Novel Name : Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy

Chapter 1243

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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1243

Luna’s eyebrows screwed tightly together at Michael’s words from the other end of the phone.

Michael was in the villa right now, waiting for her so he could apologize face -to -face?! Even though he
said it was the old lady’s idea, somehow, she felt he was harboring not-so-innocent motives.

She pursed her lips and lowered her voice. “I’m busy now, I might be home late.“

“It’s fine.“ On the other end of the phone, Michael took a deep breath. “I’ll wait, till whatever time you
come home. Granny said…if I don’t apologize to you face -to-face today and record a video as proof, she
would allow me back into the Lynch Mansion. So no matter what time you come home, I’ll wait.“

There was a hitch in her breathing. She did not continue speaking but instead ended the call
immediately. Hearing Michael said he would wait for her the entire night made her feel like spending
the night at Anne’s place instead.

“Mommy, maybe you should go home.“ Beside her, Neil sighed quietly, then reached out and grabbed
one of her fingers. “Since Great-Granny asked him to go then perhaps she wants to see him apologizing
to you, and you forgiving him. She’s so ill… Even if it’s just to make her happy, maybe you should
sacrifice a little.“

Luna’s chest warmed up. Neil was always like this. He had suffered the most when so many harbored

seated hatred for him, but he was so pure and kind to everyone.

Since Nigel said that, Luna could only take a deep breath, reached out, and ruffled his spiky, porcupine
hair. ”Alright, I’ll listen to you.”

Neil’s hair was pulled off by Aura when she tortured him, even his scalp was injured, so the doctor
shaved all of his hair off, so it would be easier to treat his wounds. After more than a month’s worth of
treatment , the little boy’s hair had already grown back, like little young shoots that just shot through the
earth, making its way up obstinately. His hair was dark, slightly itchy, and prickly to the touch. But Luna
always loved to pat his little head, feeling as if his new hair signified his rebirth.

Neil knew Mommy loved to pat his head, so he did not move and allowed Luna to pat her head however
much she wanted. When she grew tired, he pulled her hand off and squeezed her hand softly. ”Alright,
Mommy, you should head home.”

Only then did Luna bid goodbye to Theo and Neil, stood up, and left the hospital.

The night was getting darker.

When Luna took a taxi back to the Blue Bay Villa, she saw Michael standing at the door of the villa
holding a large bouquet of flowers.

It was late autumn and dozens of fallen leaves were scattered all over him, it looked as if he had been
waiting there for a long time.

Seeing the taxi slide to a stop, Michael hurriedly jogged up to the taxi with the bouquet of flowers and

a smile on his face. “Luna, you’re back! “

Luna frowned in slight disgust, then stepped out of the car.

“I thought it would be a while before you came home.”

Luna headed in the direction of the villa while Michael rushed to keep up with her. “If you accept my
apology, please hold this bouquet of flowers as I take a video of you to show Granny, okay?”

She ignored him and strode into the Blue Bay Villa. Michael frowned, completely displeased.

Why was she so arrogant?

All he did was push her a little, and for that, he rotted in jail for a month. Now, he came to apologize and
she was acting so haughty and aloof?

If Aura did not say that at night, he could…he would never swallow his pride and lower himself in front of

Luna walked into the garden outside the villa with Michael on her heels and switched on the lights. The
entire garden was lit up as bright as day.

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