Novel Name : Beautiful Creatures Series

Chapter 22: EPILOGUE

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Three months later…

Stanton stood at the alter that Darrell had constructed just for the wedding. It was a beautiful white
wooden arch decorated in white lace and bright, colourful flowers. Darrell stood next to Stanton, the
rings in his pocket while the guest turned in their seats as the music started, and Aurora appeared at
the end of the aisle on Gordon’s arm. Since she lacked a father, Aurora had asked Gordon to walk her
down the aisle.

She looked like a fairy-tale princess in her long white dress. She had chosen an empress-cut gown to
accommodate the small growth of her belly. They had agreed to marry quickly so that they could be
mated before the baby was born. She looked beautiful. He could hardly believe he, of all people, had
snagged himself a wife like Aurora.

Gordon walked Aurora down the red carpet and handed her hand to Stanton. The two of them turned to
look at each other. She looked happy. How she could be happy with him, he did not understand, but he
thanked the good Lord she loved him. The minister performed the ceremony, and Darrell handed
Stanton the rings. He had saved up by matching wedding bands. Stanton slipped the ring on Aurora’s
finger and recited his vows. Then she did the same.

The minister pronounced them man and wife, telling Stanton he may kiss his bride. Stanton smiled at
Aurora. “This is it, Hummingbird. You kiss me. I’m not going to turn into a prince.”

Aurora grinned as she pressed herself against him. “Screw Prince Charming… I love the Beast,”
Stanton smiled and kissed her softly. This was the best day of his life.


Five months later…

Aurora’s eyes flashed like fire as she screamed. She had gone into labour during the night, and
Stanton had rushed out to fetch Melissa. Now she lay in their bed with her legs wide, and Melissa knelt
on the bed between them, talking her through labour. Aurora was drenched in sweat and in so much
pain. Melissa could offer her nothing for the pain. Aurora was going to have to give birth the way
women had for centuries.

Stanton sat on the bed next to her head, holding her hand and offering her support as she struggled to
bring their child into the world. “You are almost there, Aurora,” Melissa said. “One more push. I’m going
to pull, and it will be all over.”

She bared down and pushed hard. Melissa grabbed the baby by the shoulders and pulled. A sudden
sense of relief washed over her, and Aurora relaxed as the pain finally ended. She was so exhausted.
Aurora smiled when she heard the baby cry. It was a good strong cry. Melissa wrapped the baby in a
blanket and brought it to the head of the bed, offering it to Aurora.

“Congratulations, you guys. It’s a boy.”

Aurora held her baby and cried tears of happiness. She had never believed she could love someone so
completely and so instantly. He was perfect in every way, and worth all the pain she went through to
bring him into the world.

“He is beautiful,” Melissa said. “He looks just like his mother.”

“Lucky him,” Stanton grinned. “What should we name him?”

“Let’s call him Dayton.”

“Dayton Bradshaw,” Stanton said the name out loud. “I like it.”

“He’s going to be an alpha,” Melissa said knowingly. “I can sense it.”

Aurora could sense it too. Her boy was going to be pack leader one day, and she could not be any

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