Novel Name : Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy

Chapter 702

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Bonnie harrumphed coldly. She had a proud expression. “Yes, we are! “

“Is that so?“

Luna crossed her arms around her chest and leaned back. She gracefully leaned back against the
leather seat in the cafe.

“Then, let me ask you. Since the both of you love each other so much and you’re the destined lovers of
everyone’s envy, then why did Jason leave Banyan City six years ago without any contact?“

Bonnie’s eyes widened upon Luna’s words.

“That’s because Jason was being framed by others abroad. He had no way of contacting me?“

“Is this the explanation that he gave you?“

Luna yawned. “What a coincidence. I have been abroad all these years, living comfortably too. Tell me
then, which country, area, and by who or which organization was framing Jason?“

Luna’s words made Bonnie secretly clasp her hands together.

Bonnie gritted her teeth. “Although I’ve never asked him this before, Jason would never lie to me! “

“Then, did you know that when your beloved Jason was abroad, not only did he have a girlfriend, but he
also had a child with her? Do you know that his girlfriend and child are in Banyan City?“

Bonnie’s eyes widened. She pointed at Luna furiously. “You’re talking nonsense! “

Bonnie grew up with Jason. She was very clear about what type of person Jason was and how much he
liked her!

When Jason was abroad, his freedom was restricted by someone. They forced him to do hard labor. He
went through days of suffering! How could he have a girlfriend abroad? They even had a child together?


Luna sneered. “Am I talking nonsense, or is it because you only have eyes for Jason, so you can’t
accept the real truth?“

Previously, Luna remembered clearly that Zach and Yuri had told her that Jason, his wife, and their three

-year-old son were already in Banyan City.

It was only that this woman was very smart. She has never shown herself.

“You! “

Bonnie gritted her teeth hard. “You’re slandering ! “

Then, Bonnie got up and angrily lifted her cup of coffee. She splashed the coffee directly at Luna’s face

The moment the coffee came splashing at her, Luna instinctively swerved. However, Bonnie’s actions
were too quick. Luna could not avoid it.

In the nick of time, a large figure blocked Luna, coming in between her and the coffee. The cup of coffee
was all splashed onto that person.

Looking at the man drenched in coffee which was still steaming, Bonnie’s eyes widened.


Luna paused for a little before subconsciously looking at the man blocking her.

It was indeed Yuri, someone whom she had not seen in a long time.

“Ms. Luna.“ Another calm and low man’s voice rang out behind her.

Luna turned back to see Zach slowly approaching her. “Yuri and I…have been constantly following you. “

Luna’s eyes widened. They had been constantly following her? She did not even notice.

Zach took a piece of tissue and passed it to Yuri to wipe off the coffee stains on him. He sighed.

“We didn’t protect our boss, which caused him to…“ Yuri choked a little. “We’re very sorry for your loss.
We only dared to follow you and protect you in secret. We don’t dare to talk to you…“

Zach’s words were a little heart-wrenching to Luna.

Back then, when Neil got Zach and Yuri to follow him, she thought that it was just a joke.

However, at that moment, she truly believed it. Zach, Yuri, and Neil were truly friends in life and death.

Luna sighed and patted the two of them on their shoulders. “It’s not your fault.“

If Joshua had not been unsuspecting of Alice, Neil would not have…

Looking at the three of them talking, Bonnie could not help but furrow her brows.

“You three…”

Since when did Zach and Yuri become so close with Luna?

Zach turned to look at Bonnie.

“Bonnie, actually what Ms. Luna told you just now…is all true.”

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