Novel Name : Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy

Chapter 1949

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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1949

Besides, this child.”

“What‘s wrong with the child?”

“Nothing.” Joshua narrowed his eyes and chose not to tell Luna of his suspicions,

Truth be told, he did not quite believe Malcolm,

11 Riley was truly his and Luna‘s daughter, all Malcolm hod to do to prove his point was bring the child to
get her hair and nails sampled for a DNA test,

Why would there be a teacher with a Merchant City accent collecting Nellie‘s hair at the kindergarten she
went to school?

Why was this person so busy collecting Nellie‘s hair and not Nigel or Nell‘s?

There was only one answer to this, and it was

Riley was not Joshua and Luna‘s daughter at all, but a child unrelated to them,

Malcolm was just trying to use Nellie‘s hair samples to fake a DNA report and pass it off as Riley‘s.

Nonetheless, this was just Joshua‘s guess.

No matter what, since Malcolm had already claimed that Riley was their child, Joshua thought the best
thing to do at this time was to save Riley first before bringing her to undergo a DNA check.

“Does this mean that we should focus on helping my brother first instead of saving the child?” Luna
seemed to understand what Joshua was trying to say.

He nodded. “This is our number one priority as of now.”

If Jim recovered his memories and resolved the conflict between the Landry and Quinn families, they
would be able to save Riley from the Quinns breezily.

Luna nodded as she lay against Joshua‘s body.

However, a split second later, she could not help feeling a little remorseful.

Joshua… still ended up choosing other priorities over their child. 1

He had not changed at all.

Whether it was her or anything concerning their children, he would always put them as his last priority…

Landry Mansion

“How could they do this?!”

Inside the master bedroom, Charlotte shouted in indignation as she wrapped Jim‘s burnt palm with some
plaster, “How could they have let you suffer like this? You‘re right–handed, so how can you possibly work
with your hand like this?”

She could not help sighing as she glanced at Jim‘s left hand, which hung limply by his side. She shot him
a gentle look and asked, “Do you need me to help you?”

Jim shook his head and leaned against the back of the chair in exhaustion. “Charlotte, I suddenly
remembered that I have other things to take care of. Do you mind?”

Seeing that Jim was requesting her to leave, Charlotte was a little displeased by this, but she still turned
and left as he wanted.

When she reached the door, she turned to stare intently at him and said in a playful tone, “Don‘t forget to
miss me!”

With that, she placed a hand against her cheek and added coyly, “Call me if you need anything!”

Jim let out an exhale as he watched her leave.

He glanced coldly at the note placed on his desk.

This was the medical report of Bonnie‘s condition.

He could not help thinking of the woman who claimed she was pregnant, even though she was clearly
just injured.

He furrowed his brows and could not help dialing Christopher‘s number. “Do you know Bonnie is

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