Novel Name : Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy

Chapter 635

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Both Luna and Gwen turned around upon hearing the man’s voice.

Seeing that it was Joshua, Gwen’s expression turned ugly. Luna on the other hand, raised her lips in a
faint smile. ”Luke said this floor was very secure, there wouldn’t be anyone else besides the two of you.
So in his eyes, you’re not even human?”

Joshua smiled, eyes flattening into two crescents. ”I don’t know whether you’re insulting me or Luke with
your words.” He stood up elegantly and strolled toward Luna. ”I heard the first thing you did after you
woke up in the car was ask about me. I thought there was an emergency of some sort, so I rushed up
here immediately.” With that, he curled his lips up into a sneer, then glanced at her coldly. ”It seems I
should not have come.”

”You know you should not have come and yet you’re still here?” Gwen frowned, sounding slightly
displeased. Previously, like everyone else, she thought Joshua was a loyal and loving man, someone
who had always kept Luna in his heart. But after she found out about everything that happened to Luna,
she saw him as nothing but a fake, two -faced hypocrite.

Joshua laughed coldly and glanced at Gwen, ”This is how you treat your savior? ” Back then if he did not
acquire the Larson Group that belonged to Gwen’s father, and plead with Luke to take care of her and
her father, would she have the chance to be sitting here, talking to him alive?

“Savior?“ Gwen snorted, “Even though from the eyes of an outsider, Mr. Lynch you are indeed my savior.
Without you, my father wouldn’t be where he is today. But…“

She curled her lips and looked at Joshua. “Everything that you did for my family, did you do it out of pity,
out of the kindness of your heart? Without Luna, would you help us so much? My savior is Luna, the
person I should thank is also Luna.“

Joshua could not help but curl his lips in a smile at Gwen’s words. He never expected Luna’s friend
would grow to become more similar to her in terms of character and personality.

“Since you said that…“ He laughed coldly, “Then everything I did for you was in vain? I ‘m not your
savior, you don’t owe me anything… “ As he spoke, he looked at Luna meaningfully. “Then who does?

Who owes me a favor?“

Luna frowned. She sucked in a deep breath, lowered her head, her eyes darted to Gwen and back again
quickly. “Gwennie, I should send you back to your room.“

Gwen nodded.

Luna raised her eyes and swept her eyes across at Joshua. “I am the one who owes you a favor. Please
wait for a moment, Mr. Lynch, I ’11 send her back to her room first.“ With that, she turned and wheeled
Gwen back to her ward.

Joshua stood in his spot, looked at her retreating back as she wheeled Gwen, and could not help but
narrow his eyes.

A minute later, Luna walked out of the ward and strode toward him. She stood steadily in front of him and
raised her head and looked at him, a smile plastered across her face. “Mr. Lynch, shall we go out for a
cup of coffee?“

He curled his lips and smiled. “This is how you repay the favor you owe me?“

Luna turned and walked ahead, pressing on the elevator button swiftly. “Of course this is not enough to
repay the favor I owe you. This is just the first step.“

As she spoke, the elevator arrived. She lifted her legs and entered. Standing in the elevator, she cocked
her head to the side and smiled in his direction. “Mr. Lynch, aren’t you leaving?“

The cold, steel mirror in the elevator made Luna look even slimmer and more charming than usual, the
smile on her face as gentle as the first breeze of spring.

Especially her eyes…

Joshua looked at her eyes and felt as if his heart had stopped.

His thoughts immediately jumped back to the time when he and Luna Gibson had just gotten married.
Back then, in the throes of newlywed bliss, she loved following him around, acting as his perfect wife.

Even though his expression was ice-cold as always, looking down his nose at her actions, deep down,
he felt warm and happy.

Once, they were stuck in a restaurant for dinner and stuck it out until everyone else left. When it was only
the two of them left, Luna Gibson would cheekily step into the elevator ahead of him, then stand there
and look at him, her head cocked to the side, a smile in her eyes, waiting for him to come in.

Before him, she was always gentle, steady, and submissive.

Now, standing before him with her head cocked to the side, smiling mischievously at him was the only
time she saw the lively, high-spirited side of her.

Even till this day, he remembered that scene.

And at that moment, the image of the Luna Gibson of his memories seemed to overlap with Luna in front
of him.

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