Novel Name : Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy

Chapter 1993

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“I said I don’t want to go home with you.” Bonnie curled her lips into a smirk and said, enunciating her
words carefully, “I refuse to move into Landry Mansion to live with you, and I refuse to allow Harvey and
Shelly to do the same.

“They’re my kids, and it’s my responsibility to protect them.”

Bonnie knew that even if she were to move to Landry Mansion, she would only be living in a small house
in the yard where she would not have to see Jim at all.

Nonetheless, she did not want to go there, and neither did she want Harvey and Shelly to do the same.

“As long as Charlotte is living there, I won’t tolerate living under the same roof as her, and I won’t allow
my children to do so either.”

That woman was too cunning, and Bonnie was worried that she would try to harm Harvey and Shelly

After all, even an adult like Jim had fallen prey to her tricks and ended up under her control.

She had already lost Jim; she refused to lose Harvey and Shelly.

Therefore, the only plan she could think of to protect the children was to keep them away from Charlotte.

Allowing them to return to Landry Mansion, where they would be in close proximity to her would only give
Charlotte plenty of opportunities to hurt them.

She could not let her do this!

Jim stared at Bonnie, his features distorted in a scowl. “Don’t bite off more than you can chew, Bonnie

It was already difficult enough for him to agree to Harvey’s terms and allow her to move into his house,
but at this moment, this woman had the audacity to refuse and even claim that she would not move in as
long as Charlotte was there.

What was she trying to do? Was she trying to force him to kick Charlotte out of the house?

That would never happen, not in a million years!

“I’m not trying to bite off more than I can chew.” Bonnie let out a sigh and fixated her cold, impassive
gaze on him. “I was just expressing my opinion. Even though I’m not from Merchant City, Jim, I can still
buy any house in Merchant City that I want.

“I have plenty of ways to ensure my own comfort in living, and therefore, I have no reason to want to live
at Landry Mansion.”

In the past, she was constantly trying to think of ways to get close to Jim in hopes that he would regain
his memories of her, but at this moment, she did not want to do that anymore.

Jim was not worth her time.

The only thing that mattered was protecting her children.

Jim was a little flustered when he met Bonnie’s resolute gaze.

Her eyes had lost the hope and determination that had been there just a few days ago, and staring back
at him was a gaze so cold that it was as though she was staring at a stranger.

How did this happen…

Did she not claim that they had been together in the past and that she still loved him?

How could everything have changed in just a few days?

Was this woman’s love so short-lived that it would not last more than a week?

“Well, since Ms. Bonnie doesn’t want to, maybe we should respect her decision,” Charlotte piped up,
disrupting the awkward silence. “Let’s go home now, Jim.”

With that, she snaked her arm around Jim’s and tried to drag him toward the door.

She should not have allowed him to come here tonight!

Initially, she had wanted to kill Harvey and Shelly during their flight with an explosion, but Nigel’s sudden
appearance had ruined her plans!

This was why she was so flustered in their exchange. It was all Joshua and Luna’s fault!

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