out her chair for her and helped tuck her back in.

Tyler took the seat next to her and then introduced Aster to everyone at the table. They were seated
with the rest of his close family, his cousins, two aunts, and his grandfather. They all seemed really

nice. When dinner was served, Aster was in heaven. The food was to dye for. She had even gone back
for seconds… thirds… fourth… until Tyler intercepted her as she was going back again.

“Easy on the buffet, save some for the other guests.” He said, ushering her to the dancefloor. “I’m sorry
that came out rude, but if you are trying to blend in with humans being a 110lb woman eating enough to
put an elephant into a food coma isn’t working. You need to go easy.”

“Sorry.” She apologized she realized she was eating more than others.

Tyler looked into her eyes. “Are you still… in heat?” It was an awkward thing for him to ask. Aster
nodded. “Ok, look, we will stay another hour, and when we leave, I will hit a drive-thru and buy you
whatever you want… ten of whatever you want.” She laughed. “Just let the other guests have what is

“Alright.” She laughed as he took her into his arms on the dancefloor. “Oh, the boy can dance. I’m

“Well, I paid attention in sixth grade PE.” Aster dropped her forehead against his and giggled. “Soon as
I realized it would let me hold Nancy Kale for even a few minutes, I was all over this dancing thing.”

“Is Nancy Kale your childhood sweetheart?”

“Naw, that girl didn’t even know I was alive. But it was sixth grade, and she had the figure of a ninth-
grader. I just wanted to hold it for a bit.” She laughed harder and slapped his arm playfully.

“I bet you were a hellraiser back in school.”

He laughed. “Are you kidding? The scrawny indigenous boy with the toy badge who constantly tattled
on everyone? I was less popular than the hall monitor. I got my ass kicked every day.” Aster began to

laugh again. “I didn’t wear underwear for whole eighth grade because it was safer that way. I went to
prom alone because I couldn’t even pay my grandmother to go with me.

Aster shook her head. “Are you ever serious?”

“When I have to be.” He smiled at her. “I’m happy you came.”

“I’m happy you invited me.” She looked down and felt the weight of guilt for the injury she had left him
with. Tyler, I’m so sorry about hurting you. I know nothing I can say will ever take away the scares I left
you with. I just want you to know that I deeply regret what happened.” She whispered.

Tyler set his fingers beneath her chin, tilting her face so she would look up at him again. “I don’t blame
you. If I could go back to that night knowing what would happen, I would still have gone home with

“You risk your life by being with me.” She stressed.

Tyler lay his forehead to hers, closing his eyes. He breathed her in and whispered. “You are worth the

Breathless, Aster reached up, lacing her arms around his neck as her lips found Tyler’s as they kissed
for the first time. It was a soft, slow, lingering kiss that took her breath away. The moment was so
intense the world stood still. One kiss, and she was drunk on his lips.

“Wow.” Tyler breathed when her lips lifted from his.

“Do you want to come home with me?”

“A wall of tanks couldn’t keep me away.”

“Do you want to go now?”

“In the worst way.” They said goodbye and then headed for the door. They walked quickly out to Tyler’s
car in the parking lot. They drove out of town, heading for Feral. They didn’t get too far off the main
road when Aster ordered him to pull over. As soon as the car was in park, she grabbed the lever to the
back of his chair and dropped the seat back, so he was laid back away from the stirring wheel. His
hands went right to his slacks and yanked them open as she hiked up her dress and slid her panties
aside before mounting him.

Tyler moaned with pleasure as Aster sunk down on his manhood and began to ride him hard. In heat
and finally satisfying her biological urges, Aster’s animal side came out. She rocked and swayed in
ways that had Tyler completely blinded by ecstasy. When she reached orgasm, her eyes would glow.

When it was over, Tyler was staring at her with wide eyes. “Wow, that was the most amazing sight I
have ever seen.” She blushed. “Couldn’t make it home, eh?” He teased.

“I suggest driving faster, or we will only get a few mines before I take you again.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He eased her out of his lap and set himself and his seat right.

As they began to drive. Aster snickered. “You have no idea what you are getting yourself into. Just
remember you wanted this.”

“I think I can handle myself.”

He’d never gone to bed with a lycanthrope in heat.

They reached her house in record time, and Tyler followed Aster into the house. As soon as they
reached the bedroom, Aster unzipped her dress and let it fall. She watched with eager delight as Tyler
quickly removed his jacket, cummerbund, and bowtie.

Impatient, Aster grabbed him by his dress shirt and tore it open, popping off the buttons. “So much for
getting my deposit back.” He laughed as he shrugged it off and removed his pants. Aster took his arm
and dragged him to the bed before shoving him onto the mattress and climbing on top of him. Aster
kissed him hard, drawing him in. Tyler’s arms wrapped around her unhooking her strapless bra. His
hand cupped her face as he returned her eager forceful kiss. “I have been waiting for this moment for
so long.” He moaned, rolling Aster beneath him.

His mouth closed around Aster’s breast, and he sucked her nipple between his teeth. Aster arched her
back, thrusting her breast up to his hungry mouth. Tyler kissed his way down her slender body, blazing
a path of hot fiery sensation. Tyler caught her panties in his teeth and skillfully pulled them down her
legs and off out of his way.

Aster’s legs fell open, and Tyler’s mouth found her sex. Licking and sucking at her sensitive tissues
making her squirm beneath his mouth. As he flicked his tongue over the bud of her sex, Tyler pushed
his fingers inside Aster with steady quick movements heightening her pleasure. He brought her to
climax. Tyler moved up his hips, settling between her legs.

Tyler pushed off his shorts and drove himself as deep as he could with the first stroking making her
growl with pleasure. She wrapped her arms around Tyler as he took her. She kissed him with hungry
desire. She wanted so much more. She wanted everything. She wanted all of him. Tyler’s hands and
mouth moved over her body, making it sing. He worshipped her neck and breasts as he used his body
to bring hers to climax.

They burnt away the night in each other’s arms. And when Tyler hadn’t the strength to go on, she
permitted him a reprieve to let him sleep. Aster rolled over and cuddled close to Tyler as he dozed.

“Oh, not again. Baby, I have no life left in me.”

She chuckled. “I know. Do you have your handcuffs?”

“I told you I couldn’t get it up again. I’m exhausted.”

“I don’t mean that.”

“Then why do we need handcuffs?”

“I want you to handcuff me to the bed.”

“This still sounds like a sex thing to me.”

“It’s so if I change during the night.”

“Will it restrain you?”

“No, but it might slow me down enough for you to get away.”

Tyler rolled onto his side and caressed her hair as he looked into her eyes. “I’m not going to handcuff
you to the bed.”

“Well, would you at least sleep with your taser on the nightstand?”

“Aster, I’m not afraid of you.” Aster looked down at the long thick scars on his chest. He took her in his
arms and tucked her in close. “Go to sleep. You will see it will all be just fine.”


Tyler felt Aster’s body jerk, and it drew him from a restful sleep. Rolling over, he saw Aster was still
asleep next to him. Only she had begun to toss. She must have been having a nightmare. Her head
thrashed side to side, and Tyler could tell she was getting aggressive. She began to snarl in her sleep,
and her nails began to become claws. She was changing again.

“Oh shit.” Ok, there had to be a way to prevent the change. He knew he couldn’t wake her up. The last
time he had tried, she had nearly killed him, and the time before that, she had bitten him. Waking her
was dangerous. That meant his only option was to try and calm her while asleep.

Unsure it would world and nervous for his wellbeing Tyler wrapped himself around Aster, holding her
close to his body, trying to offer her the safety and security she was currently lacking. Tyler stroked
Aster’s hair and kissed her face as he whispered softly in her ear that she was safe with him.

Slowly Aster began to relax back into a peaceful sound slumber. Chaos averted, Tyler relaxed and
went back to sleep with his arms around Aster.

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