Novel Name : Beautiful Creatures Series

Chapter 48: 6

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The smell of coffee under his nose drew Gordon from his sleep. He opened his eyes to see Mackenzie
seated on the end of the bed next to him with a mug of hot fresh, brewed coffee. He was on his side
and confused. How did he get here? He sat himself up and accepted the coffee from her hands. He
lifted the coffee to his lips and took a sip. He had no idea where she bought her coffee, but it was
always good. “What am I doing here?”

“You said you were here for a booty call.”

“I did?”

“You showed up at my door at four in the morning looking for sex. Your breath was toxic, so I went to
get you some mouth wash, but when I came back, you were unconscious. So, I let you sleep.”

“So, we didn’t….”

“Didn’t even get close,” she grinned.

“Well, that is humiliating,” he said, sipping his drink once more. “What time is it?”


Alarm lept into his throat. “Oh shit. I’m late,” he put the coffee down and jumped out of bed. I have to be
at the wedding in two hours. I still have to go home and change. He looked her over. “You are not

“I’ll be ready in an hour,” she promised.

“I don’t have an hour,” he said, taking out his cellphone. He quickly sent her a text, including Darrell’s
address. “I got to go. I just sent you the address of the wedding. It starts at noon,” he said, rushing to

the door with Mackenzie following him. “Meet me there. I’m standing up, so just take any seat, and I’ll
be all yours once the ceremony is over.”


“Sorry, I can’t wait for you. But my tux is at home, and…” He sniffed his shirt, which stunk of beer. “I
need a shower,” he leaned in to kiss her, but she placed her finger over his lips.

“After you brush,” she grinned.

Gordon grinned and kissed her cheek. “I’ll see you later,” he then left and broke every speed limit
getting himself home in record time. He parked his bike and stripped away his clothes as he ran up the
stairs to the washroom. He quickly showered, brushed his teeth and did some much-needed grooming.
Then he put his tux on and went out to the garage. He tore a car cover off a mint condition 1969
midnight black Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. Come winter. The Colorado roads were traitorous for a bike.
When it started to snow, Gordon would break out his car and drive it until the spring. While the roads
were technically in great condition driving a Harley while wearing a tux seemed unsuitable. So tonight,
he would drive his car.

He hopped into his car and hit the button of the garage door opener attached to the visor to open the
garage door before backing out. Then he hit the button and closed the door as he exited the driveway.
Luckily Darrell’s place was only a ten-minute drive away. He pulled into an open spot on the back roads
that lined the property with the other vehicles. Hoping out, Gordon ran around the side of the house to
the wide-open backyard. They had all the chairs set up on one side, and on the other were four large
tents set up to make one large section where the dining tables and a dance floor were set up for the

Guests were already taking their seats, and Darrel was standing at the arbour with Stanton and the
officiant. He walked over and quickly apologized for being late while fixing his vest and jacket. “Sorry,

I’m late,” he apologized.

“It’s fine. You got here on time,” Darrell grinned as he looked out over the guests taking their seats. On
the Groom’s side, members of the pack. Since Darrell had no family outside his sister Charlotte those
in attendance were friends and the pack, which for the last six years had been like family to him. On the
Bride’s side, only close family and friends. Humans who had no clue at all that they were among what
they would consider monsters. As long as no one in the pack got drunk and wolfed out, the human
guests would never know. “So, where is this date?”

Gordon looked out over the guests, and his mouth curved in a grin when he saw one of the ushers
showing Mackenzie to a seat. He nodded to her, and she smiled with a little wave. She looked amazing
in a fitted yet classy green dress. She had swept her hair up into a sophisticated up due. Around her
neck was a simple gold chain with an open heart pendant. It always amazed him how she always
looked her best. Even when she just rolled out of bed, she did so, looking deliciously fuckable. Gordon
pointed Mackenzie out. “That’s her.”

Stanton whistled. “You weren’t kidding. She’s young. A lot younger than I thought she would be.”

“She’s got to be our age,” Darrell commented. “Way to go,” Darrell high-fived Gordon. “Look at you
being a player.”

Suddenly Aurora was at their side. “We are ready to start,” she whispered.

Darrell grinned. “Time to get hitched,” everyone took their positions, and the wedding began.


The wedding march began, and the guests rose for the bride’s entrance. Mackenzie stood up, and from
her seat, near the aisle, she had an unobstructed view of the bride coming down the aisle on her
father’s arm. Mackenzie was impressed the wedding was very down to earth, and the bride had a

simple country feel while still looking elegant and breathtakingly beautiful. Mackenzie could see the
love in her eyes. When she looked back at the groom, Mackenzie was certain he would break out in
tears at the sight of his bride.

Mackenzie had made a living out of attending strangers’ weddings, and she could always tell which
ones were truly in love and which ones would not make it to their third anniversary. It was easy to see
the love between this couple. These two were part of the few that would last. The groom to the bride’s
hand, and they faced the officiant as the guests took their seats.

The ceremony was short but sweet. As the bride and groom spoke the vows that they wrote
themselves. Even Mackenzie was dapping her eyes with a handkerchief from her purse so as not to
ruin her makeup. The officiant pronounced them Husband and Wife, and the groom kissed his bride as
the guests all rose and applauded. With the ceremony over, the guests and wedding party retired to the
tents to enjoy dinner and dancing.

Mackenzie found it strange they did not leave to take pictures. Most couples did. As she made her way
to the tents, Gordon joined her. He hugged her hello and gave her a quick kiss. “You look amazing,” he

“You do too,” this was a side of Gordon that Mackenzie figured people did not often see. He was
dressed in a perfectly tailored tux with his hair pulled back. He was cleaned up respectably, and she
had to admit the tux was as sexy as the leather and jeans. In honesty, Mackenzie thought there was
nothing this man did not look good in. “Don’t you have to take pictures?”

“No. There will be no pictures.”

“Why not?”

“It’s a long story. One I don’t want to get into right now,” he said, taking her hand. “Come on, Babe; you
are sitting with me at table two.”

Mackenzie thought it strange that no one was taking pictures with their phones. Then she noticed the
sign at the end of the aisle that said, “No photography,” she had not noticed it when she came in.

Gordon took Mackenzie to the head table and introduced her to the newlyweds and four others. “This is
Darrell and Katelyn.”

Mackenzie shook both of their hands. “So nice to meet you. It’s a beautiful wedding congratulations.”

“Darrell is one of my boys. I took him in when he was in his teens. He’s like a son to me. This is
Charlotte Darrell’s kid sister and another of my fosters,” Mackenzie shook hands with Charlotte. This is
another of my boys. Stanton and his wife Aurora and their new son Dayton,” Mackenzie shook Aurora’s
hand as she held her son, then she shook Stanton’s as she stared up at him, confused how this beast
of a man had landed the wife he had. The man was freaky ugly. “And last but not least, my flesh and
blood daughter Aster.”

Mackenzie shook her hand. Aster was very pretty, but she looked like she might be uncertain how to
feel about her father dating, let alone someone her own age. Mackenzie was not sure Aster liked her,
but the woman did not say so Mackenzie would ignore the tension. They took their seats, and Gordon
introduced her to some of his friends at the table. As they ate dinner, the wedding party made
speeches. Even Gordon stood up when the microphone was offered to him and said a few fatherly
words that were touching.

Once dinner was over, a DJ turned on the music, and the guests took to the dance floor. Gordon took
Mackenzie by the hand and led her out onto the floor. He took her in his arms, and they began to dance
to the slow song that was playing. Mackenzie was surprised he was actually a very good dancer. He
did not look like he would be, but she was pleasantly surprised.

After a few dances, Aster asked to dance with her father, so Mackenzie bowed out. She needed a drink
anyway. She stood in the short line at the bar and ordered a beer for Gordon and a Tequila Sunrise for

herself. When she turned around, Mackenzie stopped short so she didn’t bump into Gordon’s ex, who
was glaring at her with her arms crossed. “I can’t think of anything tackier than a middle-aged man
bringing his sugar baby to a family function.”

Sugar baby? “Bitch, I am no man’s sugar baby. I pay my own way. Can you say the same?”

“Listen here, Bimbo Barbie….”

“Bimbo? Who are you calling bimbo? You’re the one with her tits hanging out of her dress?” Melissa’s
dress was so low if she sneezed, she’d pop right out of her top. “At least I have enough self-respect to
dress appropriately for a wedding. You look like you should be turning tricks on skid row. If you are
hoping that sleazy dress is going to get Gordon’s attention, you are sorely mistaken. After all, why
would he want your bottled blond ass when he could fuck me. I think all that peroxide has fried your
brains,” she said, trying to walk past her.

Melissa reached out and shoved Mackenzie into a nearby table, spilling everyone’s drinks and breaking
the heel of Mackenzie’s expensive shoe. The altercation had drawn everyone’s attention. Furious
Mackenzie took off her broken shoe and looked at it.

“These were expensive.”

“Why bother with expensive trappings when you are so cheap and slutty?” Melissa hissed.

“Alright. Mackenzie removed her other shoe and handed both to the woman at the table. “You want to
make this into something fine,” Mackenzie balled up her fist and punched Melissa as hard as she
could, knocking the woman on her bottom. “My Dad taught me to fight, so if you want to make
something of this, we can throw down. I’m half your age; I don’t think I’ll have a problem taking you.”

Melissa rose to her feet, and she began to growl like an animal. Suddenly Gordon was at their side. He
grabbed Melissa by the arm and forcefully turned her away from Mackenzie, and walked her away. “We

need to talk,” he snarled as he dragged her off to someplace more private.


Gordon marched Melissa back to his car. He released her with rage in his eyes. “Are fucking insane?”
He growled at her. “Do you have any idea how many humans are back there, and you were just going
to wolf out in front of them. Are you trying to get us all killed?”

“This is why you should have never allowed this farce of a wedding to happen in the first place.
Humans do not belong in the pack.”

“Katelyn risked everything to protect the pack. She earned the right to be here. At the moment, she
deserves to be a pack member more than you do.”

“Ok fine. Look, I’m sorry I almost wolfed out back there, but that bitch hit me.”

“You started the fight.”

“I couldn’t help it. Seeing you with that woman pisses me off.”

“You don’t get a say in who I see.”

She swayed close to him, running her hands over his chest. “It’s so hard when you look this good not to
want you,” she looked back at the car. “This old thing brings back so many memories,” she ran her
hand along the hood of the car. “Do you remember when we used to neck in the backseat?”

“I don’t exactly feel like reminiscing with you.”

“We had some good times together.”

“Right up until I said I do. Then you suddenly became a raving psycho bitch. Our entire marriage was a
bait and switch. I thought I was marrying a sweet girl, but you became an abusive skank. I am so glad it
is over. Leaving you is like getting out of prison. I did a life sentence, and now I’m out, and I’m going to
fuck whomever I want, and I don’t give a shit whether you approve or not.”

“Do you honestly believe that tart will still want you if she knew what you truly are?”

“It doesn’t matter because we’re just having a good time. You can’t throw a monkey wrench into my
relationship with her.”

“Watch me,” she turned to leave, but Gordon grabbed her arm, forced her to turn and pushed her down
on the hood of his car, his hand around her throat, applying pressure.

“Watch who you threaten. You can’t out me without outing the pack. If you willingly put the pack at risk,
I will kill you. I’ll weed you out, and no one will fault me.”

“Get off me,” Melissa hissed as she pushed him off her. “Fine. I’ll hold my tongue. But mark my word.
Nothing good can come from bringing humans into the fold. This is going to come back and bite you in
the ass. I’m going to laugh when it does,” she growled and walked off.

Gordon went back to the party and apologized to Darrell and Katelyn for the scrap. He then went to
Mackenzie. “Hey, are you ok?” He asked, caressing her face. “She didn’t hurt you, did she?’

Mackenzie snickered. “Naw, I’ve dealt with stuck-up bitches like her before. I would have mopped the
dancefloor with her.”

Gordon laughed. “You are as tough as nails.”

She held up her shoes and sighed at the snapped heel. “Well, these are trash. There go a hundred
dollars down the drain.”

“Your shoes cost a hundred dollars?”

“What is your problem?” Mackenzie giggled. “You didn’t buy them.”

“True. Why don’t you let me pay you for them? Since it is my fault, they got damaged.”

“It’s not your fault. It was her fault.”

“I’d like to pay for them anyway.”

“If you insist,” she smiled, pressing herself against him. “To pay me back for them, you can take home
and make me cum using that wicked tongue of yours.”

Gordon could feel himself stiffen at the thought of taking her to bed. “Now that’s a debt I can pay.”

“Shall we go?” Gordon nodded, and Mackenzie took him by the hand and led him back to the cars.

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