Novel Name : Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy

Chapter 775

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Luna clenched her fists. As much as she wanted to hurl something at the couple sitting before her, she
stifled her temptations and replied, “Thank you so much for your support and admiration, Mr. Lynch.“

With that, she picked up a glass of wine that was sitting on the table and drained it under Joshua’s
watchful gaze, slamming the glass back down as she remarked, “Please enjoy the party.

“Oh, by the way…“ She turned around and smiled at Fiona. “Ms. Blake, you mentioned that you wanted
to learn from me. Well, let me tell you this: I don’t think you’ll ever have the opportunity to do so because
I don’t take apprentices like you. You don’t have any talent whatsoever, and you’re not even willing to
work hard to make up for it. Goodbye.“

With that, Luna turned around and strode away.

Joshua remained motionless and watched the hem of Luna’s blue satin dress sway with her every

Then, he narrowed his eyes.

“Ms. Luna must really hate me…“ Fiona suppressed the jealousy and hatred she harbored toward Luna
and put on a pained expression instead. “Joshua, is she right? Am I untalented and lazy, too?“

She continued in a whiny voice, “I’ve been trying very hard now…“

Hearing that she was about to burst into tears, Joshua let out a sigh but did not know what to do apart
from consoling her. “You’re already good

enough. Don’t listen to her…“

Luna overheard what he said and recalled what Jude had told her. She could not help feeling stupid for
ever trusting Jude’s words and believing that Joshua had, at one point, been in love with her.

How could Joshua be as good as Jude described him to be?

Luna had known him for so many years; she should have known better.

She did not understand what had gotten into her and led her to believe everything Jude said.

After leaving Joshua and Fiona behind, Luna headed backstage in search of Bonnie.

At this moment, Bonnie was perched on a stool, reading some messages on her phone dazedly while
Shannon stood next to her, trying to comfort her, “I know you’re trying to help Luna, but you were once a
reporter, Bonnie. You should know better than to offend Joshua; he’s the most terrifying man in Banyan
City. I can’t even imagine the consequences of offending him…

“Even though you’re the third wealthiest person in Banyan City now, you still can’t compare to Joshua
Lynch. The extent of his fortune and power are on a whole new level… Don’t overestimate yourself again
in the future. I know you care about Luna, but there are just some things we can’t help her with…“

Bonnie closed her eyes and heaved a deep sigh. “ Luna has helped me so many times, so I wanted to
return her kindness with money, that’s all.“

That was her only intention. Unfortunately, she did not get to execute it at all, simply because Joshua did
not allow it and forbade Luna from leaving Lynch Group.

Bonnie could not help but feel a little suffocated by this sudden thought. “How can Joshua Lynch be so
selfish and self-centered?“

“He’s always been selfish and self-centered,“ Luna chimed in, her lips curled into a smirk.

Hearing her voice, Bonnie and Shannon looked up at the same time.

They could smell the stench of alcohol wafting off Luna’s body.

Luna approached them and grabbed Bonnie’s hand. “ I understand that you want to help me, but please
don’t do stupid things like this in the future anymore. I had my own reasons for helping you in the past. It
wasn’t entirely selfless at all, so you don’t have to repay me.“

With that, she let out an exhale and lowered her head to glance at the time. “It’s getting late now, so I ‘m
going to head home. My two children are still waiting for me to go home. They refuse to go to bed without

Bonnie let out a sigh. Even though she disagreed with Luna, there was still nothing she could do for the
time being.

Tonight, she finally witnessed firsthand just how powerful and terrifying Joshua Lynch could be.

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