Novel Name : Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy

Chapter 2627

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“Yes.” Yannie took a deep breath and walked into the room, standing in front of Luna. “I‘m really happy
to see you here. Mr. Lynch said you‘re going out sightseeing today. Can I come along?”

“Of course.” Gwen, who had finally finished planning the itinerary, looked at Yannie. “It‘s quite boring if
there‘s only the two of us. We‘d like you to join if you have the time.”

Yannie looked at Gwen with a grateful expression. “Thank you.”

While she and Gwen were not close, she knew a little or two about Gwen. As she looked at the woman
who had just lost the love of her life looking so cheerful and full of life, suddenly, she did not think her
situation was that bad anymore.

The four of them had breakfast together, and Joshua left afterward. He still needed to meet with
Thomas to create a plan to defeat the Howard family, after all, Meanwhile, Luna and Gwen started to
go sightseeing in Saigen City with Yannie,

That morning, they went to The Ice Sculpture World, while that afternoon, they went to a ski resort. The
worst part of this schedule was that Gwen had only thought of the recommended place she found
online when she was planning the itinerary and forgot neither of them knew how to ski.

After they bought the ticket and entered the ski resort, three of them went to change their clothes and
stood in the resort while looking at each other. Yannie felt helpless and jealous as she saw other
people skiing talentedly. She did not know how to ski.

Nonetheless, she remembered that one of Thomas‘ hobbies was skiing, and it…would be nice if she
could ski. With that thought in her mind, she made up her mind and looked for an instructor, who slowly
guided her to ski.

Luna and Gwen exchanged looks when they saw Yannie learning. After that, they also joined Yannie to
learn how to ski.

Though the three of them kept falling, they rooted for each other and did not feel bored at all. “This
must be the tenth time you‘ve fallen,” came the sarcastic voice of a woman when Yannie fell once

Yannie furrowed her brow and struggled to get up from the ground before she looked in the direction of
the sound.

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