Novel Name : Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy

Chapter 1425

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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1425

“Mr. Joshua! “

Having heard her father’s orders, June quickly caught up to Joshua and extended both her arms out to
block his way. “My Daddy said you’re not allowed to go out! “

The young girl was just as soft and tiny as Nellie.

Joshua stared at the small girl blocking his way and could not help thinking of Nellie.

They had been apart for only one month, and he had even seen her during their video call, but as he
came face -to -face with June, Joshua still could not help recalling the feeling of having Nellie in his

She was soft and chubby, with lean arms and pudgy little fingers, making them squishy and nice to hold
in his big hands.

As soon as he recalled Nellie, Joshua could not bear to get angry at the young girl standing before him
anymore. He squatted to her eye -level and asked, “ Why can’t I go out?“

June bit her lip and stammered, “Because…because…“

“That’s because we can’t let Mrs. Landry know you’re staying here.“ Christopher walked over, picked up
June in his arms, and smiled at Joshua. “ You know that the Landry and Lynch families have been
enemies for generations now and can’t seem to resolve their conflicts.

“Therefore, apart from Jim, all the remaining members of the Landry family think of you as their nemesis.
Besides, you killed Mrs. Landry’s real daughter Aura a while ago, so what do you think will happen if she
sees you?“

Joshua narrowed his eyes.

He had never thought of this before.

When he walked out of the yard, it was simply because he wanted to catch a glimpse of the woman
behind Charles Landry’s back. After all, he had never seen her before.

However, since Christopher had explained everything, Joshua decided not to cause any more trouble for

Soon, a gentle, middle-aged woman’s voice rang out from outside the yard, “Jim, this is the mushroom
soup that I made just now. You can share it with Christopher, Harvey, and June.

“Now that the weather has turned dry and cold, you’d better have some soup to keep yourself warm.“

Jim stared at the thermal food container Rosalyn was proffering him and nodded, then summoned a
servant to take it from her. “Mother, next time, you should give me a call, and I’ll go over to take it myself.
It’s so late now, and I feel bad having you come over to give me this.“

Rosalyn let out a sigh and stood up on her tiptoes to remove a piece of leaf that had been caught in
Jim’s hair. “I ‘m worried about you. I know you’re upset about losing the ring, but it’s been so many years
now that I know exactly what the ring looks like, down to its pattern and material.

”I’ve already sent someone to make an identical one for you. Please don’t get upset at your father for this
and refuse to come home… ”

Jim pursed his lips and replied in a low, hoarse voice, ”Mother, that’s not the reason I didn’t go home…

”I know.” Rosalyn let out a sigh. ”Ever since you found out about your birth mother, you have had your
reservations about the Landry family, but what happened in the past… I didn’t participate in any of it, so I

can’t help much when it comes to your mother.

”I know that the reason you moved out is that the Landry and Lynch families have grown even more
hostile with each other, so you’re afraid that you continue to stay at Landry Mansion will cause even
more trouble, but…

”I’ve already lost my birth daughter now. To me, both you and Heather are my children since I was the
one who had raised you, no matter who your birth parents are, okay?”

A pained expression flashed through Jim’s eyes when he heard this. He said in a hoarse voice, ”Your
daughter…might still be alive.”

Rosalyn waved her hands in dismissal. ”They’ve already brought her dead body back, so how can she
still be alive? Don’t try to make me feel better. I can’t bring someone back from the dead, but you and
Heather…have to take care of yourselves.”

Jim remained silent for a long while , then finally let out a sigh and hugged Rosalyn. ”It’s late now, so I
won’t invite you into the house for a chat. I think you’d better get home soon.”

Rosalyn, too, did not insist on going inside and instead let out a sigh as she ordered the man standing
behind her, ”Mickey, take out the remaining soup from the car and bring them into the house.

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