Novel Name : Beautiful Creatures Series

Chapter 28: 6

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As promised, Aurora returned at noon and again at six after she closed up for the night… and she had
brought take out. Like with breakfast, they sat at the kitchen table talking and getting to know one
another. Aurora answered all of the questions Katelyn had about Lycanthropes and the pack. Much of it
was difficult to believe.

At seven, Darrell returned home. He walked into the kitchen, putting an end to the conversation as
Aurora greeted him. “Evening, Cowboy. How was your day?”

“Uneventful. Just the way I like it,” he said, stealing a piece of fried chicken off Aurora’s plate. “What is
going on here? Are you giving away all our secrets?”

“Just getting to know one another,” Aurora said. “I thought if she understood us, maybe she wouldn’t be
so gung-ho to turn us it.”

“And what have you been telling her?”

“Just what little I know, given I haven’t known myself for long.”

“I see. While you ladies talk, I’m going to go shower and clean up from work,” he said, finishing the
chicken and tossing the bone on the plate before heading for the washroom.

“Oh, Baby, take it off,” Aurora hooted like she was front row for Magic Mike. Even Katelyn laughed.
Darrell winked at them both as he removed his shirt and threw it at Aurora before closing the door
removing him from their sight. With Cowboy home, Aurora stood up. “Well, I’m going to head home.
Got to go feed my beast.”

“Aren’t you going to tie me back up?” Katelyn asked as Aurora made no effort to restrain her again.
She had untied Katelyn’s hands completely this time.

Aurora looked at Katelyn. “Do I need to?” She asked with a trusting smile. “Give him a chance. He’s not
a bad guy,” she said, heading for the back door. “I will see you tomorrow,” and with that, Aurora was

Katelyn could hear the shower running. Darrell was occupied, and Aurora was gone. Katelyn bit her
bottom lip as she considered using this time to run. She might have done so, too, if she had not spent
so much time talking to Aurora. Katelyn still was not sure about this Lycan thing, but she had to admit
she was curious. How could a man turn into an animal? She could not leave. She had to see this with
her own eyes to believe it. Katelyn decided to stay.

Ten minutes later, the door opened, and Darrell came out just wearing his jeans. He looked surprised to
see Katelyn sitting there alone, unbound and not trying to flee. “Where did Aurora go?”

“She said to feed the beast.”

“And she didn’t tie you up?” Katelyn shook her head no. “And you are still here?” He sounded amazed.

“I want to see it,” she said outright.’

Darrell looked at her funny. “You want to see it? You want to see what?”

“The wolf. Aurora said you could become a wolf. Not just a half-human monster but a full wolf. Is that

He took a moment to think. “Yes,” he eventually confessed.

“I want to see. Can you change, or do you need a full moon?

Darrell chuckled at her comment. “No, I don’t need a full moon. I can change at will.”

“Will you show me? Let me see the wolf.”

“I don’t know if that is such a good idea. It is not a pretty sight.”

“I don’t care. If you want me to understand why you are holding me against my will, then I want to see
the wolf.”

Darrell stared at her for a long time. “If I change, you are going to run.”

“I promise I won’t. Please. I want to understand, but I need to see what you are.”

He was clearly unsure. Darrell sighed as he gave in. “You want to see? Ok? But you need to remember
no matter what you see. It is still me. I’m not going to hurt you,” Katelyn nodded. His hands went to his
jeans to remove them.

“Hold up. What are you doing?”

“Taking off my pants.”


“So I don’t ruin them.”

“You have to be naked to change?”

“It does help,” Darrell snickered and shook his head. “Mortals are always such prudes. Lycan’s don’t
care about nudity. I have seen everybody in this pack naked, and they have seen me naked… and
nobody cares. It is just flesh.”

“But do you have to be naked?”

“Yes, I have to be naked. Do you have any idea how much I would have to spend replacing my
wardrobe if I changed while dressed?”

“I don’t see why you….”

“Do you want to see it or not?” He snapped, annoyed by this conversation.

Katelyn decided if it had to be done naked, then she would have to deal with it. She would just keep her
eyes on his face and try not to look lower. “Ok.”

“You sure?”


Darrell removed his jeans, stepping out of them. He moved the chair closest to him to give himself
space. He now stood in front of her naked as the day he was born, and… oh God, she looked down.
Holly hell, a heated grin curved her lips. Darrell was well equipped. She heard Darrell laugh as he
noticed how her gaze drifted down, and now, she was flush with desire.

“Do you still want me to change, or would you prefer I stand here a little while longer?” Katelyn looked
up to see the spark of cocky mischief in his eyes and that wicked little grin.

“Sorry. By all means, yes, change.”

Darrell pointed to his face. “My eyes are up here,” Katelyn laughed, and then her laughter ended
abruptly when his amber eyes began to glow. Katelyn sat up a little straighter. Soon his eyes were so
bright she could have been looking into the headlights of some sports car. Darrell let out an animalistic
growl and bared his fangs, which he had not had moments ago. Her eyes dropped to Darrell’s hands at
his side, and she watched him grow claws.

Katelyn gasped and slid her chair back against the wall when she started to hear his bones crack and
break as his body reconfigured itself. He hit the floor on all fours as his spine elongated, and he
sprouted a tail. His arms and legs became animalistic. A tanned fur began to spread over his entire

body. Her eyes widened in horror as she watched his jaw dislocate as his face extended, becoming
wolfish. The whole horrifying transformation took only seconds, and now the most magnificent beast
sat in front of her. It was the wolf from her pictures. He was massive up close. He was so beautiful.

Katelyn rose from her seat as she approached the beast slowly, her arm outstretched. She did not
know if in this form, it was still Darrell in control of his faculties and if he even recognized her. He felt
slow was the way to approach him. He made no move to stop her. Katelyn’s hand gently caressed the
fur on the top of his head. It was soft. As she petted Darrell, he leaned into her rubbing his head
against her arm just like a dog might. She ran her hand down his back, and the wolf laid down,
squirmed a little and then rolled onto his back with his belly exposed as he looked at her with his
tongue out. Katelyn giggled and rubbed his belly. It was funny he behaved like a happy ten-pound dog
and not a vicious three-hundred-pound demon wolf.

Darrell rolled over onto his belly, but he did not get up. He just looked at her. Katelyn sat on the floor
with him, looking into those eyes. He had told her their eyes did not change. She understood now he
meant more than physically. Looking into his eyes, Katelyn could see his soul. She could see how he
communicated with just a look. There was a man looking back from the body of a beast.

“Can you speak when you look this way?” She asked. He said nothing. Darrell simply looked at her,
and she knew his answer. He could not speak in this form.

His eyes began to glow again, and Katelyn watched as the transformation reversed, and soon, the man
sat face to face with her on the floor. They still held eye contact, and Katelyn was speechless. That had
been the most amazing and remarkable thing she had ever seen. After a long, intense silence, Darrell
spoke. “Would you be so kind as to hand me my pants?”

Katelyn had totally forgotten he was naked. Which was one hell of a feat because he was gorgeous as
a man, but when he was a wolf… there were no words. She reached for the discarded jeans next to her

and handed them to Darrell. He stood up, yanking his pants back on. Then he offered Katelyn his hand
to help her up from the floor.

Once standing, Katelyn dusted herself off and stared at him with awe. “That was amazing… horrifying,
but amazing. You are the most beautiful animal I have ever seen,” and she had seen a lot of animals.

“Thanks,” he said, smiling at her.

“When you are the wolf, you understand me, don’t you?”

“I do, yes. The body changes, but the mind doesn’t.”

“But you can’t talk?”

“No. I could have howled, but I was trying not to be threatening,” she appreciated that.

“I’m astonished that something as amazing as what you are hasn’t been known to the rest of the world?
How do you all hide?”

“In the past, the humans knew about us. They started hunting us. As the world changed and our
numbers became fewer and fewer, mankind started to forget us. Soon we became a folktale, then a
myth, then an invention of Hollywood. We decided that not existing was the best way to exist. So
technically… we don’t exist, and we want to keep it that way.”

She understood. If the world realized these creatures existed, they would band together to eliminate
them. She could not be a part of that. “I won’t tell anyone,” she promised. “You have my word.”

“Thank you.”

“On one condition.”

He looked surprised. “I’m sorry, what?”

“I have a request. If you want my silence, you have to grant it.”

“Like what?”

“I want you to let me hang around you and the others. I want to study you.”

“I’m not a science experiment. You can’t write a book about me. Why could you possibly gain for
studying me?”

“I love wildlife. I made a career off of watching it. You are the most remarkable animal I have ever seen,
and I want… I need to know more. I have so many questions. Please, I just want to observe. I won’t

“The pack is never going to allow it.”

“Well, can’t we lie to them?”

“And tell them what? What possible reason could I have to have you following me around?”

Katelyn thought about it for a moment. “We were on a date when things went sour. Maybe we made up
and started dating.”

“You have a fiancé,” he reminded her.

“Screw him. This is life-changing. I don’t care about Nigel. He was a cheating asshole anyway. I want to
be where you are,” she frowned when he did not speak. “Or is there a rule against dating humans?”

He seemed thoughtful for a minute. “It happens, but they don’t usually let us bring them around.”

“Well, they know I know, so maybe they won’t be as uptight about the rules since there is nothing left to

“It is not going to be easy. The pack may not just accept this as truth.”

“Why not?”

“Because I never date… like ever.”

“You are celibate?” She asked, shocked.

“God, no! I screw around all the time; I just don’t date.”

Katelyn frowned. He was one of those guys. “Well, you do now because I’m a delight.”

He laughed. “I see. If I don’t do this?”

“Then you are going to have to kill me because I’m going to walk out the door and tell everyone about
you,” she threatened. Katelyn felt comfortable making this threat. If he was willing to kill her, he would
have done so in the alley.

Darrell sighed in defeat. “Ok, but only for a few months, then we break up and go our separate ways.
You keep our secret. If you go back on your word, I’ll expose you to Gordon. I might not kill you, but
you better believe he will.”

“Deal,” she said, offering him her hand. “Shake,” she said with a teasing smile.

Darrell chuckled and shook her hand. Once he had her hand in his, Darrell pulled her forward while
leaning into her. “I’m not a dog.”

“Where can I sleep?”

“Well, I only have one bed.”

“I hope you don’t snore.”


Darrell allowed Katelyn to stay with him. He even insisted she shares his bed, claiming the couch
would be far too uncomfortable for a long stay. Having slept on it the night before, she agreed. At the
end of the night, Darrell turned in early, claiming he had to work in the early morning. Ince Nigel had not
cancelled the contract. He was still obligated to go back and finish the job. With that knowledge,
Katelyn turned in when he did. She followed him up the stairs to the loft above.

It was smaller than she had thought it would be. The room was shaped like a half-moon, and the
curving wall had five triangle-shaped windows floor to the peak of the triangular roof. In the middle of
the loft was the bed. It was a large queen-sized bed with dark bedding. The loft was extremely rustic.
Standing by the wooden banister, Katelyn looked down at the kitchen below.

Walking to the windows, she looked out into the night. His place had a lovely view of the trees and
mountains. Katelyn turned to see Darrell getting undressed. “What are you doing?” Katelyn asked,
watching him as he took off his pants and got into the bed naked.

“Going to bed. Why?”

“You sleep naked?”

“Most comfortable way to sleep,” he said, pulling the blanket up around his waist and fluffing his pillow.
“Why does it make you uncomfortable?” He snickered as he lay down, closing his eyes. “Humans are
way too uptight.”

Darrell did not look like he was planning to take advantage, so Katelyn stripped down to her t-shirt and
panties then climbed into bed next to him. After a few minutes of nothing happening, Katelyn relaxed
and fell asleep.

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