Novel Name : Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy

Chapter 1577

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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1577

Before the driver could make sense of what Joshua was saying, a middle-aged man had gotten out of
the RV, followed by a woman holding a baby.

Charles stormed to the front of Joshua’s car and knocked on the hood. “Come out!”

This man was dressed in an expensive suit, and that face… Everyone in Merchant City recognized that

This man was the president of Landry Group, Charles Landry!

The color drained from the driver’s face. “Mr. Lynch, we seem…to have gotten ourselves in big

“No, they’re the ones who have gotten themselves in big trouble.” Joshua buttoned his cuff and, after
patting his suit down elegantly, pushed the door open and got out of the car.

“Why are you so angry, Mr. Landry?”

Initially, Charles thought it was just an ordinary citizen inside the car, but as soon as the man in the black
suit got out of the car, emanating an aura of elegance and arrogance, he realized that this was Joshua’s

He immediately frowned and said, “Joshua Lynch? What are you doing here?”

As soon as he said this, Heather quickly reminded him in a low voice, “Father, have you forgotten? This
is the road that one must pass by to go to Luna’s house. The fact that Joshua is here and that his car
was headed to Luna’s house means…”

As soon as he heard this, Charles grew even more furious. He clenched his fists next to him and
snapped, “How dare you even go see Luna? She has lost a child because of you! Now that the child has
died, you shouldn’t even be seeing her anymore! How dare you even come?”

Joshua curled his lips into a graceful smile and leaned against his car. “I don’t think me visiting Luna has
anything to do with you, Mr. Landry.”

“What do you mean, it has nothing to do with me? Luna is my biological daughter!” Charles glared at the
man before him. “Joshua Lynch, you’ve been targeting my family and me ever since you stepped foot in
Merchant City, and now, you have forced Landry family, as well as Quinn family, into a tight spot!

“How dare you even have the guts to seek out my daughter at a time like this! How shameless are you?”

Joshua smirked and replied, “Do you really think of Luna as your biological daughter, Mr. Landry?”

He glanced coldIy at Heather who stood behind Charles, holding her baby close to her. “Your biological
daughter had gotten pregnant, but you took no notice of that, and even when she was giving birth, you
remained only by your adopted daughter’s side.

“Luna’s child had passed away, and a month has only barely passed before you decide to bring your
adopted daughter and her child to visit Luna, showing off.”

Joshua stroked his chin, sneering as he added, “From the way you treat her, Mr. Landry, I don’t feel any
care or love toward Luna at all.”

As soon as he heard this, Charles’ face turned white, then scarlet.

No matter how reluctant he was to admit it…Joshua was telling the truth.

Because the baby inside Luna’s belly had belonged to Joshua, whereas Heather was pregnant with
Malcolm’s child, he had always been biased toward Heather, but this was not his fault at all!

He had tried to convince Luna time and time again to abort the baby, but she had refused to do so!

If Luna had been pregnant with Malcolm’s baby, he would never have treated her like this!

It was all Joshua’s fault.

How dare this man even accuse him of mistreating Luna when it was all his fault in the first place?

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