Novel Name : Beautiful Creatures Series

Chapter 36: 14

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Gordon was cleaning up from his last customer when he heard the door chime announcing someone’s
entrance. He put down the bottles of ink he was putting away and walked around the corner to the front
room. He greeted the man on the other side of the counter. He was dressed in a fine suit. He looked
like one of those arrogant stuffy business types with his polished wingtip shoes and Ken doll hair cut.
This man was a typical douche, not the kind of people that usually came walking into his shop.

“Can I help you?”

“Yes, I’m lost.”

“And where are you going?”

“I’m looking for a man. He goes by the name of Darrell Savage. He’s a general contractor.”

“Yeah, I know who he is.”

“Right, well, I was told he lives in Feral, but I don’t see any houses, just businesses.”

“Right,” Gordon said, staring at this man. He sensed this guy might be trouble.

“Could you tell me how to get to his place?”

“Well, that depends.”

“Oh, what?”

“Why are you looking for him?”

“Why does it matter?”

“Well, you see, we take care of our own here in Feral. We don’t like strangers. You, my friend, are a
stranger. I’m not going to tell you how to find Darrell until I know why you want to find Darrell.”

“It is private business.”

“Nothing is private in Feral.”

“look, if you are not going to tell me where to find him, I’m just going to go down the street and ask
someone else,” the man snarled.

Gordon smiled. He knew no one would tell this man anything. The protection of the pack was absolute.
No matter their differences, they would never turn on each other. “You go ahead and do that,” the man
snarled and stormed out. The door chimed as he exited. Gordon took out his cellphone and called

“What’s up, Gordon?” Darrell answered chipper. He must have known who was calling, thanks to caller

“Some douche bag business guy was just here. He’s looking for you.”

“What does this guy look like? I work for so many spoiled douchebags. You will have to be more

“Cheesy three-piece suit, short brown hair, dark eyes, kind of looks like a weasel.”

“It is got to be Nigel.”


“Katelyn’s ex.”

Gordon was instantly annoyed by the very mention of that woman’s name. “Katelyn? I thought you
were done with that human woman?”

“Well, I guess I’m not as done as I thought I was.”

Gordon groaned. “Damn it, Darrell.”

“Look, I’ll deal with this guy. I’m on my way,” the line went dead. Gordon tucked his smartphone into his
pocket and headed for the door. He was locking up early because he had a feeling the shit was going
to hit the fan. It would only take Darrell ten minutes to get to the hub, and once he did, all hell was
going to break loose.


Nigel walked down the street to the local grocery store. Darrell had to eat, and it was a fair bet that he
probably bought his food here. There was a good possibility that one of the employees knew where he
lived. Opening the door, Nigel walked in and over to the counter. He looked around but did not see
anyone. “Hello,” he called out.

A young woman came out from the back room. Nigel’s mouth curved in a slick grin. Damn, she was
one hell of a looker. He instinctively ran his hands through his hair and over his suit, making sure he
looked his best. “Can I help you?” She asked. Oh, she had a sexy voice.

“Yes, I’m looking for…?” He paused in thought. Why did he come in here again? Oh right. “I’m looking
for directions.”

“Where you headed?”

“I’m looking for Darrell Savage’s home. Could you point me in the right direction?”

“I could.”

They both stood in silence for a moment. “So?” He asked, annoyed.

“I said I could. Not that I would.”

“Why not?”

“I know, Darrell. If he wanted you to know where he lived, you would already know.”

“We are friends.”

“I highly doubt that.”


She leaned in as if to tell him a secret. “Because you aren’t his type.”

She was pretty but mouthy. “You are a bitch, aren’t you?”

“You have no idea. If I were you, I would leave Feral. I assure you sticking around will not bode well for

“Is that a threat?”

“Foresight,” she smiled sweetly.

“You stupid bitch,” Nigel snarled as he left the store. What was wrong with the people in this shit hole?
They were all so hostile. Annoyed, Nigel stepped out into the street and saw a truck pull up to the curb
next to him. Darrell hopped out, followed by Katelyn of all people. Darrell came around the front of his
truck. “I have a bone to pick with you,” Nigel growled at Darrell. Before Darrell could reach him, Katelyn
got to him first. She balled up her fist and punched him as hard as she could in the face. Nigel’s head
snapped back, and a blinding pain formed behind his eyes as his nose bled and began to swell almost
instantly. “You broke my nose, you slut!”

“I’m the slut? You are the one fucking the whole town behind my back. God, I don’t know what I ever
saw in you.”

“Get out of my face,” Nigel snapped at her.

“Why you can’t handle someone pointing out that you are a lying sack of….” Nigel swung his arm,
slapping Katelyn across the face so hard she fell to the ground from the force of the impact. And she
went down she struck the back of her head against the front passenger fender of Darrell’s truck.

“I have wanted to do that for a long time,” in a flash, Derrell was between Nigel and Katelyn. “You want
some too, Hillbilly?” Suddenly Darrell’s eye began to glow, and Nigel took a cautious step back. He
snarled, and Nigel saw fangs. Nigel began to back away. “What the hell are you?” He breathed as he
looked around at the people who had come out of the buildings to watch the argument. Every one of
them had glowing eyes and fangs. “What the fuck?”

He bumped into a large body behind him and turned to see the name from the Tattoo shop. Like all the
others, his eyes were glowing, and he smiled, showing off a pair of fangs like the other. “If I were you,”
the tattoo shop owner snarled, “I would run.”


Darrell watched as Nigel ran to his car and got in. He spun the tires as he took off. Katelyn picked
herself up, her hand on her head. “Darrell, you have to stop him. If he gets back to Aspen, he will go
straight to the police. If he starts screaming werewolf, this town is going to be swarmed by hunters. You
can’t let him get away,” Darrell looked after the car as it disappeared from sight. He then looked back at

“I have to kill him,” he said.


Darrell took off running after the car shedding his clothes as he went letting the change take over. In
the span of ten feet, Darrell had gone from man to beast. All four paws hit the ground running, and his
speed increased. He did not have to look back to know the pack was behind him. They were not letting
Nigel get away.

Nigel was out of sight quickly, but Darrell had his scent, and he followed it. They ran as fast as they
could, and it did not take long for them to catch up with Nigel on the highway. Seconds later, the pack
overtook Nigel’s car. Darrell lept into the air and landed on the roof, caving in the roof a few inches from
the force of his weight. Off to the side came the big black beast that was Gordon. She raced up beside
the car and then lept into the air and pushed off from the side of the mountain that liked to Colorado
road slamming his massive body into the side of the car, sending it swerving.

Stanton came up on the other side and swiped the driver’s side rear tire with his front claws tearing the
rubber to shreds. With the tire gone, Nigel lost control of the vehicle, and the car spun out and went off
the road. Darrell jumped off as the car rolled down the side of the mountain, crushing bushes and
stopping when it slammed into a tree. The tumble down the mountainside crushed the car.

Darrell made his way down the hill to the car. He sniffed around the shattered windows and found Nigel
slumped in the front. Broken and bleeding, but still conscious. Darrell jammed his snout through the
window, frying to bite and Nigel’s leg so he could get a hold of the man and drag him out of the car, but
because of his size and the condition of the vehicle, Darrell could not reach him. Not willing to give up,
he reached in with his paws trying to dig his claws into

Nigel’s leg and get a grip on him. Nigel kicked at him trying to get out the other window. Where Darrell
failed, Nigel succeeded. He crawled out the opposite window trying to escape, but he was too wounded
to get up and run. Noticing his prey escaped the car, Darrel jumped up and over the upside-down car
and pounced on Nigel as he crawled away.

Seconds later, the rest of the pack members who had followed him were at their side, and everyone
was biting and tugging as Nigel screamed. When the screaming stopped, the wolves backed up and
stared at the non-moving body. The unpleasant deed was done. Nigel was dead, and the pack was a
secret once more. Gordon let out a howl, and the others followed suit, then they all started the run back
to Feral.


Katelyn paced the floor of Darrell’s house. She had driven his truck back to the house when the pack
took off. She was worried. If Nigel got away, he would bring back the police, or the army, or worse,
hunters. Everyone would die, and the pack would be wiped out because of her.

She knew she was not a Lycanthrope like the rest of them, but she had developed friendships with
some of them. She was crazy about Darrell, and she adored Aurora. Stanton was ok, and she even
liked Gordon. She did not blame Gordon for his hostility; after all, he was just a good guy trying to
protect those he loved. She held no grudges when it came to him.

She did not like the idea of killing Nigel, but she understood they were left with no choice. At this point,
someone had to die, and it was either Nigel or the pack. She would protect the pack. She would protect

When the door nudged opened, Katelyn spun around and saw the tanned wolf coming in as it
transformed into Darrell standing naked and covered in blood.

“Oh, my God,” she panicked at the sight of all that blood. “So much blood?”

“It is not mine,” he snarled as he walked through the house to the washroom. “I need a shower,” once
inside, he shut the washroom door, cutting himself off from her. She had no idea how killing people
affected Darrell. She knew at heart he was a good man. A kind and gentle man, but behind that man

was a strong and powerful alpha ready, willing, and capable of defending those he loved with deadly
force. Still, it had to be hard on him when he was left no choice.

It made her think about the night she went to the bar with him. When she saw what he was and chose
not to kill her. She now understood had bad that must have been for him. Everyone telling him to end
her and him going against what was best for the pack. By all rights, he should have killed her that night.
Knowing what she knew now, she could not even fault him for it. Still, she grateful he had chosen to
spare her. She had gotten off extremely lucky.

Darrell loved her. He had proven it when he exposed himself to Nigel after Nigel struck her. He should
not have, but he did. What surprised her even more was when the rest of the pack backed Darrell in his
defence of her. Maybe they were finally warming up to her.


Darrell stood in the shower. Both hands on the tile wall with his head was hung, and his shoulders
slumped, allowing the hot water to wash over his body, cleansing the blood from his person. He never
liked killing people. Every time he killed someone, a little piece of him died with them even when they
were dirtbags like Nigel.

How would Katelyn ever love him when she knew him to be a killer?


Pain radiated through his body, and Nigel came to. The world faded in and out. All he saw was blurry
darkness. He had no idea how long he had been lying there in his own blood. It was night now. He
knew if he was to survive, he would have to get back to the road. He was in immense pain as she
crawled up the hill on his belly. Reaching the top, he staggered to his feet. The pain was blinding.
Through the blur, he saw a set of headlights coming his way. He staggered out into the road to flag
them down for help. The car swerved, just missing him, and Nigel collapsed to the asphalt. He could

not get up. He had not the strength. He heard a voice in the distance, and two shadowed figures knelt
over him. Then it all went black.

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