Novel Name : Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy

Chapter 1979

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“The person I owe the most ever since I left home is Malcolm. Despite being his father. I’ve never shown
him the love he deserves, but now, I finally have an opportunity to do so.

“Therefore, to protect my son’s safety, I’ll never say another word about the incident that happened in the

“I apologize for making you come all this way for nothing.”

With that, Samuel took out two copies of The Bible from a nearby cabinet and placed them in front of
Luna. “I hear that you recently lost a daughter, so these are for you.

“Praying for your deceased loved ones will allow them to pass on to Heaven.”

Joshua, who had been silent all this while, could not help snickering when he heard this. “Do you think
just by praying, you’ll be able to make up for your past mistakes, Father?”

As he said this, Joshua inched closer to Samuel and whispered coldly, “Why are you so unwilling to talk
about the past, Father? You claim that it’s to protect Malcolm, but the thing i s, the people who are
threatening to kill Malcolm are the Quinn family.

“Does this mean that Lucy’s death had something to do with the Quinn family? If so, then you’re involved
with it as well, Father.

“Is that why you decided to leave home and become a priest? Have all your prayers been for


Every word that came out of Joshua’s mouth felt like sharp needles pricking on Samuel’s skin. He
narrowed his eyes and turned to shoot Joshua a cold glare. “Since you’ve already seen the recordings,

why are you so certain that the Quinns were the people who killed Lucy?

“Neither of us had ever touched so much as a hair on her head! Instead of wasting your time talking to
me, why don’t you find Rosalyn or Larry to get the answer you want?

“Even though one of them is in a coma and the other is locked in a mental asylum, they’re the ones
who’re directly involved in this murder!”

All of a sudden, Samuel suddenly realized that he had lost control of his emotions, so he quickly picked
up his cross, recited a few words of prayer under his breath, then ordered his apprentice to send Joshua
and Luna out.

After coming out of the church, Luna sat next to Joshua in the car and could not help recalling how angry
Samuel had been.

She closed her eyes and leaned against the leather seat. “Joshua, could he have been right? Could he
and the Quinn family have had nothing to do with Lucy’s death at all?”

“Do you honestly believe that?” Joshua let out an exhale, pulled Luna into his arms, and said i

nacold, impassive voice, “Do you remember what the man in the video said when he was beating my
Aunt Lucy?

Apart from seducing Charles, he accused Lucy of cheating on Charles and falling in love with someone
she shouldn’t have, and he even claimed that she wanted to run away with that man.”

With that, Joshua lowered his head to stare intently at Luna. “Who do you think Larry was talking about
when he accused her of cheating with Charles?”

As soon as she heard this, Luna felt a buzzing in her ear as though someone had punched her i n the
back of her head.

Apart from Charles, the only other person Lucy had, at one point, been involved with was Samuel

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