Novel Name : Beautiful Creatures Series

Chapter 46: 4

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Gordon prepared his machine and ink for his day. It was Monday, and he had an appointment with
Mackenzie to work on her tattoo, but after the way he snapped at her the night before, he doubted very
much that she was going to show up. He had stayed up all night getting drunk alone in the dark. The
date had started off so well and ended so badly. He would not blame Mackenzie one bit if she never
wanted to see him again.

The chime from the door drew Gordon out of his thoughts. Placing the ink in his hands down on the
tray, he walked to the front of the store and was surprised by Mackenzie. She was not dressed the way
she usually did. She had dressed down in a pair of white denim shorts and a light blue t-shirt. It was
strange how she could go from sexy entrepreneur to homespun girl next door, right down to the pigtails
and the blush pink lipstick.

“I didn’t think you would come,” he said.

“I wasn’t sure if you would want me to,” she replied. “But I want my tattoo done, and I don’t want
anyone but you touching it.”

“Hop up onto the chair. Top off,” he said, walking over to lock the door so no one would walk in on
Mackenzie in her bra. He turned on the closed sign and pulled down the shades. He joined her in the
back, where Mackenzie had already removed her shirt and unzipped her shorts so they could sit low on
her hips and out of his way. She had laid out on her side the way he had made her lay the first time.
The black and white striped bra and panties set she was wearing was going to make it damn hard to
remain professional.

Clearing his throat awkwardly, Gordon pulled his stool up, and he set to work. They sat in silence for
some time before Mackenzie said something. “How did you sleep last night?”

“I didn’t,” he confessed. “I stayed up getting drunk. In all truth, I think I may still be a little buzzed.”

She gave him a concerned look. “Should you be tattooing if you are drunk?”

Gordon snickered. “Baby, I could tattoo blind and still be better than the next hundred guys. Trust me. It
will look great.”

Mackenzie chuckled. “It is nice to see you in better spirits.”

He frowned. “Yeah, about last night. I want to apologize for the way it ended.”

“It’s ok. You weren’t expecting a party crasher. I blame the night on her.”

He wished that was all that was bothering him. What was upsetting Gordon most was Mackenzie had
seen Melissa strike him. He had taken Melissa’s abuse for so long, but it had always been in privacy.
Somehow Mackenzie, bearing witness to an assault, shamed him. He was embarrassed and fears she
saw him as less of a man now because of it. “I hope you don’t think I’m weak, letting her hit me like that
and doing nothing about it.”

Mackenzie turned, and Gordon stopped what he was doing as she sat up properly and looked at him.
“Why would I think you were weak for not hitting her back. It takes a strong man not to hit a woman in
anger. This just proves you were raised right… she, on the other hand, was not,” he looked down,
unable to look her in the eye. Would she still feel that way if she knew how long it had been going on?
“I sense there is more to the story that you are not ready to discuss,” she was a very intuitive woman.
“When you are ready, I’d be happy to listen.”

“Lay down. I need to get back to work,” he said softly. She was right that he was not ready to discuss
the complications of his life with anyone, let alone a woman he had just met.

Mackenzie smiled and resumed the position she had been in moments ago. “So when are you going to
give me a makeup date?”

“Makeup date?”

“Sure, the last one got bungled, and I’m still horny.”

Gordon laughed so hard he had to stop what he was doing for a moment. “You are frank, aren’t you?”

“Life is too short of beating around the bush,” he liked the way she thought. He was too damn old for
stupid high school games. He could appreciate a woman who got right to the point and didn’t play head
games. “How about my place tonight. There is less chance we will be rudely interrupted again.”

“I don’t know,” he sighed. Mackenzie was fun, but Gordon was not sure he was ready to deal with any
relationship, even one as simple as friends with benefits.

“Then, how about tomorrow?” He just looked at her with uncertainty. “Wednesday? Thursday?”

Gordon chuckled. “You just don’t give up, do you?”

“Not when I want something, no. I’m stubborn. It’s an endearing quality.”

Gordon smiled. “Ok, tonight at your place.”


“Let’s make it eight,” he had a few prior obligations. One of his boys, Darrell, was getting married, and
he was standing up with the boy at his wedding next week. This afternoon they were all going tux
shopping. He was not sure how long it would take, but he still wanted to go home after and shower
before he met up with Mackenzie.


Darrell tried on the purple vest and looked himself over in the mirror. Purple and yellow were his
wedding colours. “So, what is this? I hear you left Melissa?” Darrell asked as Gordon put on his vest

and looked down at it. He had never been one for these monkey suits. Gordon had never been the
classy type. He would choose jeans over a suit any day. But this was a wedding, and his jeans would
be inappropriate.

Darrell had fallen in love with a human woman. Gordon, along with the rest of the pack, had been sure
Darrell’s infatuation with his bride Katelyn would fizzle out, but it did not. He had imprinted with the
human and shocked everyone. He was willing to leave the pack to be with her. However, when the shit
hit the fan, Katelyn went above and beyond to protect the pack and prove her loyalty to Darrell. After
that, denying their union seemed petty, so Gordon had made Katelyn the first human member of the

“I did. I finally got sick of all the bullshit,” he did not elaborate. He did not know how much the others
knew about what went on behind closed doors, and he was too embarrassed to admit it to anyone. A
few people knew. His daughter Aster knew. She had witnessed the abuse growing up. Then, of course,
there was Aurora, she had accidentally come across them in the middle of a fight, but he had sworn her
to secrecy.

The sound of fabric tearing drew their attention to Stanton, who stood a few feet away, trying on the tux
jacket which had torn right down the middle from the shoulders down. Stanton was a monstrous man.
He was huge. He stood almost seven-foot and was probably in the three-hundred-pound range, but it
was all muscle. He was a menacing-looking man with no physical appeal to most people. He was the
thing of children’s nightmares, yet he had managed to with the heart of an attractive young woman who
looked at him as if he were beautiful. He was a lucky man. He was now married with a new cub.

Both Stanton and Darrell had come to the pack as juveniles, orphaned in their teens. The pack took
them both in and gave them a home. While neither physically lived in his home, Gordon had still been
like a second father to them.

Stanton looked at them with an embarrassed smile as the shop owner stared at him in horror, having
damaged his property. “Sorry. I guess it doesn’t fit.”

Gordon looked at the horrified shop owner. “We will pay for that,” he promised. “Maybe something
bigger. Much bigger,” he returned his attention to Darrell. “If you are worried about Melissa and me
making a scene at the wedding, I promise you I can contain myself. I can’t say the same for her.”

“It’s just strange. I mean, we mate for life.”

“Well, we are supposed to marry others like us, but you have chosen not to, so it looks like we are both
setting new president,” Gordon grinned.

“Ok, I get it. You don’t want to talk about it,” Darrell snickered. “So, we won’t talk about it.”

“Good boy,” Gordon grinned, and the sound of tearing drew their attention again. Stanton had gotten
the jacket on, but that torn the sleeves when his arms flexed. Stanton grinned and looked back at
Gordon. The owner turned to Gordon with rage in his eyes. Gordon grinned apologetically. “Start a tab,”
he then looked at Darrell. “We may have to get a jacket specially tailored for him.”

“I don’t think there is enough fabric in Aspen to make him a jacket that will fit,” Darrell snickered.

“I heard that,” Stanton snickered. “I’ll have you know my Hummingbird loves every inch of me.”

“Well, there is no accounting for taste,” Darrell teased.

Gordon snickered. Stanton and Darrell were best of friends and had been since the day they met. They
were polar opposites, but they got along great. Where Stanton was an oversized beast with poor social
skills, Darrell was a looker who broke hearts all over town. People loved him, and it was hard for
Gordon to see him as anything but the playboy he was. However, since Katelyn came into his life,

Darrell had changed. He had become a one-woman man, and he seemed happy about it. In the end,
that was all that mattered.


Mackenzie stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom, admiring Gordon’s fine work. She still had two
more appointments to finish it, but it was defiantly coming along nicely. He really did beautiful work.
Mackenzie had decided tonight she was going to get what she wanted and then feed him. She had put
on a ruby red lace bra with matching string bikini bottoms and not a thing else. She had left her golden
locks loose and fixed her makeup when she heard the door buzzer for her loft. Grabbing her short
white silk robe, she slipped it on and tied the sash around her waist.

Walking to the door, she pressed the intercom button. “Hello?”

“It’s Gordon,” his voice came back.

“Come on up,” she pressed the button to buzz him in. Moments later, she heard a knock at her door.

Mackenzie opened the door and invited Gordon in. She closed the door behind him and locked it.
Gordon looked Mackenzie over in her robe. “Am I early?” He asked, watching her untie the sash and let
her robe fall open.

Mackenzie shrugged the robe off and let it fall to the floor. “Any later, and I would have had to start
without you.”

Gordon groaned with approval and snaked one arm around her waist, pulling her against him. “And I
would have missed all the fun.”

Mackenzie noticed a brown paper bag in his hand. “What is that?”

“It is a surprise,” he whispered.

“I love surprises,” she purred. Taking him by the hand, she led Gordon to the couch.

He admired her body as she followed. “Man, look at that ass.”

“Don’t you say the sweetest things,” she giggled as she sat him down.

“Sorry, Babe. I have been out of the game for a while. I wasn’t having nearly as much sex as my wife
was,” Gordon cringed as he watched her standing in front of him. “I probably shouldn’t have mentioned
her. Did I just kill my chances?”

Mackenzie giggled. “It sounds like she didn’t appreciate you,” she said, placing her hand on his chest
and pushed him back against the arm of the couch. “It sounds like you need someone to pay a little
attention to you,” she whispered as she straddled his lap.

Mackenzie leaned over and nibbled on his ear while her hands slid under his shirt and moved over his
bare chest. He was hard muscle. His flesh felt like smooth silk over garnet. She didn’t understand why
any woman would betray him the way his wife had. But that woman’s loss was Mackenzie’s gain. She
kissed a path down his neck and heard him moan softly. Her hand glided down over his abs and down
the front of his jeans, taking hold of his arousal.

“Oh girl, you could drive a man mad,” he groaned.

Mackenzie’s lips hovered over his teasing him. She took hold of his shirt and slowly lifted it up and off
over his head. For forty-five, he was ripped. Gordon had the kind of body women coveted, and twenty-
year-old men wished they could achieve. It should have been a sin to look this good.

Mackenzie placed butterfly kisses all over his chest, moving lower and lower. Her body slid down his,
and his fingers threaded through her long hair when she unzipped his jeans and pulled them down his

legs, his glorious erection reaching up across his firm flat belly. Mackenzie pulled his jeans and shorts
off, tossing them aside. She was going to do for him something she was sure his wife had never done.

Mackenzie wrapped her mouth around the head of his erection. Her hand gripped the base, and she
began to slide him in and out of her mouth. His fingers curled in her hair, getting a grip. His eyes
closed, and his head fell back, a husky groan coming from his throat. Mackenzie sucked and ran her
tongue up and down the shaft. Her finger circled the shaft, and she stroked him while she slid him in
and out of her mouth. She could feel his muscles tighten as he reached his climax. Mackenzie pulled
back quickly but kept her hand tight around his manhood as his seed came forth.

She looked up and smiled. He looked so relaxed now. “That was great,” he said, sitting up. He stood up
and began to circle her running his hand over her belly. He stopped behind her, his body pressed
against hers. She closed her eyes as his hand brushed her hair aside and out of his way. His mouth
moved over her neck while his fingers traced the lace of her bra, then skillfully unhooked the back and
let it fall onto the floor at their feet.

Gordon’s hands moved over her shoulders and back, lightly circling around her waist and pulling her
back against him. His fingers stroked her through the lace of her panties, making her damp with desire.
“Take it off,” he whispered in her ear. “I bought something for you,” he said, turning her around and
pushing her back against the couch. He took her panties and pulled them off. When she made to
remove her heels, he stopped her. “Leave them on,” he said, kissing her forehead. “Close your eyes.”

Mackenzie closed her eyes and held her breath. She could hear him moving around, and she
wondered what he was doing until she felt him force a vibrator deep inside her and turned it on. Her
eyes flew open, and she gasped with excitement. Gordon moved it in and out in quick deep thrusts
making her squirm and lift her hips from the couch. It was driving her crazy, but he wasn’t done with
her. Gordon leaned forward, and his tongue ran over the bud of her sex, licking and suckling, making
her hands shake.

Mackenzie closed her eyes and cried out as she came closer and closer to climax. Gordon continued
his assault on her sense, watching her face as he manipulated her body. “God, you are so sexy. That’s
it, baby, cum for me. Call my name,” he said, pulling the vibrated out. His mouth replaced it quickly,
licking and lapping at her womanhood. Mackenzie whimpered as he brought her to orgasm.

Gordon got off his knees and sat down on the couch. Taking her hand, he pulled Mackenzie into his
lap, her legs on either side of his waist. He moved her into position, and Mackenzie sank down on his
renewed erection. Instinctively she began to move, grinding hard against him.

“Oh yeah, Baby, fuck me,” he said, sitting up and taking a rosy peaked nipple in his mouth, suckling
greedily. His hands gripped her bottom, and he forcefully lifted her up and down, pushing himself
deeper with each thrust. “Yeah, just like that,” he groaned, his husky praise increasing her pleasure.

Gordon held her bottom, and he lifted her as he rolled over and pushed her against the couch, settling
between her legs. He took her with a hurried need. There was an animalistic look in his amber eyes.
Her hands moved over his back, her nails digging into his flesh. She couldn’t stop begging him to cum
with her. She called his name, and Gordon tensed and shook with his own release, spilling into her.

They remained motionless as they caught their breath. His forehead rested against hers. “Give me ten
minutes, and we’ll go again,” he promised.

Mackenzie giggled, “You’re an animal.”

“You have no idea,” he smiled.

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