Novel Name : Beautiful Creatures Series

Chapter 61: EPILOGUE

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France, five years later…

Gordon got out of the cab and paid the driver. He stood in the driveway of his house and took a deep
breath. Freedom never felt so good. He had finally been paroled, and Gordon could not wait to see his
family. A lot had happened in five years. Aster had married and had a son of her own. Mackenzie had
visited him faithfully every week, and they spent every week in the trailers. Since he went in, she had
given birth to another son and was at this moment was pregnant with a third.

He had only seen his children in pictures. He wrote to them every week and sent the letters back with
Mackenzie. He could not wait to meet his sons. Gordon had not told anyone he had been paroled. He
had wanted to make it a surprise.

Gordon strolled up the steps of his house. He stepped up on the porch and reached for the door handle
than with a steadying breath, he pushed the door open and went inside. Mackenzie jumped up from the
couch and came to the door. When she saw it was Gordon, she threw herself in his arms. “Gordon!
Why didn’t you tell me you were getting out?”

“I wanted to surprise you.”

“I’m surprised.”

Gordon put his hand on Mackenzie’s ripe belly. “And the little one?”

“Active,” Gordon then looked past Mackenzie at the two boys sitting on the floor who had been
watching cartoons but were now intently watching him. “Boys come here,” she said, taking their little
hands and bringing them over to him. Preston stood next to his mother while Hayes hid behind her
hugging her leg. “Boys, I want you to meet your father.”

Gordon knelt and looked Preston in the eyes. “You have gotten so big.”

“Hello,” Preston said quietly.

Gordon smiled. It would take time for them to feel comfortable around him, but he had all the time in the
world. Gordon then looked at Hayes. “Hello,” he scooted farther behind Mackenzie, hiding his face from
view. It was sad that his children did not know him, but he would rectify that. Now that he was home, no
one would take him from his family again.

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