Novel Name : Beautiful Creatures Series

Chapter 60: 18

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Mackenzie sat in the courtroom, listening to the lawyers argue their points in front of a jury and judge.
They had slapped Gordon with a murder charge. They were prosecuting him for the deaths of Gorge
and Donald Falcone. They might have tried to convict him of Melissa’s as well, but they had nobody
and evidence to tie him to that one. The prosecutor was going on and on about the way Gordon was
covered in Gorge’s blood.

The defence argued that the only person with hostile intentions had been Donald and his son and that
they had been involved in Mackenzie’s abduction. That they were long dead before Gordon found them
and that he only got Gorge’s blood on him because he checked to see if he was still alive. That when
he determined he was not, he had found Mackenzie and gotten them both out. It was far more likely
that Gorge and Donald, being the sociopaths they were, had killed each other before Gordon got there.

But the prosecutor tore apart the defence’s argument by saying if Gordon found them dead, why had
he been so uncooperative with the cops refusing to admit he had ever seen them. Mackenzie testified
on Gordon’s behalf, but no one took her seriously, the prosecutor claimed she would say anything to
protect her lover, and Mackenzie lost all credibility on the stand.

Mackenzie watched as the lawyers presented their closing arguments, and the jury was taken to
another room to deliberate. Things were not looking good. Mackenzie wanted to talk to Gordon, but the
bailiff handcuffed him and took him out of the courtroom to a holding cell to await the verdict.

Mackenzie paced the court hallways with Katelyn and Aster watching her. It was hours before the jury
was unanimous. Court reconvened, and Mackenzie was in the seat right behind the defence table
when they brought Gordon back in. The judge prattled on for a bit about the case, and then the juror
handed the bailiff a piece of paper, and he handed it to the judge who silently read it and then nodded
to the head juror. The man stood up with the verdict in his hands.

“On the count of murder in the first degree, we find the defendant not guilty.”

“And on the lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter?” The judge prompted.

“We find the defendant guilty,” Mackenzie felt her heart wrench. Every member of the pack in the
courtroom jumped to their feet and started yelling in protest.

The judge repeatedly slammed his gavel on the bench, calling for order. It took a few minutes for the
protest to quiet. “Mr. Wilder, you have been found guilty of the manslaughter. As a result, I sentence
you to a term of ten years with the possibility of parole after five to be served in a maximum-security

Everyone started screaming at the judge, and the room filled with security guards trying to get the riot
under control. Mackenzie jumped out of her seat and came to Gordon. She hugged him tightly and
buried her face in his chest, crying. He held her close and stroked her hair, assuring her it was ok. He
would be fine, and that he needed her to be strong.

“You are a mother now,” he said, gazing down at her and wiping a tear from her eye. “You got to be
strong. Preston needs you,” Gordon kissed her lips as the bailiff handcuffed Gordon and took him
away. Katelyn laid her hand to Makenzie’s back sympathetically.


Gordon shuffled along the hallway. His wrists and ankles are shackled. He had been inside for one
week, and the guards told him he had visitors. A guard behind a wall of glass pressed a button to open
the door to the visitor’s room. Gordon shuffled inside and spotted Mackenzie and Aster sitting at one of
the tables. The guard walked him over and chained him to a bolt-on the floor at the table, then walked
away, leaving them to their visit.

Gordon kissed his daughter hello and then Mackenzie. In her arms, his two-month-old son. “How are
you doing?” Aster asked.

“Well enough. The food sucks, but the gym has some good equipment. I’m popular; three guys have
tried to jump me,” he teased. “I guess I still got sex appeal.”

“That’s horrible. How can you joke about that?” Mackenzie snapped, not finding him funny at all.

“Sometimes, you got to laugh to stop from screaming,” he said, taking her hand. “Don’t worry about me,
beautiful I know how to hold my own in places like this,” Preston made a fussy sound and began to
squirm in Mackenzie’s arms. “And how’s he doing?”

“Well enough,” Aster said. “Considering what he is. He’s a little unpredictable.”

Preston sneezed, and his face changed. Mackenzie quickly covered him with a nursing blanket to hide
the change from view.

Gordon looked around to make sure no one had seen it and relaxed when he saw no one looking in his
direction. “It’s too risky,” he whispered. “You can’t bring him to the prison anymore. Not until he’s old
enough to control it,” he insisted. “It’s not safe.”

“But that could be years. He’s not going to know you,” Mackenzie protested.

“I’ll write to him, and he can write to me. I’ll see him when I get out. I would rather have him safe than

“Ok,” Mackenzie agreed. She looked around the room at all the other convicts and sighed. “I wish we
could be alone.”

“You know they have these trailers for conjugal visits,” he suggested.

“I asked; those trailers are only for married inmates,” Mackenzie said sadly.

“Are they?” He said thoughtfully. “Well, then I suppose we’ll have to get married.”

Mackenzie’s face lit up. “In prison?”

“I know it’s not the most romantic, and a prison chapel isn’t the ideal place for a wedding, but it’s the
best I can do, and I don’t think I can wait five years to hold you again. I know it’s not the wedding you
had been hoping and planning for, but I can’t do any better. What do you say? Can your reputation
handle the scandal of marrying an inmate?”

Mackenzie giggled. “I think so.”

“Ok, you find a dress, and I’ll ask the warden to allow the wedding,” he had an in with the warden. He
knew the warden was a closet junkie, and if he did not want Gordon to expose his dirty secret, he
would give Gordon what he wanted.


Mackenzie had found herself a simple white dress and a bouquet of white roses. Aster, Darrell, and
some of the others had come out to witness the union. They all stood in the tiny chapel next to Gordon,
who had been allowed to wear a suit for the occasion. The warden and four guards stood in the room
to be sure nothing happened.

Katelyn opened the door, and Mackenzie went inside. Mackenzie walked the short distance and took
Gordon's hand, who looked as excited as she felt.

They turned to the priest, and the ceremony began. The priest went on about the sanctity of marriage
and the commitment they were making to one another, and then he asked for the rings which Aster had
picked up that morning. She handed the rings to her father, and they proceeded.

When it came to the vows, Mackenzie and Gordon turned to one another. “Mackenzie Starr, do you
willingly and freely take Gordon Wilder to be your lawfully wedded husband? To love, honour, and

cherish forsaking all others until the day death parts you?”

Mackenzie smiled. “I do.”

“Gordon Wilder, do you willingly and freely take Mackenzie Starr to be your lawfully wedded wife? To
love, honour, and cherish forsaking all others until the day death parts you?”

Gordon smiled. “I do.”

“Then, with the power invested in me by the church and the state of Colorado, I pronounce you
husband and wife,” the priest smiled. “You may kiss your bride.”

Gordon took Mackenzie in his arms and kissed her lips. It was a long, slow kiss that made her knees
weak. Then Gordon pulled back slightly, his eyes flashing with wicked intent. “Now, let’s find that

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