Novel Name : Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy

Chapter 3093

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The next day, Rachel flew from Merchant City to Sharnwick City to diagnose Anne’s condition. Theo
tagged along as well because he had another identity, Rachel’s boyfriend.

“According to the report, Anne’s condition is slowly recuperating.” Rachel was relieved after assessing
the report. “Although she is very weak, she is going to get better with lots of rest.

“There is nothing wrong with her vocal cords too. It could be a psychological thing that makes her lose
her voice. A knot in her heart that causes it.” She looked at Luna, then at John. “Considering all factors,
I think that knot is Luna.”

Rachel continued, “John, I know Luna is the root cause of all these bad things. Being away from Luna,
Joshua, and other people is going to guarantee a safer life for you and your family. But have you
thought about it from Anne’s point of view? Other than you and Sammie, she has her own life and her
circle of friends. Never has she blamed Luna for what happened, yet you forced her to leave Luna and
choose you.

“Both of you are important people to her. She doesn’t want to leave or desert you but she is also
reluctant to cut off ties with her friends. That’s the thing that has been bothering her that she is unwilling
to talk about.”

After hearing that, John sighed and looked at the floor. Then he turned around and hugged Anne.
“Anne, I… I shouldn’t have forced you to choose between me or Luna.”

“It’s fine.” Anne smiled and hugged him. “Luna did nothing wrong either.”

John silently nodded, solemn as ever.

Luna sighed. Joshua came over and hugged her.

Gwen smiled happily while observing the situation from far away.

Although the process was tormenting, it was worth it because everyone finally had the closure they
needed. It was difficult to believe that all of this happened because she came back to rescue her father.

No one knew John was here, yet one thing led to another, and they found Anne. Because of that, Luna
was able to forgive herself.

Suddenly, she received a text message from Stefan.

[Steven’s here. I’ll be waiting for you at the cafe opposite the hospital.]

Steven’s name caught her attention, and her eyes widened in surprise.

‘Steven! Steven’s finally out!’ she thought.

Ever since Rachel was here, she had been accompanying Luna and Anne. Inevitably, she forgot about
Stefan. What a surprising moment to know that Steven decided to show up. She rushed all the way
down to the cafe without spending a second to inform the others.

As she reached the cafe, Steven greeted her with a friendly wave, “Hi, sister-in-law!”

Her feelings were mixed and complicated seeing this man in Luke’s body calling her that. She smiled
awkwardly and sat across from him. “Hi, Steven. It has been quite a while.”

“Yes, it’s quite a while since the last time we met.” Steven smiled and pushed a cup of coffee to her.
“You’re not going to see me anymore after this.”

Gwen was stunned after hearing that. She frowned. “You-“

“Let me explain. It’s just going to take a while, and I’ll be gone.” Steven smiled brightly, “I should have
been dead a long time ago. It was my parents’ obsessiveness that kept my body alive, which was a
good thing. After all, I was able to give you my heart.

“My brother’s promise gave me a chance to live in this body. I’m really happy that I could live in his
body for a couple of months, even though I have never met him,” he continued while looking at Gwen’s
face closely. “I’m the one who decided to disappear forever. I know you and Luke are having doubts
because of me. I don’t want to be the burden and wall that kept you two apart. I also don’t want to be
the reason you two did not dare to make out.

“Thus, I’ve decided to disappear. I wish there was an afterlife where I could have the chance to talk to
Lucas face- to-face.”

After that, he finished his coffee.

Gwen was so startled that she did not know how to respond.

“Steven, you… You don’t have to do this,” she muttered.

“I have made up my mind.” Steven put down the mug, and his eyes were filled with tears.
“Congratulations. I wish you all the love and happiness. I’m sorry I can’t attend the wedding.”

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