Novel Name : Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy

Chapter 262

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“I even went to visit her grave. When I heard that she was still alive, I immediately came back to
Banyan City to investigate. A few days ago, Joshua’s assistant contacted me and told me he wanted to
host an art show for me because of Alice.“

Luna bit her lip. “So… The reason you stayed in Banyan City is that you wanted to thank Alice in

Luna doubted that because ever since Theo had met Alice, he showed no indication of wanting to
initiate a conversation with her.

“I wanted to confirm something first, “ said Theo as he brought his glass up to his lips and took a sip. “
When I found out that Luna Gibson had died five years ago, I was in grief, so I researched everything
about her and even went to look at her social media profiles, including her blog. I don’t believe the
woman that’s with Joshua now is the real Luna Gibson. Although she claims to go by Alice now, from
my knowledge of her, she wasn’t as superficial and deceiving as Alice.“

Theo’s statement greatly shocked Luna, so much so that she was at a loss for words. She picked up
her glass to take a sip as well. Then, after a moment, she composed herself and finally said, “People

“I know that, so that’s why I’m still investigating her.“ Theo glanced at Luna. “Aren’t you wondering who
this Alice really is?“

Luna paused and smiled at him. ”Of course I am.”

Aura’s words still lingered in her mind. Maybe Aura had told her the truth about Alice being Luna’s real
sister because she had finally succumbed to her conscience. That, or maybe Aura was just messing
with her. Maybe Alice had no relation to her at all, and she was just a random person who happened to
resemble Luna. No matter which one it was, Luna was determined to get to the bottom of it.

Theo stared at her and grinned. ”Well, I guess we’ve discovered a common interest now.”

Luna pursed her lips. ”That’s one way of putting it. ”

Luna had suspected that Theo was interested in her, but as he had explained his intentions of moving
back to Banyan City, she no longer believed that was true. Instead, he was merely getting close to her
because of Alice.

He was an artist, and although he was determined to investigate Alice , he had no means of getting
close to either Joshua or her. Therefore, Luna was his only link. She was an employee at Lynch Group
who used to date Joshua, and he had witnessed Alice trying to frame her through his camera last night.
Obviously, Luna was Theo’s only way of getting close to the Lynches.

Although she understood Theo’s true motives for befriending her, she did not mind it at all. She knew
that if she were in his shoes, she would do the same. She and Theo were on the same side, in a way.

As she thought of this, Luna lifted her head to look at Theo. ”What if in the end, you find out that Alice
isn’t the real Luna Gibson? What would you do then?”

Theo pondered for a moment before he finally said, “ Well, I’d leave Banyan City and go in search of
the real Luna Gibson.”

Luna was surprised by his answer. “Don’t you want to expose her?”

“Why should I?” Theo chuckled. “If I, a total stranger, could unravel the truth and find out that Alice is an
imposter, then what about Joshua? He’s been married to Luna Gibson for more than three years, but if
he was fooled, then it serves him right. I f that happens, I won’t expose her because I don’t think he
deserves to know the truth.”

Luna’s heart sank upon hearing Theo’s response. He was right.

This man sitting right in front of her was a total stranger, yet even he could tell that Alice was not the
real Luna Gibson. How, then, could Joshua be so oblivious?

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